Learn Postbox

1. The Postbox Interface

Postbox is designed for maximum efficiency, providing you with powerful email features within a clean and intuitive user interface.

Contents: Toolbar, Favorites Bar, Tabs, Accounts & Folders Pane, Focus Pane, Conversation View

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2. Working with Messages

Postbox gives you all the tools you need to manage the busiest of inboxes.

Contents: Quick Reply, Archive, Send & Archive, Quick Move, Quick Folder Switch, Anti-Tracking, Mailing List Unsubscribe, Emails as To-dos (Reminders), Editing, Filters

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3. Topics & The Focus Pane

A look at how you can work conceptually with messages in Postbox by using the Topics (tagging) feature and the Focus Pane.

Contents: Topics, Focus Pane

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4. Composing & Sending

Postbox is packed with features for writing, formatting, and sending emails within its thoughtfully considered and well-laid out Compose window.

Contents: Compose Toolbar, Addressing & Domain Fencing, Formatting Toolbar, International Character Input, Emojis, Images, Composition Goals, Attachments, Compose Search Sidebar

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5. Responses & Placeholders

Responses are pre-canned message snippets that you can reuse over and over again. This can save you a lot of time if you send the same kind of responses frequently.

Contents: Responses, Placeholders, 70 Placeholders Every Business Needs

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6. Signatures

One easily overlooked and potentially useful feature of email is email signatures.

Contents: Creating Signatures, Using Signatures, Setting Defaults per Account, 25 Beautifully Designed Signature Templates

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7. Searching

Searching for email in Postbox is effortless, with powerful tools that allow you to construct advanced searches using multiple criteria.

Contents: Indexing, Quick Search Bar, Advanced Search Options, File & Image Search, Search by Contact

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