Postbox 5.0.24

  • Fixed a recent performance regression
  • Fixed an issue with click and double-click behavior

Postbox 5.0.23

  • Fixed title bar rounded top corners on macOS
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Postbox 5.0.22

  • Fixed an issue with Quick Look that prevented full preview on macOS

Postbox 5.0.21

  • Account folders for new Gmail/Google accounts will no longer be assigned a random color
  • Fixed an issue with Cloud File Sharing

Postbox 5.0.20

  • Improved the accuracy of the account setup wizard
  • Added context menu item for copying message URL on macOS
  • Fixed an issue that hampered addressing auto-complete on Windows HiDPI systems
  • Fixed an issue with attachment show/hide controls in the Compose window

Postbox 5.0.19

  • Updated settings for iCloud accounts in Account Wizard
  • Fix to properly wrap localized text in Account Wizard
  • Removed Osaka font in preparation for macOS High Sierra
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Topic bubbles from appearing in message headers
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the status panel to resize during updates

Postbox 5.0.18

  • Fixed a recent issue with multiple Filter actions
  • Improvements to crash analytics

Postbox 5.0.17

  • Support for Things 3 on macOS
  • Added "click-n-hold" actions for the Topics toolbar button
  • Better sorting of accounts within the Compose toolbar button "click-n-hold" context menu
  • Fixed overlapping labels in some of the search boxes
  • Fixed an issue with command-n shortcuts during a search
  • Fixed an issue that could cause filter "reply with template" names to overflow
  • Miscellaneous reliability fixes

Postbox 5.0.16

  • Better fix for contact drag and drop addressing from Contacts Sidebar
  • Better fix for play sound filter action on Windows
  • Update to OmniFocus script that UTF-8 encodes text
  • Several low-level changes to improve reliability
  • Fixed an issue that prevented photos from Postbox Address Book from rendering properly
  • Updater progress window now scales properly with non-English locales

Postbox 5.0.15

  • Fixed an issue with the play sound action for Windows filters
  • Fixed an issue that disabled the send button after adding a contact from the Compose Sidebar
  • Fixed an issue with Dropbox logins when using the Cloud File Sharing Add-on
  • Updated Cloud File Sharing Add-on to Dropbox API version 2

Postbox 5.0.14

  • Fixed an issue on macOS that could cause a crash during Gmail account setup
  • Softened guidelines for tables in Compose
  • Fixed behavior of enter key on welcome screen

Postbox 5.0.13

  • Touch Bar support on macOS
  • Added click-n-hold account selection action for the Compose toolbar button
  • Added an "Index This Folder" option to the folder contextual menu
  • Disabled rebuild index command when offline
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some images to not load properly in the message body
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some images to display at the wrong sizes
  • Fixed several crashing bugs

Postbox 5.0.12

  • Improved message load times
  • Improved memory consumption when using avatars
  • Updated localizations
  • Fixed memory leaks associated with LDAP and the Address Book
  • Fixed an issue with "in Address Book Group" searches for Smart Folders / Saved Searches
  • Fixed a hidden pref to disable Emoticon display
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the UI pref for Safe Browsing / Anti-Phishing from turning off
  • Fixed a number of crashing bugs

Postbox 5.0.11

  • Support for additional TLS1.2 SHA256 ciphers
  • TLS negotiation failures will now show an alert
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.14.2
  • Fixed several crashing bugs
  • Fix to hide the Subscribe search bar when it is not needed
  • Fix to prevent new tabs from opening during Quick Reply

Postbox 5.0.10

  • Support for TLS 1.2
  • Fixed an issue that could cause delays when returning from idle indexing
  • Fixed an issue that caused language selections to be cropped in the spelling preferences panel
  • Disabled App Nap on macOS
  • Added more information to the Configuration Info panel

Postbox 5.0.9

  • Security patch to address SVG animation remote code exploit
  • Fixed an issue with Composition Goal Timers

Postbox 5.0.8

  • New Emoji Input Panel (can be turned off in Preferences > Composition > Typing)
  • Added UI to turn International Character Input on/off in Preferences > Composition > Typing
  • Split Preferences > Composition > Advanced preferences panel into two panels, Advanced and Typing
  • Fixed an issue that caused Windows emoticons to not size correctly
  • Fixed a regression with image effects introduced in 5.0.7

Postbox 5.0.7

  • Hot fix to address an issue with the Enigmail add-on

Postbox 5.0.6

  • Support for macOS Sharing (via Postbox add-on)
  • Image Effects within the Composition window:
    • Scale
    • Float Right or Left
    • Margin
    • Flip
    • Rotate
    • Effects
    • Frames
    • Shadow
  • Support for emoticons in HTML messages
  • Fixed an issue that prevented editing of contacts within the Italian locale
  • Fixed an issue that would cause icons in Attachment panel to not size correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the license to reset when Preferences opened in Accounts

