NOTE: Versions 6.1.16 and later contain several font fixes that could immediately alter the way fonts display in Postbox. Please see this tech note for details.

Postbox 6.1.18

  • Fixed a regression when pasting in the Compose window on older operating systems

Postbox 6.1.17

  • Pasting a file as an attachment to the Compose window is now supported
    • please note that we only support one file at a time, but you can always use drag-n-drop for multiple files
    • on macOS only versions 10.13 and above are supported
  • Added more services to Postbox's Anti-Tracking feature
  • Better alignment of toolbar elements on Windows
  • Resized the OAuth2 authentication windows for clarity
  • Fixed an issue that prevented links from opening in OAuth2 authentication windows
  • Fixed a regression that disabled sorting during mailbox searches
  • Fixed a hidden navigation tab stop on Windows


  • Hotfix to address an XML error on start up for localized versions of Postbox

Postbox 6.1.16

  • We've made Tab navigation across interface elements buttery smooth, try it!
  • Folder display in the Quick Bar has been improved by truncating the front of long folder names or deeply nested folder paths
  • Search strings are now highlighted in the Quick Bar and Addressing fields making them easier to see
  • Added the Reminder toolbar button to stand-alone message windows
  • Removed Smart Folders from the Run Now command in the filters panel
  • Added more services to our Anti-Tracking feature to highlight when tracking tools are used in messages
  • Restyled the Account Wizard
  • Fixed an issue that could cause images to disappear during message edit when multiple images were present
  • Fixed an issue that could cause addressing bubbles to duplicate when clicking outside of the bubble before completion
  • Fixed an issue that caused the sort order to be lost when folders are switched during Focus Pane searches
  • Fixed several issues related to the display of fonts, please see this tech note for details
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent filtering on a specific message when an Account Group is selected
  • Fixed an issue that could cause conversation threads to disappear from view when loading remote images
  • Fixed several issues related to how and when the Pending flag is set
  • Fixed an issue that could cause strange characters to appear when replying or editing drafts
  • Fixed an issue where drafts would not save when the Follow-up field is used

Postbox 6.1.15

  • Made a change to allow the Pin Reminders function to work for Sent, Trash and Archive folders (except for Gmail All Mail folders, which are too large and could introduce unwanted behavior)
  • Removed white top border that would display when using dark mode on Windows while in full screen mode
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the message list to not update when an Account Group is selected and folder tabs are open
  • Fixed a bug that could cause All Accounts + Focus Pane selections to stop working after clearing a search
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Reminder indicators from immediately displaying when View menu > Organize by Thread is set to "off"
  • Fixed an issue that caused inline images to disappear during message edit
  • Fixed a regression that could cause strange characters to appear when resending or redirecting a message
  • Fixed non-threaded, vertical view message list display when sorting by reverse date order

Postbox 6.1.14

  • Added ellipses to the Quick Bar to accommodate long folder names or deeply nested folder paths
  • Improved the way Postbox automatically indexes messages for search
  • Added preference for the number of idle seconds to wait before indexing in Preferences | Options > Advanced > General
  • Added preference that will automatically download message bodies for folders marked for offline in Preferences | Options > Advanced > General
  • Implemented change that will always force a selection in the Focus Pane when it is opened
  • Improved the accuracy of S/MIME icons in the message header
  • Better and more complete fix for "efail" security issue
  • Fixed a bug caused signature defaults to not display properly in the Identity preference panel
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent subsequent Topic selections from working in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar
  • Fixed a bug that could cause content to be duplicated when jumping from Quick Reply to a full composition window
  • Fixed a regression that prevented Topics from being properly removed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented search results from displaying when an Account Group is selected
  • Fixed a bug that could cause new messages to not appear when Focus Pane attributes are selected
  • Fixed several theme/UI issues

