Read what our users think about Postbox

A great program, designed and built by people who obviously love what they do. The only email client you'll ever need (or want) - Outlook is a jalopy compared to this Rolls Royce!

Andrew D. - Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

I like the features and support of third party tools like Evernote. And of course, I'm a friend of giving money to friends, that really work hard and help others to improve their lives. Thank your very much!!

Peter Petry - Mainz/Germany

I love the clean look! And the search is BLAZING FAST. Postbox rocks. This is probably what I'll be using for the rest of my life.

Gerben Wijnja - Sneek, Netherlands

Great app, guys - seriously. That's coming from a 20+ year user of the mac.

Saint - Norwegiana

Mail edit capabilities. Being able to add a table is a god send. And super fast searching. I switched to Airmail quite a while ago (about 2 yrs), but now I am switching back to Postbox

Ray McHenry - Australia

It's such a great email app. I think the best I've worked with so far. It's easy to use, it looks beautiful and it's just such a smooth emailing experience. Very nice. Thank you.

user77 - South Africa

I've been looking for a more robust feature set that fits my style - not hardcore, facedown in email but dynamic and professional. In the less than 24 hours I've evaluated Postbox I'm so impressed I've paid for it. From the UI to options it's an impressive piece of work that I will be using for quite some time.

Richard M. - Raleigh, NC

I've spent a long time searching for an email app that was well-designed, from both a visual and utility perspective, and Postbox fits the bill on both counts! I think the subscription pricing is up-front and reasonable. I also appreciate that it works well with Gmail *without* storing emails on its own server.

Raheem S. - Canada

It's like a modern version of Mac's Mail App, too bad Apple doesn't include all the features that Postbox does.

Sean Moody - Thousand Oaks, CA

Initially bought Postbox as a replacement for Mail on my Mac, as it was playing up and no solutions from Mac were forthcoming. It served me well for a number of years and never went back Mail. I then had to move over to Win10 due to more Mac malarkey and decided that nothing on MickeySoft Windows had similar functionality, so I installed it on Win10 as well. Still the best designed mail client around.

Harry - United Kingdom

Love the app. It's literally the only email app I'll use on my Mac—every other option completely pales in comparison for so many reasons. Thank you all for working so hard! $29 well spent.

Konrad K. - Los Angeles, CA

Needed a cross platform solution that functions the same on both. Added bonus of having a built in HTML editor IN the message composer. By far the best email app I've used in 25+ years. Looking forward to future improvements with my annual license!

Omar - New York, NY

Great strides. As close to hitting Mac Mail as I have found on the PC.

The power features are great. Label, tag, move, etc... Thanks !

Barton Cartwright - London, UK

Beautifully designed, great search functionality. If Thunderbird is like the FIAT of email clients, then Postbox is the Ferrari.

Andy - Italy

I started using PostBox 3 and continued using PostBox until this year when I wandered off thinking that another mail program was "shinier." It drove me insane because, in the end, it was impractical. I'm back because PostBox is a common sense program that functions a lot like Mail only with more options.

D. - California

I use Gmail addresses and it is the best program I found to manage my gmail account and emails.

Thanks for the great job you are doing.

Laeti - France

I'm still working my way around the program, but hope to be able to rave more soon! All I know is... so far... you are WAY superior to MS Outlook. "Thank you" for being email visionaries!!!

Loni R. - San Francisco Bay Area

Postbox is a reliable, good-looking email client with better productivity and power user features (like consistent keyboard navigation) than the macOS Mail app. While I wish Postbox didn't have to limit the number of emails it loaded per folder, I do appreciate that there is a clear focus on performance throughout the product.

Postbox Response: This is a feature called IMAP Limiting, and the limits can be adjusted in Preferences | Options > Accounts > your account > Local Storage > Folder Size Limits

Kevin Yank - Melbourne, Australia

Hi folks! Thanks for the great product. I have been using it for several years now, and it has been very reliable, which is something not all Windoze apps are good at. BTW, I love the Search function ... great for finding license keys, invoice emails, etcetera. So ... Thanks!

Garth - Ontario, Canada

We use Postbox at our company because of multiple accounts, responses, tagging of email and more. It just makes managing a small business a lot easier when it comes to communications.

Pat D. - Jamesville, NY

Honestly, the UI sold it for me. Support for dark mode, selection of themes, and of course - the massive amount of features and customisation. The thing is, many other email clients *could* do a lot of the things I needed, but so many have rubbish, outdated interfaces. Thanks for being good with keeping up with modern design trends, I'm very satisfied with it all!

Luke - Australia

I needed a program to work on both my MAC and PC- Postbox is the only program that would manage my multiple inboxes seamlessly and with little effort. Thank you!

Tamera Lagalo - East Lansing, MI

I'm switching to IMAP with thousands upon thousands of emails saved locally to "import" to the server and I don't trust to do a good job.

Plus, I'm reaching my rope's end with and the volume of mails that I process/archive.

Plus it's (very) nice looking.

Chris D. - Malta

Seems like a really user friendly application. My wife loves it. Easy to find your way around.

Buzz - Illinois USA

I went to Postbox because macOS Mail was so poorly designed, inefficient and frustrating. I like Postbox because it is dependable and easy to use.

Pat - Saint Paul

Thanks for the great software. Love the automated process and simplicity of use. Makes life easy!

David - USA

Guys, you all are doing a Fab job, decent UI, nice function of Tagging, easy import email options. I am sure, you will be replacing Outlook sooner. Just request you to come with more Tutorials on efficiently using many features in Postbox. I am from India & there are millions professionals who would love your Desktop app design.

Harshil Shah - India

I've used it for quite sometime now. I just did a clean-install of Mac's new Catalina, and then reinstalled Postbox. You have a great product!

Michael Wilson - Georgia

Postbox solves the email problem. Too many emails and not enough time to respond to the important ones are carve out time to be productive throughout the day.

Jason Smith - San Francisco, CA
Apple Mail's search engine is terrible and other essential functions are clunky, especially when managing multiple email accounts or creating rules for special mailboxes. Postbox worked much more smoothly and has far more useful features. Doro - California

I've been using Postbox for years and the features have only grown over that time. If you have multiple e-mail accounts and have to search through them often, I can't recommend Postbox enough.

Tanara Kuranov - Kansas

I tried several email programs and found Postbox to be the easiest to use. Also, it was recommended to me by my son.

Harold T - Ontario, Canada

Because I simply love it. Tried many, but Postbox is my goto client since version 3.

Rene - Netherlands

It's really easy to see when people like making good software. Email isn't a particularly exciting thing for most people, but you guys make it better than ever.

Phil B - Albany, NY

Hi Postbox team,

I just wanted to let you know that I am so thankful for your work, especially after having been away from it the last few years. After being a long-time Postbox user (version 2-4), I jumped in on the Airmail app (macOS and iOS) for about (oh man) the last 3 years or so, but I found myself missing thoughtful Postbox features like using the spacebar shortcut to go a "Page Down" in an email, being able to "Find in this message" (i.e. search just in the email itself), other keyboard shortcuts like "Next" read or unread or previously read message, having Account Groups, having Tabs for different messages (one window), formatting of bullets/lists in the email compose window (never felt at home with the way Airmail does this), the behavior that when you go to "Move" a message it remembers the last folder you had so you don't have to hit any down arrow keys, ha, and so many other simple things that you all have built in to Postbox. And I'm not even including the awesome features in Postbox 7 that just released today(!) which I'm about to download, so I can honestly say, that with all the attractive and popular features in Airmail that initially caught my eye and lured me away, I am back to Postbox for the actually important, core, personal features I truly use and missed while away.