Postbox 5.0.5

  • For Quick Post, the send action type can now be explicitly set within the Quick Post editor
  • You can now perform Address Books searches in the Compose Sidebar by navigating to Options (pc) or Preferences (mac) / Composition / Addressing, and then by selecting between Address Books or Recent Contacts
  • Attachment area will now scroll when a high number of files are attached
  • Local mail importer will now recursively walk through folders when no mail files are found at the root level
  • Local mail importer will now ignore Account Groups in the Local Mail directories
  • Made the application icon on macOS slightly smaller to match other circular icons and to address some rounding artifacts
  • Added path for local folders to Configuration Data
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Quick Posting with attachments
  • Updated some localizations based on user feedback

Postbox 5.0.4

  • Made image scaling faster, and images dramatically smaller in file size, by switching to XnView for inline image processing in the Compose window
  • Changed the functionality for IMAP reset in the Trouble-Shooting panel
  • Lightened the background color for Windows toolbars
  • Reduced the row height for entries in the Accounts / Folders pane on Windows
  • Reduced the row height for entries in the message on Windows
  • Fixed an graphics glitch with Smart Search icons on Mac
  • Fixed an issue with reply/forward arrows for selected messages
  • Fixed an issue that could cause problems in the Compose toolbar when reverting to default set

Postbox 5.0.3

  • Darkened some of the font colors to improve contrast, particularly for low resolution themes
  • Created a "Bold Unread" option in Preferences|Options / Display / General to increase visibility for unread messages
  • Released support article on how to customize font colors
  • Fixed an issue with forward/reply arrows displaying in reverse on low resolution themes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented searches from working properly in the PT-BR locale
  • Fixed an issue that prevented topics with period in the topic name from migrating to Postbox 5

Postbox 5.0.2

  • Fixed an XML error in Preferences/Accounts for the IT locale
  • Fixed an issue for Preferences/Advanced in the PT-BR locale
  • Fixed an issue that causes the search string to appear twice in the FR, RU, PT-BR, ES locales
  • Adjusted font colors in Windows for higher contrast
  • Fixed a hidden pref in Windows for bold styling on unread messages

Postbox 5.0.1

  • Fix to French localization that addresses an issue with the Help menu.

Postbox 5.0

  • Updated Themes on Mac and Windows
  • HiDPI support on Windows
  • Quick Post
  • Anti-Tracking Alerts
  • Global Filters - create a new filter, use it across all accounts
  • New Filtering Options:
    • Filter Criteria - by Address Book Group
    • Filter Criteria - by messages marked Pending
    • Filter Criteria - by message body
    • Filter Criteria - by has attachment
    • Filter Criteria - by Topic
    • Filter Criteria - is Pending
    • Filter Action - remove Topic
    • Filter Action - mark as Unread
    • Filter Action - mark as Pending
    • Filter Action - mark as Not Pending
    • Filter Action - mark as Not Reminder
    • Filter Action - play sound file
    • Filter Action - run AppleScript (Mac OS X only)
    • Filter Action - Quick Post
  • Placeholder Data for Templates and Responses
  • Improved Image Support:
  • Support for Emoji + Updated Emoticons
  • New International Character Input Mechanism
  • Improved localizations for German, French, Spanish (Spain), English (British), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish.
  • Improved Importer for Local Mail Files
  • New Storage Option for Topics, Signatures, Responses, and the Address Book
  • Point Size support in the Compose window
  • Favorites Bar Improvements:
    • Drag and drop move of messages to Favorites Bar Folders
    • Reordering of Favorites Bar Folders
    • Highlight Search Scope in Favorites Bar
  • New Signatures Add-on
  • New Responses Add-on
  • Unread Count Indicator for Drafts Folder
  • Added more options to Filter, Reminder, and Junk toolbar buttons
  • Added more options to Attachment contextual menus
  • Added Account Name to the new account setup wizard
  • Added new options to the trouble-shooting panel
  • Identity bar in Compose window now displays full identity information for easier account selection
  • Restyled the Attachment preview area so that long filenames are easier to read
  • Implemented click-n-hold behavior for toolbar buttons on Windows
  • Added more information to the Configuration Data screen
  • Turned SSL3 off by default
  • Other misc. fixes and enhancements

Postbox 4.0.8

  • Code signing for Postbox on Windows, so warnings do not appear during install
  • Added Protocol Logging to the Trouble-Shooting Panel
  • Improved the usability for URL Autocomplete in Compose
  • Improved the first load results for Contacts in the Compose Sidebar
  • Fixed a regression that caused an issue with File and Image Views
  • Fixed an issue where context-clicking a folder and selecting New Folder or New Subfolder would default to the parent folder
  • Reduced interface jitter introduced with show/hide links in Accounts / Folders Pane