Postbox 6.1.13

  • We've redesigned the Quick Bar to make it easier to read and use
  • The Password field is now hidden in the Account Setup Wizard when Gmail accounts are detected
  • Text to Speech on macOS now respects text selection
  • Preference for hiding Send button in macOS Touch Bar has been added to Preferences > Display > Advanced
  • Added OAuth2 support for Yahoo! accounts
  • Disabled Run Filters on Folder commands for Smart/Saved Searches
  • Added more debug info within the filter logs
  • Single message bodies will now highlight in the Message Pane
  • Reverted a thread menu change that caused some functions to disable when in offline mode
  • Fixed an issue with the bullet/list contextual menu while in Edit mode
  • Fixed several small UI glitches
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Preferences Pane from closing properly when the last selected account wasn't set to OAuth for security
  • Fixed a bug where filters would not run when a filter action tried to apply a Topic when it was already set
  • Fixed a bug that could cause contacts to duplicate in the addressing fields
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some contacts from appearing in replies using Summarize mode
  • Fixed a bug that prevented macOS Spotlight from indexing on new installs

Postbox 6.1.12

  • Added more debug info within the filter logs
  • Images shared from Cloud File Sharing will no longer be added to message body
  • Improved the rendering performance of the International Character Panel
  • Reverted change that removed default send server setting in 6.1.11
  • Windows Dark Mode styling improvements for stand-alone windows
  • Reduced the size of text in the Quick Bar
  • Removed deprecated thread commands from the Message menu
  • Removed mbox troubleshooting option that is no longer needed
  • to-dos added via the contextual menu now include message links
  • Removed due date from Things notes so that new to-dos appear in the Things Inbox
  • Fixed a bug that prevented on macOS from appearing in the context menu
  • Fixed a Quick Bar bug that prevented the first auto-completed response from being inserted properly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the OneDrive Cloud File Sharing service from authenticating

Postbox 6.1.11

  • Several fixes to improve indexing performance
  • Added a "Theme" menu option to the View menu
  • Change to prevent the "Edit Message" command from activating when the Preview Pane is not open
  • The folder contextual menu command "Download This Folder" will now also index the folder
  • Added preference UI for "Show text attachments inline" in Preferences | Options > Display > General
  • Restored close window warning notifications on Windows
  • Removed message counts from the Windows Taskbar
  • Removed deprecated Default Send Server option from Accounts > Outgoing Server settings
  • Fixed an issue that prevented filter action "Play Sound" filename from displaying
  • Fixed an issue with LDAP that prevented contacts from displaying
  • Fixed an issue with account reordering within an Account Group

Postbox 6.1.10

  • Improved the display of the preview pane when zooming
  • Changed the default text color for signatures from grey to black
  • Added message count to the menu bar on Windows
  • We now prevent the contents of large text files (.txt, .xml, .csv, etc.) from displaying inline to speed up message display
  • Clean up of Contacts Card when using Dark Mode on Windows
  • Fix that allows Play Sound filter action to display sound file name
  • Several fixes to Global Filters when saving, editing, or renaming

Postbox 6.1.9

  • Selection indicator added to Theme pull-down menu on Windows 7 and 8
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Themes from switching for some Windows 7 and 8 users
  • Fixed an error that could occur during drag-n-drop operations in the Focus Pane

Postbox 6.1.8

  • Dark Mode on Windows! 😎
  • Implemented several Dark Mode improvements on macOS
  • Disabled Quick Post function when more than one message is selected
  • Added missing content for Windows tab tooltip
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the right arrow key from opening messages in a new tab

Postbox 6.1.7

  • Disabling URL auto-complete now also disables URL searches in the Quick Bar
  • macOS scrollbar thumbs in Dark Mode now have a minimum height
  • Added "Download This Folder" command to folder contextual menus
  • Selected message count now displays in the title bar
  • Google OAuth2 options will now always display in the account setup wizard
  • Added preferences to download all message headers and to check all folders for new messages in Preferences | Options > Advanced > General
  • Fix for encoded display names in addressing bubbles
  • Fix to allow Evernote and Inspector buttons to work in stand-alone message windows
  • Fixed an issue that prevented full filter logging info from displaying 

Postbox 6.1.6

  • OmniFocus 3 compatibility 
  • Scrollbar clean up for Dark Mode on macOS 
  • Change to allow searches from contact cards to clear entries in the search bar 
  • Fix to address character encoding regression 
  • Fix for addressing for contacts that contained commas in display names
  • Fix for an issue that prevented more than one address to be moved across addressing fields 
  • Fix to address contextual menu selection when adding shadows to subsequent images 