I know you probably get lots of notes like this, but in case not, I can honestly say I actually felt a sincere gratitude for the Postbox approach, it's features, design and team in general upon my return this past month, and I can't thank you enough. It's like coming home again after being away on a trip for a few months living out of your suitcase or a backpack – the trip was cool and you saw a lot of things, but you're really glad to be home, to be back in your own room, and to be living somewhere where you don't have to reach very far to get what you need.

So, thank you! Truly. To the team that sits and works on these things and to some degree simply trusts people are appreciating them; for the guys who spent two weeks figuring out some new feature, or making sure an already released feature was working right – thank you! We benefit from your work almost every day as we "live" in our email, and I'm just super grateful after having been away for a while. The team at Postbox is doing it right.

Congratulations on such a great product, and know this was such an easy note to write. I mean it in every way.

Thanks to the whole Postbox Team!

Caleb W. - Franklin, TN

Simplicity, full keyboard support, and high quality product were key decisions in purchasing Postbox.

Simo - Finland

Like Thunderbird but prettier and snappier!

Niklas Serning - UK

Postbox is a super fast email client, with keyboard-friendly classic menus, the ability to move emails from one account to the next, support for one-key keyboard shorcuts (aka Gmail shortcuts), etc. And each version actually improves on the previous - thanks for an awesome piece of software!

Chuck D. - Texas, USA

You all do great work, thank you!

I use Postbox cause I like it better than the Mail app that comes with OS X for Mac.

Tim H. - Connecticut

Let the sunshine in!

Postbox is fantastic - this is not a new purchase just changing over to my brand new shiny computer and with that I have no hesitation to keep using and recommending Postbox, the best of the best email clients.

Thank you!

Wilf James - France

I like the professional features you have included in Postbox. Also the cleaner interface is much improved.

John Swezey - Missouri

I have been a long-time Postbox user! It has progressed very nicely and has adapted to a very professional modern look. It has always worked. In short "I love it"! Keep up the good works! Thank you!

Brigitte - Jacksonville AL USA

I loved Google Inbox till they killed it. Postbox was the only thing that saved me from never wanting to check my emails again.

Brenden - Philadelphia

I have been using (happily) Windows Mail (not Win Live Mail) since I got Windows 7. Now with a new PC and Win 10, I found that the native email client is a joke (bad joke). I did a free trial on a number of after-mkt desktop email clients and found that Postbox was head and shoulders the best. Easy to install and configure and user-friendly once installed. It is reminiscent of some classic email clients that were "enough but not too much." Yet, I appreciate the advanced email editing features.

Dave - Arlington, TX

I started with 3.0 than 4.0 and then 5.0 I stopped there and now back to 7.0 which is really a great software my compliments. Improvement is day and night. Mow I will stay with you guys for the rest of the time... Thank you and warm regards.

Levent Cakmur - Istanbul, Turkey

I have been using Postbox on Mac (less Windows) on and off since v4, but with this new version it really is much nicer and so good to work with now. I'm retiring Thunderbird now and switching to Postbox completely. Very feature-rich, functional and lovely interface, congratulations! One remaining wish: Bring this to Linux, please!

Klaus - Germany

I've looked and looked for a great email client and tried quite a few. Finally, I found the best! Seriously, Postbox is incredible. It's fast and easy to organize, and it lets me control how I handle my inbox. I love the option of using both folders and topics (tags) to keep my messages corralled, and the search feature is fast and comprehensive! There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get past that, Postbox is so easy to use. Best of all, I'm keeping my inbox clear. Thank you, Postbox!

Sandi Corbitt-Sears - Nebraska

It was the BEST for heavy duty IMAP reliability... all of the other IMAP email clients were visually unattractive or would crash when using advanced features ... Postbox had none of these problems and was just awesome.

Damon Moreno - New York

Postbox is an excellent email program I like the modern design and the nice clean uncluttered tool area also the top performance thanks to the team in making this possible.

Robert Colin - Rugby United Kingdom

I was a long time user of the email client provided by my ISP in the UK which is BT. It never was very user friendly and following a recent update it became much worse in my opinion to the point that I was very dissatisfied. One of my relatives highly recommended Postbox which so far I have found to be a vast improvement and which I'm very happy to have found and purchased. Thank you for creating and making this product available.

Nick - UK

Love the customization options. Most email clients that I have tried (ones with a free trial option - I wasn't paying for something I wasn't sure I would like) want me to lump all my inboxes together into one place. I am a weirdo that HATES a unified mailbox. One of the accounts I monitor actually belongs to my boss, so I also needed to be able to have one IMAP email address (mine) and one POP (his) so that when I delete emails it doesn't affect what he sees.

LOVING Postbox - so glad I found you!

Laura - Connecticut, USA

The most full-featured email client I've found that doesn't have glaring performance issues. Among other things, I love the way the different email accounts are displayed & handled. Now would like to see more themes other than dark or light.

Postbox's note: Coming soon Dave!

Dave M. - Santa Clara, CA

Needed client for both Mac and Windows and, having tried several, Postbox was the smoothest in operation (especially for Windows) and the best-looking.

Martin J. - UK

I've used Postbox for a number of years It is a wonderful product. Thank you!

House of Krauss Graphic Design, llc - Worthington, Ohio

Easy to use with features I want. Works on PC and Mac. Updates regularly!

HMWriter - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I've been through what seems like a million mail clients for PC... and Postbox is the first one that I love. Looks great, and just works. Brilliant job guys.

Peter G. - Melbourne

This has the most features with simplest interface of any client I have found. I can use it the way I want to.

Kbridges - Minneapolis

I'm not an Inbox Zero guy or never-clear-out-my-inbox guy. I use folders, but I'm not obsessive about it - probably 20 max. I read my mail most days, but don't feel terrible if I miss it three days or so. All in all, I'd say I'm average. I appreciate tools that do their thing well and don't overreach. Pocket knife - yes. Swiss army knife - who has the time? I've been recommending Postbox for years and v6 is fantastic. Reinstalling after a clean install of MacOS. Thought it might be a good time to thank the team. Thanks all!

JBSeattle - Seattle, WA

An attractive, modern UI. Reliable functionality. Great indexing and search. Doesn't try to do everything (mail, calendar, contacts, RSS, etc): does one thing -email- well. Connects easily to GMail and Office365.

Mike - New Zealand

Hello and good afternoon to all who as gone to the trouble and created Postbox.

I have been using postbox since October 2016, and I must say it's getting better and better. I just love the way it flows when using it.

I would defiantly recommend using Postbox for your emails. I love it.

T. Sherred - Southampton, UK

Convenient Gmail set up. Best looking and easy to navigate.

Dr. AJ Eakin - San Francisco

It works when I'm having problems with other email clients like Apple Mail or Airmail 3.

Design and professionalism.

Thank you very much.

Cyberiak - Berlin

I like the way Postbox looks and it's flexibility, also the the way I handle my daily flow of emails.

Rick R. - New Hampshire

Postbox is now more smooth and fast than Thunderbird, which does not seam to evolve anymore. Also the UI is a lot more modern and integrated with the operating system. Of course, Postbox has improvements that still can be done (attached document visibility, management of planning and spam management improvement...). Thank you for effort for building a more efficient and professional tool for reading/writing e-mail and we are looking forward to see what will be inside the future versions...

