HTML Editor

Fine-Grained Control Over Email Authoring

Pb6 Html View@2X

Postbox Code View provides full HTML visualization, editing, and fine-grained control over the messages you author, or the pre-canned Responses and Signatures you create.

Code View is powered by, which supports syntax highlighting and auto-complete.

Using Code View

Within the Compose window, Signature Editor, or Responses Editor, or message editor, click the code button </> to switch into Code View.

Hold down your control/alt-space key as you type to auto-complete HTML tags based on a built-in library of them.

Customizable Themes

To change your default Code View theme, go to Preferences | Options > Composition > Advanced. We've included over 30 code themes for you to choose from.

To change the Code View theme just for the current message, go to View > Theme.