Postbox 6.1.5

  • Several security fixes to address "efail" vulnerability
  • Security fix to prevent form submits via sandboxing
  • Fixes to improve HTML rendering
  • Fix to remove plaintext tag from HTML
  • Fix for various forwarding issues
  • Fix to allow auto-compact to occur for IMAP folders when online
  • Fix to prevent corruptions when detaching or deleting attachments from messages

Postbox 6.1.4

  • Additional Dark Mode tuning and fixes
  • Added DuckDuckGo as a search engine
  • Added send status panel that displays in foreground, added preference for send in background in Preferences | Options > Composition > Advanced > Send in background
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when saving or attaching files on macOS Mojave
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent body and text colors from displaying properly in the preview pane

Postbox 6.1.3

  • Dark Mode for macOS! 
  • Added preference to ignore Reply-to headers for mailing lists in Preferences | Options > Composition > Addressing
  • Fix to address macOS Mojave issue that prevents the contact card from displaying multiple times
  • Fix to Placeholders when populating multiple addresses, e.g. "Dear Sam, Julie and Tom,"

Postbox 6.1.2

  • Better fix for search index reset when a custom profile location is selected
  • Increased number of search results returned to 500
  • More Javascript optimizations to improve reliability

Postbox 6.1.1

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the search index to reset when a custom profile location is selected
  • Implemented Javascript optimizations to improve reliability

Postbox 6.1.0

  • Support macOS Contacts Distribution Lists
  • Fixed searching base64 encoded message bodies in Advanced Search panel
  • Fixed several crashing bugs

Postbox 6.0.16

  • Fixed a performance regression

Postbox 6.0.15

  • Hot fix to address crashes/corruptions when deleting messages in Classic View
  • Fixed several other crashing bugs

Postbox 6.0.14

  • Reduced the number of conditions that would trigger notifications on macOS
  • Fixed a condition that could exclude Sent messages when using Conversation View and Summarize Mode
  • Fixed an issue with the preference "Place replies in the folder of the message being replied to" not updating the message list
  • Fixed an issue that caused external .eml files to open 2 windows on Windows
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Post "As Attachment" action not modifying the subject, and not sending messages as attachment
  • Fixed issues with character encoding when using Placeholders
  • Fixed an issue where Quote/Summarize account preferences were not being applied
  • Fixed a selection issue in Conversation View
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent account name changes from sticking
  • Fixed erroneous Junk settings warning during account setting modification
  • Fixed several crashing bugs

Postbox 6.0.13

  • Fixed several crashing bugs
  • Moved location of search index to profile folder

Postbox 6.0.12

  • Fixed several crashing bugs

Postbox 6.0.11

  • Made Attachment Keywords search by whole words instead of partial words
  • Fixed redrawing of Junk message notifications
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Post filter preferences not sticking
  • Fixed an issue with security certificate exceptions not displaying during account set up

Postbox 6.0.10

  • Fixed a regression on macOS that prevented profiles with Master Passwords from starting
  • Made Preferences window slightly wider on macOS
  • Reply headers in Quote mode now contain the date and time

Postbox 6.0.9

  • Added more contextual menu options for closed conversation summary rows
  • Improvements to notification sound options on macOS
  • Added Saved/Smart Folder command for Local Accounts
  • Preferences can now be opened from the Compose window
  • Switched storage format for IMAP accounts from maildir to mbox
  • Fixed an issue that prevented conversation count bubbles and dates from appearing in the message list
  • Fixed addressing to sub-groups from macOS
  • Fixed issues related to sending message content to OmniFocus
  • Fixed an issue that could alter the display of message content after zooming in or out
  • Fixed safemode title on Windows shortcut icon
  • Fixed an issue with encoding in the Bcc header
  • Fixed "Save as" and "Print" commands when multiple messages are selected
  • Fixed an issue that caused Saved/Smart Folders to display the wrong unread message count
  • Fixed an issue that could cause content in the message list to be obscured
  • Fixed an issue with the Account Wizard that could prevent account set up
  • Fixed the display of preferences for localized versions
  • Fixed an issue with the migration of folder names if they contained a hashtag
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent editing of contacts on Windows
  • Fixed several crashing bugs