Alan Jobert - Paris, France

I was looking for an alternative to Outlook. I need to work hard to study the help that is available with Postbox. I think it will meet my needs fine! I am impressed so far.

Ray K. - Lebanon, Pennsylvania, US

Most solid and clean email client I have used to date, tried many like Outlook and Apple Mail and Google Mail, still find Postbox clean powerful and simple.

Nawaf - Kuwait

I've been using your product for several years on my Mac. More affordable than Outlook and a solid email product. Bravo!

Chris D. - Fort Mill, SC

I really don't like the look and feel of Thunderbird and Outlook was never an Option. So, since Opera Mail is very dead these days - Postbox it is!

Gemeinagent - Germany

Postbox has the features I am looking for, being most important templates. I love I can install on my MAC and win Laptop. The design is the best I have found!

Great work!

Gonzalo - Columbia

Thanks for making this product available for Windows. As a Mac user, I had to switch to Windows for my work and I couldn't find a solid and stable email client (I almost tried all available email clients for windows) until I started using PostBox. Thank you for the hard work and time you spent on this!

Elham - Vancouver, Canada

Apple Mail tended to get really bogged down and bloated with all of my different email accounts, so I decided that I wanted to use different programs for different accounts. I just set up Postbox to handle several gMail accounts that I have, and it seems to be working very smoothly. My email is much more organized now and flows much more smoothly.

KC - Ohio

I have just bought new iMac running Mojave and a good friend advised to use Postbox rather than mail. I was having problems adding accounts to Mail, so took his advice and bought Postbox 6... I have never looked back! Big thanks to you all!

Stuart Brown - Cumbria, UK

Apple Mail kept claiming to have errors connecting to SMTP servers. But Postbox never blinked and has worked great from the moment I started using it.

Wevrem - UT

I looked around for an email client on PC that gave me the Apple Mail experience I was missing, and this program looks great and has a ton of features.

Jesse Kilburn - California

I had to switch back to working on a Windows computer and Postbox is the only Windows email client that makes senses for me. Keep up the good work!

Mihai - Romania

Postbox enabled me to manage my work, freelance professional, and personal emails and maintain inbox zero every day. It has the power user features I need like filters, smart folders, domain fencing, and quick posting to any Todoist project with any tag, due date, or reminder I want. I did a lot of research and trials before picking it. I compared it to all the usual suspects in this space including Outlook and some of the sales email tools. This was the right package of features and pricing for an email tool I could use across my corporate, professional, and personal life. Speaking as a product manager, the Postbox product team has done an outstanding job. I have been using it for three years now. I clear my inbox in 30 minutes every morning and get on to the priorities of my day.

Howie - San Francisco, California

I've never liked Mac mail since it first came out. I shopped around and have been getting Postbox for several editions now. The layout is appealing - the ability to assign topics is essential to me as well. Sorting is intuitive as is making rules. I have tried to use Mac mail when I get new computers but always end up going back to Postbox. For me it just makes sense.


Because it's the only decent email app out there for Mac power users. Period.

Tim Chepeleff - Boston

I have been using for over a year. Great functionality and support (but help isn't needed often - it works well).

J. Nichols - New Mexico

I find it to be very flexible and intuitive. I am using it alongside Newton and Spark but find myself using Postbox more often than the other two.

Anthony Harrison - Oakland, CA

It is the only program working with Yahoo!Mail correctly! Thanks a lot!

Alexander - Russia

Microsoft have put adverts all over Outlook, Postbox seemed to be the best alternative. It's pretty nice, well done!

A. Dixon - South Wales

Love the interface. Tagging and coloring mails are brilliant to get more overview over your mails.

V. V. - Germany

Absolutely gorgeous interface, clean, tidy and organised!

Nick Gorrell - Australia

Look, simply put, you all do an amazing job making and maintaining a client that behaves, is damn powerful and doesn't crash. Oh and most of all, your client base has the belief that it's around for the long haul. And that's important.

Thank you for all the hard work. It was an easy purchase to make.

Dave - Ipswich, Australia

Topics. Love topics. Used to have an earlier version of postbox, but it used an insane amount of memory. This new version, although it uses more than I would expect sometimes, uses a lot less than before, so I was happy to return to using Postbox. Just so much easier to keep on top of managing emails than other apps. Also the UI is clearly laid out.

Alex - London

It. Just. Works. :)

Gar McVey-Russell - Oakland, CA, USA

Because Postbox is hands-down the best mail program for my Mac. Plus I'm used to it, so why on earth would I want to switch to something else?

Vince Jackson - Colorado

As much as I hate email (sorry guys!), it really gets a lot better with Postbox. I have been using Postbox since 2011, and I have never looked back to all the other email clients I have used in the past.

Jolande - The Netherlands

Hey folks,

Good job - loving this latest major version; much cleaner and tidier - lovin' it!
Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Daniel - Brisbane, AU

Postbox appears to be reliable, easy to setup and use, with a pleasant interface.

BBdeTT - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

I really enjoyed the trial-version experience. After a couple of weeks, I understood that Postbox was the client I was looking for.

Simon - London, UK

I like the features, and the stability. The user interface is spot-on, clean and minimalist, but still easy to find what I need. I have been using Postbox since version 3. The price is right, too.

David O. - Florida

Clean interface, dependable, ease of use. Basically, everything Mac Mail should be but isn't!

Steph - Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for a stable, functional and aesthetic email client. I have tried many of them, Outlook, Windows Mail, eM Client, Mailbird, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, and others and I could not find a satisfying one. I have learned through online search other alternatives and found yours. Within 48 hours of testing Postbox, I have made my decision to purchase it. It looks an excellent and multi-functional application and I really like it. I hope you will keep the good work.


Abdulaziz Aden - Nairibo, Kenya

We tested several clients for our firm and choose POSTBOX after in-depth testing. It aligns wonderfully with our workflow.

Consultancy in Germany - Germany

Postbox is the best email client I've found to help me focus on the important things, and quickly dispatch with the less important ones with two or three keystrokes. It's brilliant, and I can't recommend it enough.

M. Latimer - Toronto

We use Postbox here at to manage orders received on our website, and to respond to customer questions. It's a powerful email client, easily eclipsing Mac Mail and Outlook. One of the best features is the "Responses" feature which lets us quickly insert pre-generated responses into an email - great for quickly answering customer questions. I can confidently say that Postbox saves us hours of time each week.

Nick Brennan - London, UK

Good workflow, quick access to all my inboxes, clear. Semi-automated reply.

All I need to gain time on managing my pro emails.

Good job postbox team!

Julien - Toulouse, France

Awesome mail app. Best I've ever used.

George - West Palm Beach, FL

It gives me all my emails in one place. No more going from website to website checking them and logging in and out to check the next one.


Mikael - USA

Wanted an alternative to Thunderbird. Postbox is much more user-friendly and intuitive. Great product!

Joe - DC, USA

I've used Postbox for years and it provides a simple and robust all-in-one e-mail client that keeps my e-mail histories across accounts in one easy to access place.

Kate - Queens, NY

I have been looking for a desktop mail client for Windows 10 that has more features that the built-in mail client and is not as clunky as Thunderbird. Postbox hits the spot for me.

H. Biscuit - England

Fast and reliable client. Nice interface. Was an EM Client user and was not happy with it. This is a great client.