Postbox 4.0.7

  • Implemented show/hide controls for headers in the Folder and Focus panes
  • Added Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder and Delete Mail Marked as Junk in Folder commands to the Junk toolbar button
  • You can now select some text in the Compose window and create new Response via the contextual menu
  • Reorganized the Compose window contextual menu, added option for searching a selection in Google
  • Tuned the initial display of Contacts in the Compose Sidebar

Postbox 4.0.6

  • Support for OAuth 2 for Gmail/Google accounts
  • Improved the update experience, and the Postbox updater will now display release notes
  • Improved folder creation by creating separate "New Folder" and "New Sub-Folder" actions
  • Added Code View to Edit mode
  • Fixed styling of attachment "Save All" button on Retina
  • Fixed an issue when marking multiple messages as pending

Postbox 4.0.5

  • Indexing is now non-modal, and can be performed in the background while you work
  • If the indexer has an issue with a malformed message, a preference can be set that will allow the user to easily (and intentionally) forward the message to Postbox Support
  • Support for the San Francisco font in Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Implemented a preference to open the Profile Manager on restart
  • Redesigned the Profile Manager
  • Added command-backspace keyboard shortcut on Mac OS X to remove whole line
  • Fixed some visual glitches in the Windows Setup Wizard and account selector in Compose
  • Fixed an issue with the keyboard shortcut for Message List on Mac OS X - it is now command-option-L

Postbox 4.0.4

  • Fixed an issue where Full Screen Mode on Mac OS no longer worked after reopening the main window.
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcut control-s on Windows to save a message.
  • Added a preference (pb.url_autocomplete.max_hits) that allows users to set the number of URLs returned using the Quick Bar, including "0" if URLs are not desired.
  • Fixed the license screen so that only the required number of characters/digits can be entered.

Postbox 4.0.3

  • URL autocomplete in the Quick Bar
  • URLs are now auto-linked when entered using the Quick Bar
  • Initiate Quick Bar when typing www. or http: or https:
  • Enhanced the way Topics are assigned in the Quick Bar
  • Postbox will now remember the full-screen preference when quitting the app
  • Updated the Config Data screen to include additional information
  • Adjustments to Summarize Mode to improve compatibility across email clients
  • Fixed an issue where Reply-All wouldn't add all addresses in Summarize Mode
  • Fixed an issue where message selection could be lost after Quick Move or assigning Topics
  • Fixed an issue where languages in the spelling pull-down would repeat values
  • Fixed an issue where removing one label would remove them all
  • Fixed an issue where addressing fields would not display if domain fencing fields were enabled and null
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the French Dictionary from loading
  • Fixed an issue when opening an account in a new window would also open extra tabs

Postbox 4.0.2 (Windows only)

  • Cloud File Sharing 1.0.1 with fixes for file links on Windows
  • Postbox changes for Cloud File Sharing 1.0.1
  • Fixed text alignment in Welcome Screen for different languages
  • Improvements for Windows "Dark Mode"
  • Fixed Windows DPI Scaling for German locales
  • Restyled Windows Add-ons Panel

Postbox 4.0.1

  • Disables older language pack add-ons that were causing XML errors on launch
  • Fixed an issue with accessing iPhoto menus
  • Fixed errors that could occur when deleting an account
  • Error console now available via keyboard shortcut command/control-shift-j
  • Added time/date stamp to error console

Postbox 4.0

New Features
  • New designs for Mac OS X Yosemite and Windows 8 and 10
  • Support for Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive via Cloud Sharing Add-on
  • Redesigned Contacts Sidebar in the Compose window
  • Added several new attributes to the Focus Pane
  • Full HTML editor has been added to the Compose window
  • Mailing List Unsubscribe
  • Support for custom quote colors
  • Composition Goals
  • Quick Bar actions for Signatures, Responses and Topics
  • Domain Fencing
  • Social View
  • Subscriptions View
  • Topic labels can now display in color within the Focus Pane
  • Topic color can now be set from context menu in Focus Pane
  • Topics no longer change position in the Focus Pane when renamed or favorited
  • Added more contextual menu options to the Compose Sidebar
  • Added more contextual information to compose sidebar
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now reassigned when Topics are reordered
  • Multi-selection has been added for several Focus Pane Attributes
  • Unread count now displays next to Favorite Contacts in the Focus Pane
  • Filters now automatically select after creation
  • Multi-file selection is now supported for Quick Look in the Compose window
  • Adopted newest Mozilla standard for Dictionary add-ons
  • Sidebar searches are now automatically populated with a selected Focus Pane Topic
  • Reorganized Favorite Topics and Contacts contextual menus in Focus Pane
  • Reorganize Favorite Contacts Contextual Menu
  • Contact names in message envelope are now selectable
  • Support for opening Favorite Topics and Contacts in a new tab
  • New color palette based on Ethan Schoonover's Solarized palette
  • Enhanced the usability for opening content in foreground/background tabs
  • More descriptive and logical labels for content in a tab
  • Gravatar images display at correct resolution on Retina machines
  • Added options for removing signature delimiters
  • Added Assign Topic options to Compose Window
  • Support Text to Speech on Mac
  • Sort order is maintained when selecting a different column to sort by in Classic view
  • Windows DPI can now be adjusted in preferences for high-resolution displays
  • Editor for Signatures and Responses is larger and powered by CodeMirror
  • Implemented setup hints for Google and iCloud accounts
  • Redesigned Topics, Quick Move, and Quick Switch panels