Postbox 6.0.8

  • Made application quits / exits even faster
  • Notification Center alerts will now only display when Postbox is in the background
  • Added convert maildir to mbox Troubleshooting action
  • Fixed an issue automatic configuration of new email accounts
  • Fixed folder picker display in the Smart Folders/Saved Searches editor
  • Fixed an issue with LDAP server entries only displaying server name
  • Fixed an issue that prevented command/ctrl-enter from sending messages from the addressing fields
  • Fixed the Mail PDF with Postbox action on macOS


  • Fixed an issue with BCC address encoding

Postbox 6.0.7

  • Added Postbox Sharing Extension functionality on macOS, please see Postbox Sharing Extension for details
  • Added preference to show full email address in addressing fields
  • Improved preferences for conversation display, please see Conversation View for details
  • Restored text increase / decrease in the compose window, please see Keyboard Shortcuts for details
  • Fixed an issue with the autocomplete panel on macOS in full-screen mode
  • Fixed an issue with drag and drop of messages to the Compose window
  • Fixed an OmniFocus integration on macOS
  • Fixed message linking on macOS
  • Fixed drag and drop of messages to the Desktop and other applications on macOS
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent saved .eml files from opening in Postbox
  • Fixed account icon for insecure accounts
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Reminder Flags to not persist
  • Fixed an issue that prevented correct double-byte text entry in the Quick Search field
  • Fixed an issue with double-byte text entry conflicting with the Quick Search pulldown menu

Postbox 6.0.6

  • Made quitting from Postbox faster
  • Removed duplicate checkbox for offline settings
  • Fixed offline folder status display
  • Fixed formatting for line breaks within quoted text
  • Fixed preference for global conversation display
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent attachments from displaying
  • Fixed an issue with persistent full screen state in the Compose window
  • Fixed an issue with Reminder flags not rolling up to the Conversation Summary row

Postbox 6.0.5

  • Fixed a functional regression with the Focus Pane and Reminders View
  • Fixed quote bars incorrectly displaying in Summarize Mode replies
  • Fixed an issue that could cause message bodies to duplicate when viewing messages in plain text
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Compose window to not recognize network connection state

Postbox 6.0.4

  • Changed some of the logic that drives the display name for contacts in the main window
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Topic unread indicators from displaying in the Focus Pane
  • Fixed an issue that could cause corruptions to the Outbox
  • Fixed an issue with Saved Searches / Smart Folders not migrating from older Postbox profiles
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent entries from displaying in the Quick Post manager
  • Fixed signatures inserting before the quote
  • Fixed the Find and Replace button in the Find Bar
  • Fixed a few crashing bugs
  • Fixed some keyboard shortcuts

Postbox 6.0.3

  • Made OAuth2 authorization windows smaller on Windows
  • Created work-around for importing mbox files when Local Folders/On My Mac accounts are set to maildir, messages now imported into "Imported Mail" account
  • Changed the default mail storage format for Local Folders/On My Mac accounts to mbox to facilitate mbox importing
  • Fixed an issue with POP filters that could create bogus message entries dated 1969/1970
  • Fixed creating a global filter from a contact
  • Fixed shortcut for sending Quick Replies
  • Fixed a top crashing bug
  • Fixed "Forward as Attachment" contextual menu command
  • Fixed an issue with contacts being duplicated in addressing fields
  • Fixes to improve content loading in Tabs
  • Fixes to improve Trash folder mapping, and disabled Trash folder mapping for Google accounts
  • Fixed situations where the wrong unread count could be reported

Postbox 6.0.2

  • Fixed issues with message content not updating during tab or account switching
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Cloud File Sharing preferences from displaying
  • Fixed icon indicators in the Filters panel for normal resolution screens on macOS

Postbox 6.0.1

  • Redesigned the addressing auto-complete widget
  • Migration Assistant can now import passwords and Postbox 6 profiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the English Dictionary from working on macOS
  • Fixed file linking in Cloud File Sharing
  • Fixed typeface button selectors in the formatting toolbar
  • Fixed checkbox selection in the Troubleshooting panel
  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain Draft messages to come up blank
  • Fixed Mark as Read function when account groups are selected
  • Fixed an issue that could cause small plaintext emails to be cut off
  • Fixed disabled Outlook Address Book import option

Postbox 6.0

Our newest release! Key benefits include improved performance, message rendering, security, memory utilization, and reliability.

