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Working Remote? Time to Upgrade Your Email.

All your email accounts in one place, easy organization, lightning-fast search, and a beautiful UI. For macOS + Windows.

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Works with Any IMAP or POP Account

Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Office 365, Outlook, Fastmail, ProtonMail, and many more.

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All Your Email, Organized

  1. Group Your Accounts

    Keep your work and personal accounts separate using Account Groups. View a single account, or select an account group to get a unified view.

  2. Quickly Access Favorite Folders

    Like a web browser, get fast access to your go-to folders using the Favorites Bar.

  3. View Email in Tabs

    Like a web browser, view your inboxes, folders, or messages in Tabs, then quickly switch between them.

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Find Anything Lighting-Fast

  1. Spend Less Time Searching

    Find things in a flash with Postbox's ultra-fast Search Engine.

  2. Easily Create Advanced Queries

    Customize searches by sender, subject, date range, or other attributes.

  3. Search for Files and Images

    Search for files and images hiding in your email accounts, then easily download or reuse them.

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Inbox Zero with Zero Effort

The app for busy inboxes.

Fly through your inbox using Postbox's incredible Quick Bar. It works like macOS's Spotlight but designed specifically for email actions.

Use the Quick Bar to move a message, copy a message, switch folders, tag a message, Gmail label a message, or switch folders simply by typing a few keystrokes.

Postbox also supports a full suite of keyboard shortcuts, email filters/rules, and intuitive swipe actions on macOS.

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Beautiful and Intuitive

24 pixel-perfect interfaces that function like native macOS and Windows apps (not webpage experiments).

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Your Email, Your Way

Works the way you do.

Customize Postbox's interface just the way you want it. Display messages in vertical and horizontal views, organize folders in the Favorites Bar or Tabs, or pin important emails to the top of your message list.

Extend Postbox's functionality through Postbox Labs, a place for 3rd-party code such as OpenPGP encryption and Import & Export Tools.

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Pro-Class Composition Tools

  1. Reuse Common Responses

    Insert pre-canned snippets of text, images, or blocks of HTML with just a few keystrokes.

  2. Always Send from the Correct Account

    Receive a warning when you address a message from the wrong account.

  3. Edit in HTML

    Edit directly in HTML using our advanced code editor.

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We're Serious about Protecting Your Privacy

We promise to respect your privacy, always.

  • We do not store your emails or passwords on our servers
  • We do not scan your emails
  • We do not serve you ads
  • We do not implement features that jeopardize your privacy
  • We help keep you safe from phishing and malware
  • We warn you if someone is trying to track your behavior
  • Free OpenPGP encryption through Enigmail, a 3rd-party Labs Project

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