  • Removed profile photos from Summarize
  • Removed Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integrations
  • Pull-down menu buttons are now press-and-hold actions
  • Change "To-Dos" to "Reminders"
  • Removed opening/closing animations for several panels
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Quick Look from working in the Compose window.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent RSS feeds from auto-subscribing
  • Fixed an issue with pasting rich text into the compose window
  • Increased the size of the add-ons dialog to prevent text from running off panel
  • Fixed several issues related to creating Address Book lists
  • Fixed an issue with renaming messages during a search
  • Fixed an issue with Spotlight Searches not linking to messages
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a contract from being added to Focus Pane favorites
  • Fixed an issue with ordinals and favoriting of Topics
  • Fixed an issue with Topic unread counts not displaying during Account Group selection
  • Fixed an issue when indexing messages with invalid URLs
  • Fixed several issues related to adding/deleting Topics during a search
  • Fixed an error that could occur when switching accounts
  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate filters to be created
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a topic after deleting a topic doesn't update the thread
  • Fixed an issue with code signing for Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed Next/Previous controls for content views on Retina
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the message list to go blank when deleting accounts
  • Fixed an issue with stuck tab markers when moving tabs around
  • Fixed an issue that would cause images to only resize horizontally
  • Fixed an issue with vCards looking bad on Retina
  • Fixed issue where contact would not refresh if name is changed
  • Fixed an issue where signatures would be inserted in the wrong location
  • Fixed issues with bullet formatting in the Compose window
  • Fixed a crash when attaching images from Apple's new Photos app
  • Several other fixes too numerous to list :)

Postbox 3.0.11

  • Support for OmniFocus 2 Pro on Mac OS X (only Pro supports AppleScript)
  • Added "Search in Postbox" contextual menu option that enables you to search in Postbox from a selected word or phrase
  • RSS subscription panel will now handle feed:// URLs
  • Fixed preferences issue with the French locale
  • Fixed RSS icon issue with Retina theme

Postbox 3.0.10

  • Improved support for Retina displays on Mac OS X
  • Images now resize to fit in the message pane
  • You can now whitelist an entire domain for loading remote images
  • Improved the French, Italian and German localizations
  • Fixed slowdown issues with Yahoo IMAP Servers
  • Fixed an issue that could keep some preferences from saving
  • Fixed an issue that caused Address Book notes to overflow
  • Tuned migration assistant wording for clarity
  • Updated version of the Lightning Add-on for Mac (Retina)

Postbox 3.0.9

  • Several stability improvements
  • Fix Twitter authentication
  • Fix dictionary compatibility issues
  • Fix "Attach To" to work for multiple selection
  • Confirm discarding edits when clicking on the Favorites bar
  • Added support for to Automatic Setup
  • Fixed an issue with the attachment throbber graphic

Postbox 3.0.8

  • Reduce power usage (and increase laptop battery life) by only using the integrated GPU on Mac OS X
  • Added a "Run Filters on Folder" toolbar button
  • Notification Center alerts now link directly to messages
  • Postbox will now display the account name next to folder name in the message pane
  • Added automatic account configuration support for iCloud email accounts
  • Fixed a crash on import from Thunderbird
  • Fixed a crash on indexing
  • Fixed an issue where attachment thumbnails would not display on Mac OS X (Retina only)
  • Fixed an issue with Growl integration on Mac OS X
  • Fixed an issue where searches on non-recognized Topics would return results
  • Fixed issues with "Topic is" / "Topic isn't" criteria for smart folders
  • Fixed an issue with automatic account configuration when you entered an incorrect password
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent spelling dictionaries from installing

Postbox 3.0.7

  • Fixed an issue where logging into Facebook would fail
  • Fixed an issue where detected dates would not work in attached messages
  • Fixed an issue with the SpamSieve add-on
  • Fixed an issue with the localized versions of the Enigmail add-on
  • Fixed an issue with the progress meter on Mac OS X

Postbox 3.0.6

  • Fixed an issue where Mac OS X 10.7 users could see a broken notification if Growl was not installed
  • Fixed an issue where Dropbox would fail for non-ASCII file names
  • Improved Twitter integration
  • Improved support for the Send Later add-on

Postbox 3.0.5

  • High-definition font support for Retina displays on Mac OS X (experimental)
  • Support for Gatekeeper on Mac OS X (10.8+)
  • Support for Notification Center on Mac OS X (10.8+)
  • Fixed "Help | Configuration Data" for non English versions
  • Fixed another issue where IMAP attachments could get corrupted on download for Gmail and Exchange servers

