Simple, Clear and Powerful

All your email accounts in one place,
easy organization, fast search, and a beautiful UI.

macOS + Windows

Chaos, Meet Order

  1. Simplify Your View

    Tackle what’s important using Postbox’s innovative Focus Pane.

  2. Filter in Real-Time

    Isolate messages that you need, and filter out the rest, with a single click.

  3. Organize by Tag

    Seamlessly tag and view messages by project, event, or however you organize your work.

  4. Organize by Contact

    Group messages from your boss or VIPs to keep critical emails from getting lost.

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Everything You Need, At Your Fingertips

  1. Find Things Fast

    Find what you need in a flash with Postbox’s ultra-fast search.

  2. Find What You Need

    Customize searches by sender, subject, date range and other attributes.

  3. Find Files and Images

    Search for all the files and images hiding in your email.

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Your Email, Your Way

  1. Group Your Accounts

    Organize your accounts into groups, then access unified views within each.

  2. Quickly Access Favorite Folders

    Fast access to your go-to folders and accounts in the Favorites Bar.

  3. Open Folders in Tabs

    Like a web browser, navigate your inboxes, folders, topics or contacts in tabs.

  4. Stay on Top of Things

    Create reminders and pin them to the top of your message list, so they stay top-of-mind.

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Get Connected

Use Quick Post to send email content to your favorite apps, such as Evernote, Slack, and Todoist.

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Power Tools for Professionals

  1. Reuse Common Responses

    Insert pre-canned snippets of text, images, or blocks of HTML with just a few keystrokes.

  2. Always Send from the Correct Account

    Postbox highlights contacts when you address a message from the wrong account.

  3. Edit in HTML

    Edit directly in HTML using our advanced code editor.

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Power Through Your Day

  1. Send Large Files Fast

    Send links to large files in Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive, instead of the files themselves.

  2. Easily Reuse Attachments

    Browse files or images in the compose window, reuse with just a click.

  3. Keep Yourself on Target

    Track the time and effort you spend composing messages.

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Easy on the Eyes

  1. Work in Dark or Light Modes

    You asked for it, we delivered. Postbox has a beautiful new Dark Mode theme! Postbox automatically adapts to the Light and Dark Mode preferences you have set in the OS.

  2. Easily Switch Modes

    Easily switch between themes using our new "Theme" button to the Postbox toolbar.

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