T. Fear - Sydney, Australia

My first test with Postbox 6 is very good: it looks smarter and faster than Thunderbird. Less options and possibilities but more modern, fast and efficient, and also a better looking interface. It looks like I'm going to switch from Thunderbird to Postbox. Thank you for your software, and the cost is really affordable for everyone.

Alan Jobert - Paris, France

I love its clean and modern interface and the functionality. Those and the search ability are the things that made me change to it.

*ONLY* thing I miss/dislike is the lack of ability to decrypt/encrypt/sign emails using PGP, as version 6 is not able to deal with them by itself (addons are not available). I receive only two or three emails monthly where I need to use PGP and that forces me to install Thunderbird+enigmail just for being able to decode/encode them.

Warpie - Spain

After other email software failed on me, I tried Postbox. It has given me pretty much flawless service since then, so I purchased a lifetime license. Can't beat a good thing!

Juliet - Britain

Years ago I moved away from Thunderbird and Outlook in favor of browser-based email. But I've missed having a desktop client that can check ALL my email accounts. Postbox is the best email client I've found that works on Mac and Windows. It's fast, easy, has all the features I need, and the license is forever. Totally worth the money. Thanks!

Brother Priest - Wisconsin, USA

Amazingly good software, my favorite among many, many others!

Maxim Behar - Bulgaria

Tried it for a day and got my gmail to inbox zero... That alone was worth the purchase! Your videos really helped me discover all the rest of the things it can do. Can't wait to dive in.

R.S. - Alabama

Heard about it from Paul Thurrott ... fed up with the bloat of Outlook, and it started doing things I didn't like. e.g., I use multiple aliases on my account, and it used to be possible to do a 'Send As' from any alias .... not any more -- Outlook now sends it from 'A on behalf of B', which is exactly what I don't want.

In Postbox, I like that things seem to work as you want -- I like the standard fonts in messages, and the simple clarity.

Rob S. - UK

I needed an email provider that combined my Google emails with my domain name emails that was easy to configure, separate from my browser and had a lot of great features. After doing due diligence and using the free trial for awhile, I decided that Postbox was the best for me. It is well worth the reasonable, one-time fee and so much better for me than any of the free ones. Additionally, the Postbox support is terrific and you get all the easy to follow documentation that you need to use the service and be up and running quickly and easily.

A. David Beaman - Ayden, NC, USA

For years and years I used Thunderbird on my private Mac - it was an absolute great email client and worked perfectly. But since it has no more support, problems started to arise in handling mails with attachments.

So I had to look for another "third-party" mail-client. Apple-Mail is a bit too featureless even if it works well. I tried Airmail 3 and then Postbox (MS-outlook I know from the job, very powerful but as it is with MS-Software, a little bit to "overdone".)

And now I am very satisfied with Postbox - it lets you manage your mails as ever you wish!


PS: Please ad Switzerland to your country list for subscription, there are more - an interesting - states in Europe than the mentioned EU-states...

Johannes Schaub - Zürich, Switzerland

I have bought Postbox because it's the best mail program in the world. I'm a devoted fan for so long and was really happy with this lifetime upgrade license. Love you guys. :)

Huuk - Warsaw, Poland

I searched the internet for a Windows mail app that would be most similar to Apple's, because I have been a Mac user for over a decade and mostly have used Mail in all that time. When I tried out Postbox, I found that its interface was indeed fairly similar to that of, and the help/support seemed very good, so I decided to purchase it.

Please feel free to make Postbox even better by making it *even more* like!

C.H. - Earth

I've used Postbox for at least 4 years now with great success. The price is right and it is easy to use.

B.J. - Orlando, FL

Postbox is far and away the most reliable Email Client your money can buy, I had them all, nothing comes close.

Hari - Germany

It is the best email program I have found so far, it combines the best of Thunderbird with a very fast interface, even with 60+ mail addresses. The only downside is the lack of add-ons, but its base functions includes many things you have to download add-ons to do in Thunderbird.

Frank - Denmark

This has been a good email client with plenty of technical options to control email access on Windows. I need a work horse, not a show horse, and Postbox has filled that need. Keep up the good work!

Jack D. - Atlanta

Was looking for a decent email client to replace an outdated version of MS Outlook.

Found Postbox to be a far more capable - and coherent - app. It actually bring a smile to my face from time to time because it is so well designed.

Buying it at the end of the trial period was a no brainer.

Thanks a million for such a great product! Well done!

M. Pilot - Canada

It's gorgeous on the eyes and actually enjoyable to use (have *never* said that about email!) ... is easy and largely automated to set up ... is elegant and powerful in its flexibility and ability to triage email and create beautiful workflows ... comes with clear and comprehensive documentation ... and the tech support is stellar.

What on earth more could anyone ask? If it's possible to be in love with a software, this would be it.

Lisa E. - Houston

I was searching for the best email client I could find, and after using the Postbox trial I was hooked!

Kendall - Utah

It is simple in use and nice looking at!
It has the requested 'Auto text' to insert in a mail!

J.P. Jacobsen - Denmark

I've looked for an email client that works with ProtonMail for months. None have worked as flawlessly as Postbox. That plus the incredibly dense list of features finally covered all the bases I needed to have my multiple email addresses in one place.

That's why I purchased Postbox.

Shawn - Edmonton, Canada

Ce logiciel est super! Je l'adore, il vaut largement le prix payé, c'est vraiment utile de bien lire toutes les instructions et de bien l'apprendre avant de commencer a l'utiliser, j'aurais vraiment aimé que toutes les instructions soient présentées a la manière d'un livre (avec une table des matières et téléchargeables en format .doc, pour consultation hors-ligne), un livre dont les instructions serait ordonnées de façon logique, qui serait basée sur un cas réel de nouveau utilisateur débutant. Je souhaite une longue vie a la compagnie POSTBOX.

Gabriel P. - Canada

Simply put PostBox is the best email app on the market, I have tried several and always come back to PB. The features and functionality of PB is better than anything I have tried, and with the update to v6 it's performance is even better.

But, the best thing about these guys are that they care about their customers. If you have an issue, they really want to help and are on point when it comes to customer service.

I would recommend Postbox to ANY that uses email, no matter how small or large.

Great work guys, keep it up!



Paul C. Newman - Chandler, AZ

I don't know what you guys did, but Postbox 6 is bottled lightening. I've been using it for 3 days now and it's feels like a whole new program... I just felt you all needed to hear that the difference is noticeable. Great job.

James C. - Canada

Excellent product, it fulfills what I expect and want from an email manager, in its Windows version I never generate problems.

Luis A. Cuevas - Argentina

I have to commend you on Version 6.
I had been having problems with the previous versions which had become very slow especially at startup due to the volume of emails I have (too many to delete - I would need weeks!).
Now version 6 handles my accounts with ease and speed.
I can use all the features again!!
The migration from 5 to 6 went as smooth as silk. As far as I can see I haven't lost anything.
My message rules are intact as are my contacts.
Great job Postbox!

Ray - Vancouver, Canada

The beauty of v6.0. and the functionality are something to behold.

Steve Franklin - Elk Grove, CA

I kid you not, Postbox has given me back hours of my life. The filters, the canned responses, and the fabulous layout of PB allow me to rake through my emails with astounding speed and efficiency. The organizational features have eliminated tasks and responses from falling through the cracks. If you're a new user, take a little time to learn how the features work. I found the PB knowledge-base fantastic. It didn't take long to get everything sorted out perfectly. Also, the HTML code editor is innovative and really well implemented, I use it all the time. Postbox is heroically brilliant.