Major changes include:

  • New technology foundation
  • New themes for macOS and Windows
  • IMAP Limiting
  • MailDir Storage Format
  • More more enhancements and bug fixes!

For more details, please see our Postbox 6 Product Information page.

Postbox 5.0.25

  • Fixed a hang that could occur when quitting Postbox with an open Google login window

Postbox 5.0.24

  • Fixed a recent performance regression
  • Fixed an issue with click and double-click behavior

Postbox 5.0.23

  • Fixed title bar rounded top corners on macOS
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Postbox 5.0.22

  • Fixed an issue with Quick Look that prevented full preview on macOS

Postbox 5.0.21

  • Account folders for new Gmail/Google accounts will no longer be assigned a random color
  • Fixed an issue with Cloud File Sharing

Postbox 5.0.20

  • Improved the accuracy of the account setup wizard
  • Added context menu item for copying message URL on macOS
  • Fixed an issue that hampered addressing auto-complete on Windows HiDPI systems
  • Fixed an issue with attachment show/hide controls in the Compose window

Postbox 5.0.19

  • Updated settings for iCloud accounts in Account Wizard
  • Fix to properly wrap localized text in Account Wizard
  • Removed Osaka font in preparation for macOS High Sierra
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Topic bubbles from appearing in message headers
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the status panel to resize during updates

Postbox 5.0.18

  • Fixed a recent issue with multiple Filter actions
  • Improvements to crash analytics

Postbox 5.0.17

  • Support for Things 3 on macOS
  • Added "click-n-hold" actions for the Topics toolbar button
  • Better sorting of accounts within the Compose toolbar button "click-n-hold" context menu
  • Fixed overlapping labels in some of the search boxes
  • Fixed an issue with command-n shortcuts during a search
  • Fixed an issue that could cause filter "reply with template" names to overflow
  • Miscellaneous reliability fixes

Postbox 5.0.16

  • Better fix for contact drag and drop addressing from Contacts Sidebar
  • Better fix for play sound filter action on Windows
  • Update to OmniFocus script that UTF-8 encodes text
  • Several low-level changes to improve reliability
  • Fixed an issue that prevented photos from Postbox Address Book from rendering properly
  • Updater progress window now scales properly with non-English locales

Postbox 5.0.15

  • Fixed an issue with the play sound action for Windows filters
  • Fixed an issue that disabled the send button after adding a contact from the Compose Sidebar
  • Fixed an issue with Dropbox logins when using the Cloud File Sharing Add-on
  • Updated Cloud File Sharing Add-on to Dropbox API version 2

Postbox 5.0.14

  • Fixed an issue on macOS that could cause a crash during Gmail account setup
  • Softened guidelines for tables in Compose
  • Fixed behavior of enter key on welcome screen

Postbox 5.0.13

  • Touch Bar support on macOS
  • Added click-n-hold account selection action for the Compose toolbar button
  • Added an "Index This Folder" option to the folder contextual menu
  • Disabled rebuild index command when offline
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some images to not load properly in the message body
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some images to display at the wrong sizes
  • Fixed several crashing bugs

Postbox 5.0.12

  • Improved message load times
  • Improved memory consumption when using avatars
  • Updated localizations
  • Fixed memory leaks associated with LDAP and the Address Book
  • Fixed an issue with "in Address Book Group" searches for Smart Folders / Saved Searches
  • Fixed a hidden pref to disable Emoticon display
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the UI pref for Safe Browsing / Anti-Phishing from turning off
  • Fixed a number of crashing bugs

Postbox 5.0.11

  • Support for additional TLS1.2 SHA256 ciphers
  • TLS negotiation failures will now show an alert
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.14.2
  • Fixed several crashing bugs
  • Fix to hide the Subscribe search bar when it is not needed
  • Fix to prevent new tabs from opening during Quick Reply

Postbox 5.0.10

  • Support for TLS 1.2
  • Fixed an issue that could cause delays when returning from idle indexing
  • Fixed an issue that caused language selections to be cropped in the spelling preferences panel
  • Disabled App Nap on macOS
  • Added more information to the Configuration Info panel

Postbox 5.0.9

  • Security patch to address SVG animation remote code exploit
  • Fixed an issue with Composition Goal Timers