Postbox 3.0.4

  • Updated versions of the Lightning Add-on for Mac and Windows
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for marking a message as Pending (Shift + M)
  • Added ability to drag and drop an .eml file into the message list pane to copy a message into a folder
  • Added ability to redirect and resend .eml files opened in Postbox
  • Fixed an issue where IMAP attachments could get corrupted on download for Gmail and Exchange servers
  • Fixed an issue with the new account setup wizard when trying to create a POP3 account
  • Fixed an issue where filters on subject would fail to fire correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Creating a Filter by right clicking on a Favorite contact in the focus pane
  • Fixed an issue that prevented several Mozilla dictionaries from being installed into Postbox on Windows
  • Fixed an issue to correct new LinkedIn and Dropbox authorization window sizes
  • Fixed an issue that caused Address Book notes to overflow
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the header area from updating when Topics were applied via filters
  • Fixed an issue within the Account Wizard that prevented the account type from being modified
  • Fixed an issue that allow the Archive command to appear in contextual menus within Gmail accounts
  • Stability improvements

Postbox 3.0.3

  • Fixed an issue with "Check this folder for new Mail" not working for IMAP
  • Fixed an issue with the text cursor disappearing in the compose window when adding an attachment
  • Fixed an issue when selecting text in the message pane and copying that text, only the first 150 characters were put in the clipboard
  • Fixed an issue on Max OS X where inline date events were not being added to the default calendar in iCal
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a smart folder was loading a blank message list pane
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where sending a message would fail if background send is turned off or a message is sent without a 3-pane widow open in the background
  • Fixed an issue where Run Junk Mail Controls on folder was not working
  • Fixed an issue where attachments on Microsoft Exchange IMAP server could not be opened
  • Fixed an issue where Summarize would always include sent message
  • Fixed an issue where certain special characters (UTF-8) were not displayed correctly
  • Improved inline date detection on Mac OS X for non-US regions
  • Add support for archiving across multiple servers
  • LDAP search was not working when using kerberos authentication
  • Evernote should appear in the default toolbar set when Evernote is installed on Mac OS X
  • Growl alerts show the wrong messages
  • Support CC and BCC and multiple attachments in AppleScript
  • Add preference for changing the selection order after deleting a message from the thread pane

Postbox 3.0.2

  • Added a new trouble shooting panel under Help | Trouble Shooting... which makes it easy to restart in Safe Mode and along with other trouble-shooting options
  • Add the ability to easily see the configuration data for Postbox by going to Help | Configuration Data
  • Fixed an issue with the Windows 7 file picker
  • Fixed an issue with the compose window not opening if the Send button is not in the toolbar
  • Fixed an issue with adding more than 10 Canned Responses
  • Fixed an issue with the Contact popup showing the wrong company and title for certain e-mail recipients
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on certain links would not open in the browser
  • Fixed an issue where attaching a file would fail in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where inserting links to files on Dropbox would fail for files with special names
  • Fixed an issue that prevented special characters from being inserted
  • Fixed an issue where emptying the trash does not select the next message

Postbox 3.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with dragging sub folders onto the Favorites Bar
  • Fixed an issue when drag and dropping images from your Dropbox folder into a compose window where the image was not being attached as a Dropbox link
  • Fixed an interoperability issue with
  • Fixed a stability issue on Windows

Postbox 3.0

Postbox 2.5.3

  • When forwarding a message, sometimes the character set encoding is not preserved.
  • Show tooltips when hovering over attachments with long file names in the message pane and compose windows.
  • Fixed an issue displaying messages when the From header is missing an e-mail address.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

Postbox 2.5.2

  • Lion style scrollbars (you will need a trackpad) for Mac OS X users.
  • Style improvements for message display on Windows.
  • Fix an issue migrating mail and account settings from on Lion.
  • Fixed an issue with LDAP.
  • Fixed an issue that caused high memory usage.
  • Fixed an issue with certain message bodies and RSS feed items being clipped in the message pane.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

Postbox 2.5.1

  • We've improved conversation views so that message units have greater separation from one another.
  • When using the monochrome toolbar icons, the sidebar icons will now flip to Mac OS X "Lion" style icons.
  • When changing toolbar icon sets, the new preference will now be applied to all windows.
  • Navigation using the Tab key has been improved, and individual message units can be selected by pressing option-arrow (either up or down).
  • Profile icons within message envelopes are now larger.
  • Bolding of unread messages in vertical view now configurable via a hidden preference. Postbox will no longer bold the subject name for a read message with this setting.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented contacts to be dragged into the Focus Pane.
  • Fixed an issue with unthreaded search folders not showing the sender's name in Vertical view.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to add more than one filter criteria rule when creating a filter.
  • Fixed an issue with dragging messages to another folder when they don't have a subject.
  • Fixed an issue on Windows with the Manual Setup button not working in the new account wizard.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac OS X with company cards not appearing in the Postbox address book.
  • Fixed an issue with message bodies being clipped by the quick reply box in the message pane.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

