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Message Triage

Quick Bar
The Quick Bar is like macOS Spotlight but for common mail actions. Type a few characters in the Quick Bar, then autocomplete against the suggestion. Supported actions include Quick Move, Quick Copy, Quick Post, new Tag/Topic, new Gmail Label, and Quick Folder Switch.

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Quick Move
File messages by typing the name of the target folder in the Quick Bar. Only the first few characters are needed, then auto-complete against suggestions offered.
Quick Copy
Like Quick Move, Quick Copy will copy a message to the target folder entered in the Quick Bar. Type the first few characters of the target folder, then auto-complete against the suggestions to copy the message.
Swipe Gestures on macOS
Postbox supports gestures for those using macOS with a trackpad or other device that supports multitouch gestures. These four gestures are supported: Archive, Reminder, Junk, and Delete.

Unlike other email apps, Postbox's swipe actions can be performed on multiple messages simultaneously.
Mailing List Unsubscribe
If Postbox detects a "List-Unsubscribe" attribute in a message header, it displays an Unsubscribe link next to the sender’s address, so you can unsubscribe with just one click.
One-Click Archive
You can move messages from the Inbox to a dedicated Archive Folder by clicking the Archive button in the toolbar or via the "a" keyboard shortcut.

First in Postbox
Postbox provides the most complete filtering rule sets on the market – a power user's dream. Filters can be created per account or globally across all accounts and run automatically, manually, or periodically. You can add contacts to a filter on-the-fly without opening the filter editor.

Email Organization

Account Groups
Postbox Account Groups lets you organize accounts into groups. Create separate groups to hold your "personal" and "work" accounts, then unify them into one view.

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Focus Pane
The Focus Pane lets you focus on what you need, and nothing else. The Focus Pane zeros in on messages by attribute (such as being unread or having an attachment), contact, topic, and date.

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Postbox fully embraces message organization and management via tags/keywords called Topics. When you assign a topic to a message, it's also applied to other messages within the conversation, in addition to all future replies. Topics can be used for organization, views, search, and message filtering/rules.
Gmail Labels
Postbox supports Gmail or GSuite labels and matches much of the organizational behavior of Google accounts online. All Mail and Important folders are also supported.
Reminders + Pinning
Postbox lets you create reminders where it matters most — your Inbox! Create new reminders, annotate existing ones, and then pin reminders to the top of your message list so they're not forgotten.

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Smart Folders
A Smart Folder displays email messages that are stored in other folders and that meet certain criteria you specify. For example, a Smart Folder could include all the messages you receive from a specific person, regardless of which folders the messages are stored in.
Social View
Postbox's Social view, located in the Focus Pane, lets you browse updates from your social networks; perfect for monitoring your brand, killing time during lunch, or when you're in power triage mode and need to clear out unnecessary clutter.
Subscription View
Another Focus Pane feature, the Subscription View, organizes messages from the services you subscribe to and presents them in one convenient view. Great for unsubscribing from newsletters en masse.

Email Management

Quick Post
Use Quick Post to forward email content to hundreds of applications and services, like Evernote, Slack, Todoist, and many more. Quick Post supports any service that can accept an email, or integration through Zapier or IFTTT.

Best of all, Quick Post happens in the background without the need for a compose window. You can even set your Filters to run Quick Post actions to create the ultimate workflow.

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Message Editing
Edit any message by pressing the Action button within the message header. Update the status of a Reminder without having to send a message to yourself. Change the message subject or any part of the message body, and when you're finished, you can either save your changes or create a copy to preserve the original.

Only in Postbox
Quick Reply
Quick Reply lets you reply to a message without opening a compose window – perfect for short, snappy responses like "I'll see you at eight," or simply "Thanks!" And it all happens inline within a message or conversation.
Send & Archive
Supported in both Quick Reply and Compose windows, Send & Archive will automatically archive the message you're replying to – a great way to keep your inbox tidy.


Responses + Placeholders
Responses are pre-canned text/HTML snippets that can be reused within message replies. Placeholders automatically populate with data from the message itself –or– your own data through the custom fields you create.

Only in Postbox
70 Emails Every Business Needs
We include 70 Professionally Written Email Responses that anyone can customize and use. You'll receive emails for finding a job, hiring, making introductions, reaching out to investors, and sales.

Only in Postbox
Clips enable you to insert pre-formatted HTML blocks into new messages quickly. Similar to Signatures and Responses, Clips are a new content type that adds pro-styling to your messages without coding.

Only in Postbox
25 Beautifully Designed Email Signatures
As an added bonus, Postbox now includes 25 Beautifully Designed Email Signatures to present you in the best light possible. We've included designs of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Each signature is fully customizable and contains all the code examples you need to make a lasting impression.

Only in Postbox
HTML Editor
Postbox Code View provides full HTML visualization, editing, and fine-grained control over the messages you author, or the pre-canned Responses and Signatures you create.

Code View is powered by CodeMirror, which supports syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and over 30 code themes to choose from.

Only in Postbox
Image Scaling
The Image Scaling feature in Postbox 7 resizes large inline images with just a few clicks. Image scaling can be performed on a "per-image" basis, as opposed to the all-or-nothing approach found in some other email clients.

Since ISPs have size limits for messages sent through their servers (for example, Gmail places a 25MB limit), Postbox can display a warning if you exceed a certain threshold. The message size indicator will display the total message size, including text and images.
Image Effects
Postbox contains a number of Image Effects that will enable you to create beautiful emails and newsletters. Effects include scaling, float, margin, flip, rotate, photo effects, frames, and shadow.

Only in Postbox
Cloud File Sharing
Our Cloud File Sharing feature enables you to send links to your Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive files instead of sending them.

Drag and drop a file from your storage folder into the body of a message, and a link to that file will be created automatically.