Postbox 5.0.8

  • New Emoji Input Panel (can be turned off in Preferences > Composition > Typing)
  • Added UI to turn International Character Input on/off in Preferences > Composition > Typing
  • Split Preferences > Composition > Advanced preferences panel into two panels, Advanced and Typing
  • Fixed an issue that caused Windows emoticons to not size correctly
  • Fixed a regression with image effects introduced in 5.0.7

Postbox 5.0.7

  • Hot fix to address an issue with the Enigmail add-on

Postbox 5.0.6

  • Support for macOS Sharing (via Postbox add-on)
  • Image Effects within the Composition window:
    • Scale
    • Float Right or Left
    • Margin
    • Flip
    • Rotate
    • Effects
    • Frames
    • Shadow
  • Support for emoticons in HTML messages
  • Fixed an issue that prevented editing of contacts within the Italian locale
  • Fixed an issue that would cause icons in Attachment panel to not size correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the license to reset when Preferences opened in Accounts

Postbox 5.0.5

  • For Quick Post, the send action type can now be explicitly set within the Quick Post editor
  • You can now perform Address Books searches in the Compose Sidebar by navigating to Options (pc) or Preferences (mac) / Composition / Addressing, and then by selecting between Address Books or Recent Contacts
  • Attachment area will now scroll when a high number of files are attached
  • Local mail importer will now recursively walk through folders when no mail files are found at the root level
  • Local mail importer will now ignore Account Groups in the Local Mail directories
  • Made the application icon on macOS slightly smaller to match other circular icons and to address some rounding artifacts
  • Added path for local folders to Configuration Data
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Quick Posting with attachments
  • Updated some localizations based on user feedback

Postbox 5.0.4

  • Made image scaling faster, and images dramatically smaller in file size, by switching to XnView for inline image processing in the Compose window
  • Changed the functionality for IMAP reset in the Trouble-Shooting panel
  • Lightened the background color for Windows toolbars
  • Reduced the row height for entries in the Accounts / Folders pane on Windows
  • Reduced the row height for entries in the message on Windows
  • Fixed an graphics glitch with Smart Search icons on Mac
  • Fixed an issue with reply/forward arrows for selected messages
  • Fixed an issue that could cause problems in the Compose toolbar when reverting to default set

Postbox 5.0.3

  • Darkened some of the font colors to improve contrast, particularly for low resolution themes
  • Created a "Bold Unread" option in Preferences|Options / Display / General to increase visibility for unread messages
  • Released support article on how to customize font colors
  • Fixed an issue with forward/reply arrows displaying in reverse on low resolution themes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented searches from working properly in the PT-BR locale
  • Fixed an issue that prevented topics with period in the topic name from migrating to Postbox 5

Postbox 5.0.2

  • Fixed an XML error in Preferences/Accounts for the IT locale
  • Fixed an issue for Preferences/Advanced in the PT-BR locale
  • Fixed an issue that causes the search string to appear twice in the FR, RU, PT-BR, ES locales
  • Adjusted font colors in Windows for higher contrast
  • Fixed a hidden pref in Windows for bold styling on unread messages

Postbox 5.0.1

  • Fix to French localization that addresses an issue with the Help menu.

Postbox 5.0

  • Updated Themes on Mac and Windows
  • HiDPI support on Windows
  • Quick Post
  • Anti-Tracking Alerts
  • Global Filters - create a new filter, use it across all accounts
  • New Filtering Options:
    • Filter Criteria - by Address Book Group
    • Filter Criteria - by messages marked Pending
    • Filter Criteria - by message body
    • Filter Criteria - by has attachment
    • Filter Criteria - by Topic
    • Filter Criteria - is Pending
    • Filter Action - remove Topic
    • Filter Action - mark as Unread
    • Filter Action - mark as Pending
    • Filter Action - mark as Not Pending
    • Filter Action - mark as Not Reminder
    • Filter Action - play sound file
    • Filter Action - run AppleScript (Mac OS X only)
    • Filter Action - Quick Post
  • Placeholder Data for Templates and Responses
  • Improved Image Support:
  • Support for Emoji + Updated Emoticons
  • New International Character Input Mechanism
  • Improved localizations for German, French, Spanish (Spain), English (British), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish.
  • Improved Importer for Local Mail Files
  • New Storage Option for Topics, Signatures, Responses, and the Address Book
  • Point Size support in the Compose window
  • Favorites Bar Improvements:
    • Drag and drop move of messages to Favorites Bar Folders
    • Reordering of Favorites Bar Folders
    • Highlight Search Scope in Favorites Bar
  • New Signatures Add-on
  • New Responses Add-on
  • Unread Count Indicator for Drafts Folder
  • Added more options to Filter, Reminder, and Junk toolbar buttons
  • Added more options to Attachment contextual menus
  • Added Account Name to the new account setup wizard
  • Added new options to the trouble-shooting panel
  • Identity bar in Compose window now displays full identity information for easier account selection
  • Restyled the Attachment preview area so that long filenames are easier to read
  • Implemented click-n-hold behavior for toolbar buttons on Windows
  • Added more information to the Configuration Data screen
  • Turned SSL3 off by default
  • Other misc. fixes and enhancements