Lou - Kentfield, California

We use Postbox across multiple users, in multiple countries. It's simply the best email program for us. The canned responses are a godsend and save so much time. Postbox makes it so easy to maximize our customer response times.

Nick - USA

I have tried many email clients over the years and Postbox clearly stands out. I have never been more organised.

Mike - Southampton, United Kingdom

Postbox is simply... extraordinary!

Only with Postbox I found the solution to handle the many email accounts in my business: with simplicity, total efficiency and real productivity. There is no comparison, not even with the most prominent names in the sector.

Congratulations on the excellent work,


Marco V. - Milan, Italy

What a funny world we live in. Even though there are hundreds of millions of Mac users in the world its possible for a company to make an email program that is the best in the world, a program that serves an area in which most of us spend time, and I guess some people spend their entire day, and yet so few people seem to know about it!

Postbox is that program. It's feature rich but beautifully ordered and works reliably. That's all you really need to know. Power and elegance in a single package.

I have been using it for more than five years and I am so grateful to the people who develop it.

Philip B. - London

Was easy to install!

And is easy to use!

Alexander Helbig - Germany

After months of frustration searching for a good email client for Mac, I found Postbox. Since then I've saved time, lost weight, and my hair is growing back!

Brant - Palm Beach, Florida

Postbox is a great client for managing multiple mailboxes, the combined inbox is fast with no slow down unlike other clients. Spam filter is also excellent, I have used many spam solutions including Microsoft Outlook and found them all lacking, Postbox detects almost all spam with few false positives and best of all applies spam detection to all inboxes. Keep up the good work, well worth the money.

Morgan - United Kingdom

I have used Postbox 3 and 4. I was not crazy the icons had lost their colors in Postbox 4 as I found (as an older person) them to be quite helpful. However, I can say that the Postbox programs themselves are absolutely the best I have ever used. They meet my every need. Imagine how surprised I was when I saw what the program folks had done to Postbox 5. They brought back the colors to the icons. I immediately downloaded the latest version. An added bonus was receiving a substantial discount because I had purchased the previous version. I have used may other email programs but they do not measure up to Postbox. Thanks for all your work on this latest version of Postbox.

David S. - USA

As a virtual assistant, I have clients mostly in the USA and the UK, but sometimes wherever. As most clients give me at least one email address I end up with lots of accounts, and lots of emails. And I mean lots. Looking at Postbox I can see right now I have 190 emails in their main folders; I hate to think how many in the subfolders where, thanks to Postbox's filter function, emails have been automatically distributed.

So, as you imagine, email management is crucial. Right down to having the right signature for whichever account I am currently using, which could be a corporate one, GMail, whatever. And for some accounts I have multiple identities. I could be writing as my client's Personal Assistant, or as their Project Manger and so on.

LBP - Life Before Postbox meant having multiple tabs and windows open. Some easy, via GMail, others via mail clients, others via more complex routes. And I would be constantly tabbing across to check I am up to date or to actually work. And then I have the calendar functions. In short: a lot of wasted time and crucial mail not acted upon promptly.

AP - After Postbox. One window: I have actually got a PC dedicated to it. I look up and all my mail are in one window, nicely organized. Click to read. Or select the account/identity, type and send, A couple of clicks and I have calendars too. Mail kept unread, highlighted with a topic, prioritized,

Being super busy, I have yet to really take full advantage of Postbox's features. However, those I have used have been lifesavers and has made me more efficient and productive. And it has given me kudos and wows from those clients with whom mailboxes are shared.

So, folks, if you are hesitant: what are you waiting for?

You won't regret it. Postbox is simply and by far and away the best investment I have made this year in my business.

Seth - USA and UK

I was using Airmail for some time but not happy with the feature set, functionality or performance. Postbox rocks!!! Cannot understand why some of the reviews of Mac OS X mail clients consider Airmail to be anywhere near as good. It isn't even close. With just a few of the add-ons installed I am now much more productive. Thanks for such a great product.

Paul Calamai - Canada

Switched to Postbox from Apple Mail and in the first 24 hours things are already 1000% better. Apple Mail kept giving me IMAP connection errors and hanging up my machine, and the moment I switched to Postbox all of my troubles went away. Now I have a clean, pure experience by a group of developers who focus on e-mail for a living, unlike Apple where their Mail program is just an afterthought on macOS. I finally have my e-mail back! Thanks so much Postbox.

Ethan - Windermere, FL

Great support and very available!! Thumbs up and thanks for your effort and developpement! keep on going.

Yves - Switzerland

Postbox is stable, full of features! After a bit of cleaning on my part, I managed to archive 12K mails from my inbox to a gmail folder (label).

I just wanted to thank the team for making an ace mail client at a very affordable price. I have removed all other clients and solely use Postbox!

Ed - Belgium

Coming from an OS X mail app, I was looking for a decent Windows mail client for quite some time. With Postbox I can now finally do my emails again under Windows the way I always wanted.

Thank you folks. Please keep up the good work!

Rainer - Karben, Germany

I have always struggled with Apple Mail and recently had to update my system to 10.11. Mail became unusable. I have hundreds of thousands of emails I need to manage and began trying several different options to Apple Mail. Postbox was the only one that manages it easily, quickly, allows me to find things relatively quick and doesn't often slow down in the process. It is by far the best option I've run into. The others were junk.

Steve - Canada

I've had a previous version of Postbox for many years. I never had a problem with its use. It fulfilled my requirements and was never bothersome to use. I had no complaints against it and still don't since I installed version 4.0.8. Believe me, I've had brief affairs with other email clients while still using Postbox. I've used Mailbox and eM Client for several months exclusively but have found them simply not as convenient or easy to use as Postbox. I'm back now with the latest Postbox version and am going to save myself a lot of bother by staying with it exclusively. It simply works so well!

Tom Milligan - Dublin, Ireland

I just wanted to drop by and say how much I like Postbox 4. It's features and flexibility are way ahead of Apple's Mail app - it's not even close.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I've been using Postbox for a couple years and only now have discovered the functionality of the Focus Pane. In my defense, my email numbers have been fairly low until now. I'm looking forward to using the Focus Pane to better manage my growing tsunami of emails.

Also, I want to thank you for creating an email client built with flexibility in mind. After years of Apple Mail's limitations, it's nice to have an app built by people who realize that not everybody fits into the same usage model.

Steve - Greenacres, Washington

No longer satisfied with Entourage (part of MS Office 2008) I considered upgrading to the new Outlook (part of MS Office 2016 for Mac), but did not like the fact that the new Outlook is only available as part of an Office 365 subscription that will cost $xx per month for ever. That adds up to a lot of dollars. I then looked at reviews of OS X Mail and came to the conclusion that this product has had too many serious bugs over the last few years to be considered.

Changing over to a new email program is not something you do every day. In my case, the amount of work involved in transferring hundreds of email addresses, groups etc. is too much work to do this with a product that is not reliable. I coordinate a group with over two hundred members, growing daily, and you would not want to lose people because your email communication is a mess.

Postbox came out really well in reviews and all feedback indicated that this was a reliable, mature, yet easy to use program.

I have now used the program for just a few days and am impressed with its many features, its reliability and its speed. Not all is perfect (I am finding that the online help does not always reflect the latest version, for instance), but the program does what is promises and it does it well.

