Labs projects are experimental and can be modified or removed by Postbox, Inc. at any time for any reason without notice. Labs projects from 3rd-party developers are not supported by Postbox, Inc., and enabling Labs will void your product warranty.


  • Download the file to your computer, such as the Desktop.
  • In Postbox, go to the Tools menu and select Labs.
  • Click the preferences icon in the upper right corner, then select Install Labs Project From File...
  • Browse to the location of the labs project and select it.
  • Restart Postbox.

Troubleshooting and Support

Labs projects can change the DNA of Postbox in ways that are incompatible with its default behavior. If Postbox is not operating the way you expect, then temporarily disable all labs projects to see if the problem clears up for you.

Postbox, Inc. does not support the Postbox application after 3rd-party labs projects have been installed, nor does not support the functionality of 3rd-party labs projects themselves, as it is up to each developer to support the functionality of the code they author. If a project is not working correctly, please contact the developer directly.

Labs Projects from Postbox, Inc.

Cloud File Sharing Add-on 1.1.3Postbox, Inc.Share links to your Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive files instead of mailing the files themselves. Only available for Postbox 7.Download  |  Instructions

Labs Projects from 3rd-Party Developers

These projects are not developed or supported by Postbox, Inc.

Enigmail Enigmail TeamSend and receive signed and encrypted messages using OpenPGP.Download
Import & Export Tools 3.3.2KaosmosImport and export messages and folders.Download
Antidote 10DruideA complete set of software reference tools for writing.Installed from within the Antidote 10 product – Download