Postbox 2.5

  • Improved Vertical view
  • Improved compose window
  • Inline quick reply
  • Enhanced font size controls
  • Improved message view
  • Improved unread indicators in folder and focus pane
  • Added support for playing a sound on send. Go to Preferences | Compose | Advanced to enable sound on send.
  • Added support for Redirect via the Message menu and toolbar button (you must add the toolbar button through the Customize Toolbar function).
  • Support for color and monochrome icons on Mac OS X (customize the toolbar to select a color or monochrome set).
  • Added a toolbar icon to open and close the Inspector.
  • Use Spotlight search to find messages by Topic keywords
  • Added a remove text formatting button to the HTML format bar in compose.
  • Lots of pixel pushing to make Postbox look awesome!
  • IMAP support for Yahoo! Mail
  • Improved migration and account setup wizard on Mac OS X.
  • Improve UI for add-ons manager, account setup wizards for RSS and Newsgroups on Mac OS X.
  • Replaced the Status Bar with an inline notification pop-up panel.
  • Improved progress when loading messages
  • New inline junk mail notification bar.
  • Moved Search Options Panel button to within the Search Bar on Mac OS X.
  • Attachment size should be visible in compose window
  • Simplified "Insert Link" dialog in message compose
  • Fixed an issue with twitter authentication
  • Support CC and BCC and multiple attachments in AppleScript
  • Bolding of unread messages in vertical view now configurable via a hidden preference.
  • Performance improvements
  • Stability improvements

Postbox 2.1.4

Postbox 2.1.4 was updated to include fixes for two issues:

  • Fix a HTML pasting issue in new message compose on Windows
  • Fix an issue with a scroll bar appearing in the accounts pane of the main Postbox interface window

Postbox 2.1.4

  • Ability to specify a font point size for outgoing HTML messages and many HTML editor fixes to better preserve fonts and font sizes during editing
  • Address Book Groups and mailing lists are now auto expanded in the compose window. This behavior can be configured.
  • Postbox now honors the distribution list setting for choosing the correct e-mail address for a contact on Mac OS X when sending to a mailing list
  • Better support for opening attachments on Mac OS X
  • Fixed an issue with deleting a message and having it re-appear in the Inbox
  • Changes to enable the latest Send Later Add-on to work in Postbox
  • Changes to enable the BETA version of Microsoft Exchange Provider for Lightning Calendar to work in Postbox
  • Enable Quick Move support from the stand alone message window
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong identity being chosen on reply when using a Global Inbox with POP3
  • Fixed an issue with messages getting stuck in the Unsent folder
  • Fixed an issue when using Postbox with a large number of accounts where you could no longer send messages without restarting
  • Performance improvements for summarize mode in compose
  • Performance and Stability Improvements

Postbox 2.1.3

  • Performance and Stability Improvements
  • Added ability to add address book cards without e-mail address to the Postbox Address Book
  • Fixed an issue with fetching RSS articles
  • Fixed an issue with summarize mode for French users
  • Fixed an issue with saving drafts of messages that contained signatures with images
  • Improved order of Quick Move and Quick Switch results
  • Improved migration and import from
  • Now compatible with the Mac App Store version of OmniFocus

Postbox 2.1.2

  • Languages - all supported languages are shipped with the Postbox application now and no longer require installing separate language packs. The language will be automatically selected based on your system locale setting. Please see the following Knowledge Base Article to change the language back to English or another language.
  • Dictionaries - Use the included system dictionaries on Mac OS X
  • Time Machine - more efficient disk space usage for IMAP accounts when using Time Machine on Mac OS X.
  • Add the ability to auto close a stand alone message window on delete instead of loading the next message. Please see the following Knowledge Base Article for more details.
  • Fixed an issue with indexing large messages on Windows
  • Fixed an issue with the Mac OS X Address Book when addressing to an Address Book Group where the message would not send.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to re-order favorite topics in the focus pane
  • Fixed an issue when changing identities in the compose window where the old signature would not get removed when the signature for the new identity was added
  • Fixed an issue with importing messages from Apple Mail
  • Incorporated Mozilla Firefox security updates through version 3.6.13