Postbox 4.0.8

  • Code signing for Postbox on Windows, so warnings do not appear during install
  • Added Protocol Logging to the Trouble-Shooting Panel
  • Improved the usability for URL Autocomplete in Compose
  • Improved the first load results for Contacts in the Compose Sidebar
  • Fixed a regression that caused an issue with File and Image Views
  • Fixed an issue where context-clicking a folder and selecting New Folder or New Subfolder would default to the parent folder
  • Reduced interface jitter introduced with show/hide links in Accounts / Folders Pane

Postbox 4.0.7

  • Implemented show/hide controls for headers in the Folder and Focus panes
  • Added Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder and Delete Mail Marked as Junk in Folder commands to the Junk toolbar button
  • You can now select some text in the Compose window and create new Response via the contextual menu
  • Reorganized the Compose window contextual menu, added option for searching a selection in Google
  • Tuned the initial display of Contacts in the Compose Sidebar

Postbox 4.0.6

  • Support for OAuth 2 for Gmail/Google accounts
  • Improved the update experience, and the Postbox updater will now display release notes
  • Improved folder creation by creating separate "New Folder" and "New Sub-Folder" actions
  • Added Code View to Edit mode
  • Fixed styling of attachment "Save All" button on Retina
  • Fixed an issue when marking multiple messages as pending

Postbox 4.0.5

  • Indexing is now non-modal, and can be performed in the background while you work
  • If the indexer has an issue with a malformed message, a preference can be set that will allow the user to easily (and intentionally) forward the message to Postbox Support
  • Support for the San Francisco font in Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Implemented a preference to open the Profile Manager on restart
  • Redesigned the Profile Manager
  • Added command-backspace keyboard shortcut on Mac OS X to remove whole line
  • Fixed some visual glitches in the Windows Setup Wizard and account selector in Compose
  • Fixed an issue with the keyboard shortcut for Message List on Mac OS X - it is now command-option-L

Postbox 4.0.4

  • Fixed an issue where Full Screen Mode on Mac OS no longer worked after reopening the main window.
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcut control-s on Windows to save a message.
  • Added a preference (pb.url_autocomplete.max_hits) that allows users to set the number of URLs returned using the Quick Bar, including "0" if URLs are not desired.
  • Fixed the license screen so that only the required number of characters/digits can be entered.

Postbox 4.0.3

  • URL autocomplete in the Quick Bar
  • URLs are now auto-linked when entered using the Quick Bar
  • Initiate Quick Bar when typing www. or http: or https:
  • Enhanced the way Topics are assigned in the Quick Bar
  • Postbox will now remember the full-screen preference when quitting the app
  • Updated the Config Data screen to include additional information
  • Adjustments to Summarize Mode to improve compatibility across email clients
  • Fixed an issue where Reply-All wouldn't add all addresses in Summarize Mode
  • Fixed an issue where message selection could be lost after Quick Move or assigning Topics
  • Fixed an issue where languages in the spelling pull-down would repeat values
  • Fixed an issue where removing one label would remove them all
  • Fixed an issue where addressing fields would not display if domain fencing fields were enabled and null
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the French Dictionary from loading
  • Fixed an issue when opening an account in a new window would also open extra tabs

Postbox 4.0.2 (Windows only)