Well done, Postbox! I would be happy to recommend this program to anyone with a Mac.

Max Bahrfeldt - Australia

I have been using Outlook (Mac) for years and it always has had off and on problems. Using Postbox for two months now and it has been absolutely perfect. It does everything that Outlook did for me. plus it is free. I ended up not purchasing the new Microsoft products and just went to Postbox and some other free software for all my office needs. Good stuff, just wanted to say thanks.


I forgot it was $15 or so for Postbox, I believe. Still... way better than supporting Microsoft. Thanks.

Brian S. - USA

I love your Postbox application!

I just paid for my upgrade (from 2.5). Awesome product at an awesome price, I would gladly pay $25-30.

I remember the old days of Eudora and Outlook Express and there not being a great IMAP client. Thunderbird was okay.

Postbox rocks!

Brandon Lamb - Seattle, WA, USA

I have been a Macintosh user for over 20 years. And e-mail applications have been an issue with me. Microsoft Entourage was just too complex for my everyday e-mail use. Along came Apple's mail which I tried but there always seemed to be some kind of annoying behavior that would crop up. Being pleased with my Apple computer I hung onto Mail hoping Apple would get Mail to run smoothly. At last I gave up and tried Postbox about two years ago and I have been so happy since. I just upgraded to version 4 and have noticed an improvement in speed versus the older version (3.0.11). Please keep up the good work and thank you for a simple e-mail application that does what it is supposed to do.

John M Breitigan - USA

After months of suffering from interminable periods of unresponsiveness with Thunderbird, it finally got to the point where I could not move the cursor without it freezing up for several minutes on end. No one seems to have an answer to this, least of all Thunderbird tech themselves.

So, I installed Postbox and, voila, no problems!

Easy installation, easy import of TBird messages (exactly the same folder and file structure), both for IMAP and POP services.

So, whatever TBird did not like in my saved messages, Postbox seems to have no problem with them.

So, if you have TBird problems, just make the switch, it seems to present no downsides at all.

Particular like - the presentation of all messages for all accounts in one place.

Chris H - France

Love the clean interface. Everything is in the right place for me. It would be an absolute complete package for me if you could provide the ability to search for a folder/label or create a new folder/label on the fly.

Rusty - Woodland Hills, CA

Postbox 4 is "Head and Shoulders" above Postbox 3. That is not to mean the Postbox 3 was a slouch. Nope. It was awesome too.

Postbox 4 is cleaner, faster and smarter. One of the best things is it SHUTS DOWN right away. I dont think that is really a feature but its still a welcomed change.

Postbox 4 is great.

Jason - Akron, Pennsylvania, USA

A great upgrade to an already fantastic product. I've tried them all; Airmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Unibox, (I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to email). And I keep coming back to Postbox - in my opinion it's simply the best email client out there.

Jonathan - Boston

Love the new version so far, UI looks way better with the improvements, much cleaner.

The only thing is that. I'm currently have 4 accounts setup (all google apps based) and from time to time I get a pop-up message that says that can't connect and I have to retry a few times. Other than that, all awesome!

Sal - Chicago, USA

Top five features I cannot live without:

1. Full intergration with OSX Address Book
2. Complete control on contents of incoming mail
3. Follow-up action on mail (eg tags)
4. Canned responses (a great time saver)
5. Full integration with Gmail & with IMAP servers

Axel - Port Louis, Mauritius

Works perfectly so far. It's very fast and reliable. I hope they will make this product even better :)

Kamilsj - Taipei

For me the best mail app ever.

Dichter Jerome - Luxembourg

Talk about productivity, this app is MUST HAVE!

Hariawan Bangun Safutra - Indonesia

Well Done!

5 stars for the new interface and the new search mode!

Giorgio - Rome

I manage a lot (A. LOT.) of email addresses and need to sort a lot of mail. My problems have been finding an email client that allows me to add as many accounts from every possible service as I have, and gives me way to manage an offline filing system.

So, for me, the most useful Postbox feature is the On My Mac “account” which creates that filing system on my computer. I’ve created mine in Dropbox so I can share the filing across my home and work computers.

Plus, Postbox allows me to copy messages here and not just move them off the original server, where I might want to keep a back up, just in case.

It’s not perfect; there are occasional glitches when changes are made in both locations before a sync can happen and then I have copies of directories. But so far, this is the most flexible option I’ve run across having tested nearly all the Mac OS email clients in the past 3 years.

Wishlist: iOS app that can sync the On My Mac account through Dropbox. I would love to be able to access all the saved messages to view on the road, too.

Lu - Canada

Postbox helps me keep track of my business emails. I especially like to work with topics, wich I can assign to the individual emails.

Chanel Greco - Zurich

Great app. Love the new user-interface. Progress!!! :-) Thank you team!!

Paul V. - France

Postbox is the only one mailer on Mac that truly manage "power usage".

Multiple accounts, hundreds of folders are treated without any problem.
I was impressed by the quality of the Search Engine, which is quite as effective as Gmail. It was a big concern for me.
Native features (like conversations, quick filing, focus pane) are really appreciated.
All this under a simple but really quick and effective UI.
My only frustration : no feature to file messages according to their label.

Postbox is my first choice for a real professional usage of e-mails.

Phileas - Orléans, France

I am using Postbox on my Mac since version 3.0. I always found that it has increased my productivity, especially with the ability of assigning topics to my emails. The integrated search function is very powerful and it helped to find back important old email contents.

Postbox 4.0 is a major upgrade, the app looks beautiful and the new features are very elegant and useful.

Keep up your good work!

Henrik Piski - Malta

I've been using Postbox since the very beginning and I must say… it's the perfect mail app out there!

It help me organise my favourite contact and focus on what really matters. I can do things so much faster with Postbox than with any other mail app, even with Gmail itself.

Javier Esquivel - Chile

I have tried almost every single mail app for Mac, (at least it seems like I have), but NOTHING comes close to Postbox. The way it handles multiple accounts from the sidebar is amazing, and that alone has stopped me from even looking further for another email application.

Without sounding like I work for the company, I am here to tell you that this app is an ABSOLUTE must have for anyone that works with multiple email accounts. The add-ons are great, but I am hoping that the new release has a better calendar integration. The current Lightning format is pretty out dated, but even without that, it still the best app on the market.

Great customer support for a PB Lifer like I am, they are always responsive to questions.

Hope this helps anyone on the fence, make the jump, you won't look back.

Paul Newman - Chandler, AZ

I have tried several Mac email packages and I am telling you that there is none I have found that can hold a candle by comparison. I recently tried the latest version of Thunderbird for kix and it was like going from a Jaguar to a 1930s Model A. Thanks Postbox for such superior innovation. As long as you continue to support and innovate, your users will surely remain appreciative and loyal.

Bradley Haslett - USA

Have been using Postbox for about 18 months now, and I am very pleased with it. Having come from Thunderbird, I felt right at home, and with the added bonus of the satisfaction of knowing that I have contributed to a small software company's ability to compete in a market that has its share of 800 pound gorillas.

As an aside, the recent version 3.0.9 had introduced on my Windows 7 x64 system a small, quirky bug that didn't affect the proper functioning of the program, but did generate an odd user interface issue. The folks at Postbox tracked that down from the back-and-forth e-mail communications we had, and a couple of weeks later the new 3.0.10 version has it all sorted out. Excellent service and communication!

Recommended without hesitation...