Postbox 2.1.0

  • The power of Postbox Conversation Views has now been integrated into message compose. In addition to traditional message quoting, you can now compose messages in "Summarize Mode" which provides a clean "who-said-what" summary of the conversation. For additional detail, please see the following Knowledge Base Article. Summarize mode applies to reply and forward as inline for HTML composition
  • Ability to toggle between Reply and Reply All from the compose window via a toolbar button
  • Ability to configure Quick Reply to always default to Reply All via Preferences | Compose | Advanced
  • Support for Mail As PDF on Mac OS X from the Mac print dialog in your favorite Mac application
  • Add a keyboard shortcut for Paste Without Formatting to the compose window: cmd-shift-v (Mac) and ctrl-shift-v (Windows)
  • Quick Look is now implemented for attachments in the compose window on Mac OS X. Select the attachments and use the space bar to quick look them.
  • Fixed an issue opening iWork (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) attachments on Mac OS X
  • Fixed an issue with tooltips not always disappearing correctly on Mac OS X when using Spaces
  • Fixed an issue with Spotlight not showing the correct subjects
  • Performance and stability improvements with large sets of mail
  • Incorporated Mozilla Firefox security updates through version 3.6.11

Postbox 2.0.2

  • Fixed an issue with the Subscribe File menu being enabled incorrectly when a POP3 account was selected.
  • QuickText Add-on - The Quick Text add-on is now compatible with Postbox 2
  • Alfred App - Alfred App now works with Postbox on Mac OS X
  • Allow OmniFocus integration to use all of the selected message text instead of just the first 150 characters
  • Fixed an issue with Renaming messages subjects on Windows
  • Fixed an issue with quick reply when new mail arrived into an account group
  • Fixed an issue with importing messages from that could lead to messages not having their bodies displayed correctly

Postbox 2.0.1

  • Improved Growl Alerts - For Mac OS X users, growl notifications for new mail now include the subject
  • 1Password Support - support for 1Password on Mac OS X when opening attachments from 1Password
  • SpamSieve - Support for SpamSieve on Mac OS X (add-on coming soon)
  • Fixed an issue with font sizes not being set correctly on outgoing HTML messages
  • Fixed an issue where urls were not always linked in the message pane
  • Fixed an issue with account groups when cycling a message between Unread, Read and Pending
  • Fixed an issue opening a plain text draft where in plain text mode where formatting was getting dropped
  • Fixed a problem with selecting large conversations yielding an XML error in non English builds
  • Performance and Stability Improvements.

Postbox 2.0.0

  • Universal Inbox and Account Groups
  • To-Dos - View all of the To-Dos in a tab for a folder or search by clicking the new To-Do view button in the toolbar
  • Quick Reply - reply to a message without the need to open a separate compose window
  • Quick Switch - the 'g' key will bring up a panel which you can use to switch to another folder
  • Focus Pane - filter by Has Attachment, Unread, Topics, Favorite Contacts, and Dates
  • Quick Move - the 'v' key will bring up a panel which you can use to autocomplete against your list of folders for easy filing
  • Improved Signatures Support - signatures are now accessible from the Compose Toolbar
  • Compact or Minimal Header Display Mode
  • Messages are now sent in the background
  • Improved Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Several stability and performance fixes

Postbox 1.1.5

  • Several stability fixes
  • Memory improvements to make Postbox give back memory more aggressively
  • Performance improvements for sending and reading large messages and conversations
  • Add the ability to control signatures in message replies and forwards from Tools | Account Settings... | <account> | Composition & Addressing
  • Hide the folder pane when in a message tab
  • The mechanism for logging into Twitter has changed. Twitter users will need to log in again via Tools | Web Services...
  • Fix an issue with POP3 accounts where checking for new mail failed with an error about the folder is currently being processed
  • Fix an issue where copying to the Sent folder would fail
  • Fix an issue when dragging a message into the compose window was failing to attach the message
  • Fixed an issue with IMAP offline stores larger than 4GB
  • Fixed a conversation threading issue where messages were not threaded when they should have been

Postbox 1.1.4

  • Several stability fixes
  • Improved performance when viewing conversations
  • Fixed "broken tab" issue after migrating from Apple Mail
  • Fixed an issue where copying to the sent folder could fail after migration or import
  • Fix an issue where forwarding a message would fail for certain messages
  • Incorporated Mozilla Firefox security updates through version 3.5.9

Postbox 1.1.3

  • Several stability fixes.

Postbox 1.1.2

  • Support for Things (version 1.2.11)
  • Support for OmniFocus (version 1.7.5)
  • Support for the IMAP COMPRESS extension which makes accessing Gmail and FastMail.FM faster
  • Topics are now exposed via AppleScript
  • Migration from will now import all of the folders located under "On My Mac"
  • Fixed an issue where certain calendar invites from Exchange were not showing up as attachments
  • Fixed an issue where the signature was not being placed in the correct place when forwarding
  • Fixed an issue where sending to a mailing list could fail
  • Fixed an issue where indented text wasn't displayed properly
  • Improved automatic detection of account settings for various ISPs
  • Incorporated Mozilla Firefox security updates through version 3.5.8