  • Cloud File Sharing 1.0.1 with fixes for file links on Windows
  • Postbox changes for Cloud File Sharing 1.0.1
  • Fixed text alignment in Welcome Screen for different languages
  • Improvements for Windows "Dark Mode"
  • Fixed Windows DPI Scaling for German locales
  • Restyled Windows Add-ons Panel

Postbox 4.0.1

  • Disables older language pack add-ons that were causing XML errors on launch
  • Fixed an issue with accessing iPhoto menus
  • Fixed errors that could occur when deleting an account
  • Error console now available via keyboard shortcut command/control-shift-j
  • Added time/date stamp to error console

Postbox 4.0

New Features
  • New designs for Mac OS X Yosemite and Windows 8 and 10
  • Support for Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive via Cloud Sharing Add-on
  • Redesigned Contacts Sidebar in the Compose window
  • Added several new attributes to the Focus Pane
  • Full HTML editor has been added to the Compose window
  • Mailing List Unsubscribe
  • Support for custom quote colors
  • Composition Goals
  • Quick Bar actions for Signatures, Responses and Topics
  • Domain Fencing
  • Social View
  • Subscriptions View
  • Topic labels can now display in color within the Focus Pane
  • Topic color can now be set from context menu in Focus Pane
  • Topics no longer change position in the Focus Pane when renamed or favorited
  • Added more contextual menu options to the Compose Sidebar
  • Added more contextual information to compose sidebar
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now reassigned when Topics are reordered
  • Multi-selection has been added for several Focus Pane Attributes
  • Unread count now displays next to Favorite Contacts in the Focus Pane
  • Filters now automatically select after creation
  • Multi-file selection is now supported for Quick Look in the Compose window
  • Adopted newest Mozilla standard for Dictionary add-ons
  • Sidebar searches are now automatically populated with a selected Focus Pane Topic
  • Reorganized Favorite Topics and Contacts contextual menus in Focus Pane
  • Reorganize Favorite Contacts Contextual Menu
  • Contact names in message envelope are now selectable
  • Support for opening Favorite Topics and Contacts in a new tab
  • New color palette based on Ethan Schoonover's Solarized palette
  • Enhanced the usability for opening content in foreground/background tabs
  • More descriptive and logical labels for content in a tab
  • Gravatar images display at correct resolution on Retina machines
  • Added options for removing signature delimiters
  • Added Assign Topic options to Compose Window
  • Support Text to Speech on Mac
  • Sort order is maintained when selecting a different column to sort by in Classic view
  • Windows DPI can now be adjusted in preferences for high-resolution displays
  • Editor for Signatures and Responses is larger and powered by CodeMirror
  • Implemented setup hints for Google and iCloud accounts
  • Redesigned Topics, Quick Move, and Quick Switch panels


  • Removed profile photos from Summarize
  • Removed Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integrations
  • Pull-down menu buttons are now press-and-hold actions
  • Change "To-Dos" to "Reminders"
  • Removed opening/closing animations for several panels
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Quick Look from working in the Compose window.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent RSS feeds from auto-subscribing
  • Fixed an issue with pasting rich text into the compose window
  • Increased the size of the add-ons dialog to prevent text from running off panel
  • Fixed several issues related to creating Address Book lists
  • Fixed an issue with renaming messages during a search
  • Fixed an issue with Spotlight Searches not linking to messages
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a contract from being added to Focus Pane favorites
  • Fixed an issue with ordinals and favoriting of Topics
  • Fixed an issue with Topic unread counts not displaying during Account Group selection
  • Fixed an issue when indexing messages with invalid URLs
  • Fixed several issues related to adding/deleting Topics during a search
  • Fixed an error that could occur when switching accounts
  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate filters to be created
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a topic after deleting a topic doesn't update the thread
  • Fixed an issue with code signing for Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed Next/Previous controls for content views on Retina
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the message list to go blank when deleting accounts
  • Fixed an issue with stuck tab markers when moving tabs around
  • Fixed an issue that would cause images to only resize horizontally
  • Fixed an issue with vCards looking bad on Retina
  • Fixed issue where contact would not refresh if name is changed
  • Fixed an issue where signatures would be inserted in the wrong location
  • Fixed issues with bullet formatting in the Compose window
  • Fixed a crash when attaching images from Apple's new Photos app
  • Several other fixes too numerous to list :)