Lee Weissert - USA

I joined PostBox a couple of weeks ago now.

I started with the trial, and thought I'd give it some time before making a testimonial, although I was impressed from the start. Not only has this been great and simple to use, but when I touched base with the customer support, they were fast and remarkably helpful (I loaded my information wrong - nothing to do with them!).

I've now been using this for all my mail and it's fantastic. The app has been able to do everything I need, and when I can't find something, I know the support crew are there at the ready to help out.

Thanks PostBox!

Skot - New Zealand

I just have joined the Postbox community two days ago!

After cumbersome headache with Outlook 2011 for Mac and the unfortunate end of Thunderbird support last year, it is great to know that there is a true and even better alternative to the proprietary Microsoft world.

There are still some options one would like to see implemented, but I am sure that the development pace you have been showing will include these in the future.

Keep up the good work guys and be sure that I have become a true evangelist for your solution.

Hisham L. - Germany

I've been using Postbox for about three years now, since the 2.0 days. It's improved a lot since then, and I can't say enough good about it. The abilities to keep my Inbox and Action folders open in adjacent tabs, to mark messages as to-dos, to send messages directly to Evernote, to file messages and switch folders via incredibly fast keyboard shortcuts, and to add other features via third-party add-ons make Postbox a great e-mail app. I've looked into a number of different e-mail clients over the years, but nothing has the combination of speed, search, and power that Postbox does. Oh, and the ability to search through previously attached files in the compose window is pure genius and saves me a ton of time, as does the Inspector Pane. (See, I really can't say enough good about this app!) My biggest wish for Postbox is that they had an iOS app.

Keep up the good work, folks, and thanks for making it easy for us to manage our e-mail!

G. Godwin - USA

You really did great job ! Last week I downloaded trial version of the program. After that I have really impressed by it. And than I purchased. Now, it is my best e-mail program in my life. Please keep up your great job ! Have a nice day...

Burhan TANIS - Turkey

One of the best MAC IMAP client ever seen in my life!

Krzysztof Czuszek - Poland

Congratulations to all on FINALLY coming up with a stable and useful version of Thunderbird that those of us that rely on this type of email program can sink our teeth into.

I have tried all the other pretenders as far as IMAP email and really, the other attempts out there by other companies are quite sad. You have taken a solid product that has sadly languished lately and polished it up in a thoughtful and useful way for those of us that are used to certain needs out of an email client for our work.

Congratulations, I am glad I purchased this for such a reasonable cost and count me as a user for quite a long time.

I am excited to see what is next for your company and this product!

Paul P. - USA

Complete, stable and best on the market email system. Thanks guys!

Milan K. - Serbia

Gmail for mac done right. I love the complete customisability of Postbox. If you are a power user you can take it to full advantage and set up gmail to work like you've always wanted it to.

Pascal - Australia

We use Postbox on our workstations at and it's transformed our productivity hugely... for the better (naturally!).

Our mail servers are MailEnable based and we were working with a standard Thunderbird client, but Postbox is streets ahead both in looks and features. It allows our staff to handle multiple email accounts with absolute ease and organises them in a clear way which was lacking in Thunderbird (even with add-ons which were supposed to do the job). In our opinion it is also ahead of Outlook - it's lighter, looks better and handles things the way they should be done. No negatives here.

Great work from the Postbox team, keep up the great work!

Peter Leigh - UK

Before Postbox, my idea of E-mail was the same as Michael R. Elkins, creator of Mutt, when he wrote, "All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less." Thank you, Postbox, Inc! You have taken the "suck" out of E-mail.

Christopher Cover - USA

Hey world,

Our little company works with many (12) IMAP-Accounts and we was suffering under the unbelivable slow Microsoft Outlook 2010... But then a friend recommend us alternative Software, like this Postbox.

It was like the invention of fire which leeds us from the dark-age of MS Office to the new way of (much) faster and comfortable work with Postbox. After a short test-time from one week we are all happy with it and the company choose to make Postbox to our new Mail-Software.

The price for the program is absolute fair and more than adequate, we even safe a lot of money when we compare it with the MS-Outlook.

So go on Postbox-Team, we love it!

T. Sabel - Germany

Postbox is the best all-around email application for making it easy for you to connect to and organize all of your email accounts. I appreciate that it continues to handle POP when applications like Windows 8 mail no longer does. For that matter I am not even sure if Outlook 2013 will.

I love the Focus Pane, it can be a life saver at times because (for work) I receive a TON of email on a daily basis. Often I simply want to focus on one or two people in a project and the focus pane makes it easy and instantaneous to switch from view to view.

Keep up the good work!

M. Jessop - USA

By far the best and most effective email application and all of this at a crazy low price! Nicely done Postbox…Niely done!

Patrick LeClair - Canada

PostBox is lean and super-stable. Puts the things where I always wanted they would be.

In portuguese: PostBox é enxuto e super-estável. Põe as coisas onde eu sempre quis que elas estivessem.

Geraldo Costa Junior - Brasil

I'm a new user but I love Postbox Mac already, and am excited to explore it's features more. I love the layout of the window and the GUI very much. Really a breath of fresh air in Mac email apps, I can't say exactly why, but it's totally how I feel about Postbox.

Other apps I have used in the past:

Apple Mail (ugh),

Mailplane (nice until recently when GUI was 'transformed' now it's more confusing not for me any more).

Sparrow - really liked a lot, looked forward to further development, new features. Would have stayed with but now it's nullware, the developers having left Sparrow behind and joined the gorging Google...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tom G - United States

Postbox is amazing.

I've searched for years for a desktop client that handles multiple accounts, both Gmail and non-Gmail. None of them had everything I needed.

Postbox does.

And it's elegant. It's efficient and streamlined. It's powerful, but doesn't overwhelm me with too many features. Yet power-user features abound, and they're not hard to find when you do need or want them.

I'm finally as productive with my email as I always knew I could be with the right email client.

Postbox is amazing.

Gregg S. - US

Postbox's search alone is enough to pay for. It's far superior to the MacMail app. Being able to do complicated searches within my various mailboxes is super-awesome, and it's fast, which I really appreciate.

I also love to ability to create favorite topics including to-do, pending tasks and for my various projects and clients. Suddenly I have control of my email!

Jfouts - US

Currently, Postbox seems to be the best email client for Windows. I had to change a few settings to improve the toolbar appearance and unbold read messages. Still testing, but so far, so good. Fast, good-looking, customizable, proven TB platform, fast IMAP, and two-line message list pane.

Drew Wesley - United States

If you're tired of Thunderbird's endless sluggishness and outdated user interface, you definitely need to make a move to Postbox. Much cleaner UI, so much easier to use, makes integration with other services a breeze, and has made email enjoyable again.

Hassan Khan - United Kingdom

New PostBox owner here, upgraded from Thunderbird. After a day or so, feeling way more productive and like I'm getting ahead of the mail curve. Conversations are handled very intelligently.... this is huge and solves my biggest TB annoyance. Interface overall is truly helpful. Responses, signatures, quick reply, compose sidebar all well thought out. Focus and Inspector panes are very nice innovations.

Michael W. - USA

I'm a user-interface designer and love this app for my windows environment. I was always annoyed by the bunch of unnecessary features of the other mail clients out there. Its simple to use but can do everything I need from a mail client.

I'm not buying a lot of software but postbox is definitely worth it. Thanks.