Postbox 1.1.1

  • Support for Apple Address Book - Postbox now has the ability to write to the Mac Address Book.
  • Support for iCal - If Postbox is your default mail client, iCal will use Postbox for sending out calendar notifications such as scheduling meetings.
  • Support for iPhoto - If Postbox is your default mail client, iPhoto will use Postbox to send out photos. Additionally, you can import photos directly from Postbox into iPhoto.
  • Spotlight - You can now search your e-mail using Spotlight.
  • Dock Icon - You can now drag and drop a document on to the Postbox icon in the dock to bring up a compose window with that document attached.
  • Dictionary - You can now select and right click on text to look the word up in the System Dictionary by choosing "Look Up In Dictionary" in the context menu.
  • Safari - File / Mail Contents of This Page will now send the URL using Postbox.
  • AppleScript - Postbox now supports AppleScript on Mac OS X. More functionality will be added to the Postbox AppleScript dictionary in future versions.
  • New Mail Sounds - You can now choose the System Alert Sound when new mail arrives.
  • Postbox will now display an envelope or envelope stack icon(s) when dragging messages during move operations.
  • Fixed an issue on the Mac where Quick Look was not working for calendar events in the Inspector bar.
  • Fixed an issue where opening an attachment on Mac OS X was causing the attachment to be saved to the Desktop.
  • Fixed an issue on Vista where drag-and-drop from the Attachments tab failed to save the attachment.
  • On Mac OS X, cmd-d and cmd-s now work as keyboard shortcuts to dismiss Save/Don't Save dialogs.
  • Fixed a crash during migration from Eudora.
  • Incorporated Mozilla Firefox security updates through version 3.5.7.

Postbox 1.1

  • Improved Performance - Postbox is now faster and more responsive!
  • Languages - Postbox now supports community-translated language packs, including German, French, Spanish (Spain), English (British), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish.
  • New Setup Wizard - When creating a new mail account, Postbox will automatically determine your connection settings for you. All you need to know is your user name, e-mail address, and account password.
  • Better Looking Images - Photos in Postbox are now sharper and have more accurate colors.
  • Interface Improvements - We've updated the Windows 7 and Vista themes, and on the Mac, Postbox now sports more native looking UI elements.
  • XLIST support for IMAP servers such as gmail which allow Postbox to automatically detect special folders such as Sent, Trash, and Drafts.
  • A new version of the Lightning calendaring extension is available for Postbox 1.1 which includes support for languages.
  • The new account wizard now works with Google Apps For Your Domain
  • Fixed an issue when opening a plain text draft or template in a compose window showed HTML elements
  • Fixed an issue when forwarding a message where images were not always included
  • When viewing a conversation that includes attachments, Postbox now indicates the number of attachments at the end of the participants list
  • Allow remote content for sender was not working correctly if the sender was in your Mac OS X Contacts app
  • Focus the message body after opening a message in a new tab
  • Fixed a problem with the Help menu having disabled menu items when coming out of sleep mode on Mac OS X
  • Fixed an issue where check all folders for new mail sometimes fails
  • Fixed an issue where the file size of an offline store of IMAP folder increases upon each "Rebuild Index"
  • No longer putting a copy of a reply to a To-Do back in the Inbox on send
  • Support for system proxy settings
  • Incorporated Mozilla Firefox security updates through version 3.5.5

Postbox 1.0.2

  • Improved stability
  • Improved badge in the Mac OS X dock
  • Improved migration from
  • Improved the selected color of messages with assigned topics in the thread pane
  • Fixed an issue where attachments were sometimes attached as inline
  • Fixed an issue with conversation view in newsgroups
  • Fixed an issue where POP users could not download message bodies from conversation view

Postbox 1.0.1

  • The archive folder for an account can now be set to a folder on any account, including Local Folders. Go to Tools / Account Settings / <account> / Copies & Folders to change the Archive folder
  • Configure Postbox to apply the color for a topic to the entire row instead of just the topic column via Preferences / Display / Topics
  • Configure Postbox to use a larger font size in the message list pane by going to Preferences / Display / Formatting (Mac OS X only)
  • Customize the sort order for messages in a conversation including making Postbox show conversations in chronological order with the oldest first by going to Preferences / Display / Conversations
  • Favorite topics can now be applied to the selected message using 1-9 on your keyboard
  • Show contact photos in conversation view
  • Support for the Enigmail add-on
  • Quick Look is now working on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • For power users: Configure Postbox to stop inserting the '--' before signatures by going to Preferences / Advanced / Config Editor, typing pb.signatures.include_dashes into the textbox, and changed that preference to false
  • Fixed a problem some users have been having with having to re-enter their License code for Postbox after an update or restarting
  • Fixed a problem where the wrong identity was chosen when opening a new compose window from another compose window
  • Fixed a problem where moving a folder more than once in the same session failed
  • Fixed an issue where attachments failed to open from stand alone message window
  • Improved stability
  • Incorporated Mozilla Firefox 3.0.14 security updates

Postbox 1.0

  • Initial release - woo hoo!