First in Postbox
Emojis add personality to any email, and Postbox has the fastest and easiest way to insert Emojis into your messages. Type a colon, followed by the name of the Emoji you wish to use, then auto-complete against your desired selection. Fast, easy, and fun! 👍
International Character Input
Press and hold any key to bring up a set of international characters for easy input. We've also updated our translations for German, French, Spanish (Spain), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish.
URL Auto-Complete
Type "HTTP" or "www" in the Compose window, and Postbox will auto-complete the URL from the links it can find in your messages. Your entire mail store now serves as a database for links that you can easily share with others.

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Summarize Mode
Summarize Mode provides a clean and beautifully formatted who-said-what-when email that helps message recipients keep track of long email threads.

Only in Postbox
Domain Fencing
Ever accidentally sent a work email from your personal account – or vice-versa? Fix that with Domain Fencing. Postbox can warn you when you send or do not send to specific domains. Change your settings for each of your accounts to suit your personal workflow.

The domains are specified per account, which provides for fine-grained control over how you're notified of potential addressing mistakes.

Only in Postbox
Composition Goals
Our Composition Goals feature provides a user-configurable character/word counter and stopwatch that indicates to users when a message being written exceeds the desired length or has taken too long to write. The Composition Goals feature provides the feedback you need to increase your time management awareness and keep you on track.

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Quick Search
Built from the ground up to find anything and everything, fast. Find things in a flash with Postbox's super-speedy Search Bar, or customize your searches by sender, subject, date range, or other attributes.
Document & Image Search
Can't find the document or photo? No worries! Postbox's Document and Image Search provides fast access to files hiding within your email messages — no more digging through email messages to find what you need!

And once you've found what you're looking for, Postbox lets you save or send the file with just one click.

First in Postbox
Search by Contact
Click on any contact to instantly search for messages, documents, and images from that contact – either within the current folder or across all folders.
Compose Sidebar
The Compose Sidebar lets you find and use Contacts, Documents, and Images while composing a new message. Perform a quick search, then drag and drop what you need into your new message.

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User Interface

Favorites Bar
Like the bookmarks or favorites bar in your web browser, the Postbox Favorites Bar provides quick access to your favorite accounts, folders, or sub-folders.

First in Postbox
Tabbed Workspace
Open almost anything in a tab, including messages, folders, topics, contacts, attachments, and images. Quickly switch between and shuffle as needed.

First in Postbox
Conversation View
Postbox gathers message fragments from multiple folders and presents them in a unified view. Quickly bring yourself up to speed and jump into discussions with all the information and context you need to stay on top of your work.
Inspector Pane
The Inspector Pane summarizes the content in messages or conversations, including files, images, links, package tracking numbers, and more. It's like a discovery engine built right into your email.

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Vertical or Classic View
Display the message list in a vertical panel with message content on the right or in a classic list with message content below.
Theme Packs
Add some personality to Postbox with our beautiful Theme Packs. Each pack contains a mix of light and dark mode themes in a variety of beautiful colors.

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Theme Editor
Design your own email app using our powerful Theme Editor! Create, modify, or import/export themes, or change any color in the UI!

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Quick Folder Switch
Jump to another folder using your keyboard with Quick Switch. While viewing messages, type "g" to bring up the Quick Switch window, then start typing the name of the folder you would like to switch to, such as "Sent." Postbox will auto-complete and display corresponding accounts.

Safety & Security

OpenPGP Encryption Enigmail Labs Project
Send and receive signed and encrypted messages using OpenPGP, powered by Enigmail, a 3rd-party Postbox Labs project.
To protect your privacy, Postbox 7 has an Anti-Tracking feature that will alert you when tracking tools are used within a message.

Use Anti-Tracking to prevent pesky salespeople from knowing if and when you open a message.

Only in Postbox
Phishing & Malware Protection
Postbox helps protect users from viruses, spyware, and trojan horses by checking URLs received in emails against a local database of suspected phishing or malware sites. The database is automatically updated every 30 minutes, and if a potentially malicious URL is identified, a warning message is prominently displayed.
Junk Mail Filtering
Postbox can filter junk mail from your Inbox based on what it learns from you when you mark email messages as "junk" or "not junk."
Identities (Aliases)
You can use identities (also known as "aliases") to prevent junk mail from being sent to your primary email addresses. For example, you can use your primary email address for emailing friends and family but use an email identity for online registrations, purchasing products, and joining mailing lists.
Customizable Display Names
Show contacts by "Display Name," "Email Address," or "Display Name and Email Address" for contact presentation in the message list and message header envelope. By showing the email address, you can more quickly determine the sender's legitimacy.

System Features

Windows Minimize to Tray
Keep Postbox minimized and running in the background on Windows using a handy tray icon.
macOS Contacts App Integration
Postbox provides read and write integration with the macOS "Contacts" application, so Mac users can keep all of their contacts in one location.
macOS Touch Bar
Postbox supports the macOS Touch Bar for newer MacBook Pro laptops. The Touch Bar actions are both unique to Postbox and common to other apps for functions such as bold, italic, etc.
Integration with Things and OmniFocus
Postbox provides first-class integration support for Things and OmniFocus. Create new to-dos or project entries in a flash.

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Keyboard Shortcuts
For our power users, Postbox supports a full suite of keyboard shortcuts. Postbox also supports an alternative suite that maps to Gmail's keyboard shortcuts.
IMAP Limiting
Limit the number of messages that will download per folder to keep your message list clean.

Only in Postbox
Similar to add-ons, our Labs feature will allow for experimental 3rd-party code to be used within Postbox.
RSS & Newsgroups
RSS and Newsgroup reader support is included, along with our favorite message type – email!
Server Support
Postbox supports IMAP, POP3, and SMTP servers.