Dennis - Germany

I moved from gmail for apps to Postbox on a mac to save having multiple tabs open for each email account. Postbox is much better than mail both visually and functionally. Some nice add-on like a 'send email to Evernote' shows its keeping up with other great software. Have stopped researching other email solutions for the mac now. Happily paid for Postbox.

Jim - Australia

After leaving Outlook for real Gmail integration, I tried Thunderbird first. I then tried EmailTray, eM Client and Zimbra before trying Postbox.

I'm buying two licenses of Postbox.

Overall, Postbox is a very clean, very usuable interface. Feature list is the best including Gmail and Social Network integration! And seriously, the price is practically free, but I'd pay more as this is the best email app out there!

Rick Boyer - USA

I was a long time user of Thunderbird and loved it but with recent releases it became prohibitively slow. There were considerable delays in the refresh speed when going from one message to another, especially with messages having graphics. But with PostBox there is little to no delay to view the very same messages... it displays messages and also boots up much faster, at least twice as fast in my experience.

Postbox's search functionality is quite a bit better too as it is both easier to use and also faster. Getting it set up was so fast and easy as well.

The main thing I would like to see is more Thunderbird extensions ported over so they work in PostBox too. The current library of extensions is rather limited, though they do have the indespensible Lightning calendar extension, and that's a good thing. It works terrific too!

Good work PostBox. I'm planning on making a complete switch to PostBox soon. Dave M. - USA

I hate Windows Live Mail so migrated to Thunderbird. Not a great improvement, expecially after the last update which broke more than it fixed. I started searching for some simple and better. I found Postbox and after testing it for several hours I was sold. It is more than worth the $9.95 I paid for it. Thank you for a fantastic product.

Don Mattingly - USA

As an avid Gmail user, no other mail client comes close to leveraging the power of Gmail use with the system integration I've come to love in the Mac OS. Everything is quick, fluid, and simple. Well done.

Sky Winston - USA

Search and Organization of Messages.

Postbox is very good at these and I use them a lot.

I like the flexibility in how the display of information can be easily reconfigured With multiple accounts, message filters, and calendar integration, Posbox is on my Windows PC and my MAC Laptop. Gordon Leonard - USA

I've been using Postbox since the early betas, I love Postbox it's the first application I install on a new system and wouldn't be without it. The development team is on top of this project, every few months theres an update loaded with fixes and new goodies! Checkout the website ( for a full list of all the great features. Postbox team, keep up the great work and keep innovating to keep us light years ahead of other email clients.

Wayne02 - Portland, Maine

Best alternative to Mail, even better than Mail I think. Looks great, works great and restores great. What more can you ask for.

Harrij Mensinga - Netherlands

Postbox seems the email client I looked for since several years to substitute Eudora 7.1. Postbox is easy to handle. It supports English spell checking at an active German GUI. It also handles Cyrillic letters correctly what is not possible with Eudora.

Wilfried_Ennovych - Germany

If you are a mac user then postbox is awesome. For windows users, the look is not as promised. It could have been better if the mac interface (especially the buttons) could have been replicated in windows. If you are windows user, don't upgrade thunderbird as it will not support the addons. Stay in version 13 and use the theme TT DeepDark. And if you were attracted by the looks promsed in the website, please give them some time to bring it to the windows app. Thank you.

Tapas - India

Postbox is a great email client. I've stopped using Thunderbird and Sparrow on Windows and MAC and now use Postbox. There's a lot of fun to work with this program. Highly recommended.

Matt - US

I'm a heavy e-mail user keeping all the mail since the day one. I keep almost 10GB of e-mail across thousands of labels/folders. Recently I've been looking for a high performance e-mail client to replace slow Thunderbird and clogged Outlook. I've moved to Postbox to discover that Postbox on Windows just flies. Amazingly this tool handles gigabytes of e-mail efficiently regardless of the platform. Happily using on low spec Windows XP machines as well as newer Windows 7 machines.

Maciej Zagozda - Poland

Thunderbird was always lacking in user experience. Postbox guys have made great improvements to the interface, from small things like redesigning the folder list view or improving icons, to great new features like Evernote and Dropbox integration, functional conversation view, and the ever so much used inline reply form.

Now they only have to introduce a low price for migrants, and Thunderbird users are all theirs. Leonid Shevtsov - Ukraine

Piece of cake to switch to Postbox. All my account are gmail/google apps. Being IMAP accounts I only needed to transfer account settings and passwords. (not copy messages). I have over 20 email accounts for different domains.

All I did was use MozBackup to backup settings from Thunderbird then use it to restore those settings to Postbox. Everything was right there in MozBackup - it even knew I had already installed Postbox. It couldn't have been easier.

And the pricedrop from $30 to $10 was icing on the cake. ExpressItBest - USA

Email is essential for my daily work and I consider myself to be a experienced and advanced user of email clients. I moved from Thunderbird (TB) to Postbox (PB) a couple for years ago. Also I used the recent portable versions of TB intermittently over the last few years when working on computers where I don't have a PB license for.

In short, I found that, for me, there is nothing missing from PB that is available in TB, that is essential for efficient email management, but PBs implementations are much more streamlined and especially its search features are second to none. In particular the 3.x versions of PB became very good in regards to streamlining repetitive email tasks and PB is now very stable as well.

(Using PB on Windows 7 (64 and 32 bit) with Gmail IMAP accounts - I have no association with PBs developers except as a PB user). Andre C - Australia

I was having trouble with Thunderbird being slow and unresponsive, particularly when minimized. It would take up to 30 seconds or more for Thunderbird to maximize and be able to use. I found Postbox to be a lot more responsive and also a more appealing layout and design made it my go-to mail program on the Mac.

Chris B. - USA

switched from XP to W7... The only option for email was Windows Live Mail.... what a disaster... Tried Thunderbird, because I was already using Firefox to my great pleasure... I never got past the stage of importing my large email "collection"... So I started to look for something else... I tried a lot... but in the end Postbox appeared to be the final solution. Imported emails using the very useful instructions... I am using it now for a couple of weeks and it is excellent!!!

Lody J. Claessen - Netherlands

It's 100% transparent. I was even able to share my mail folders with Thunderbird and Postbox. There was no conversion of any kind needed. And Postbox does things Thunderbird will never do - like let me organize my mail folders into categories - you have to see it to believe it. It's a whole new way of thinking about mail management.

David K - United States

I used to use Thunderbird but there were some features that it did not have #1 I prefer to view the email to the side instead of the bottom! Also it pops open immediately upon clicking the icon. I love Postbox and will not go with anything else!!

happy camper - USA

I used to be a big fan of Thunderbird, but as days passed, I figured out there are many bugs in it, like old mails show on see in new mails, late refresh and all. But Postbox is just fab. I'm loving in it. It has removed all those bugs in Thunderbird. I also recommend it to everyone, just want it to be working in the background.

Praveen - India

After losing my emails for the third time I knew it was time to switch. I found Postbox and immediately fell in love...

Tomagig - USA

I found Postbox to easy to set up and use. I read that Mozilla was going to end their support for for Thunderbird, service but it would continue. In Postbox I receive email from three different addresses, which is something that is not always the case with other email services. Postbox is a simple to open and use service.

Northville Mike - USA

With TB development apparently slowing down, Postbox is a good alternative. It uses much of the same code base, and has a very similar user experience in many ways. One hopes that they will continue to innovate more actively, even if Mozilla stops innovating on TB. But if we don't support Postbox, that won't happen.

I switched to Postbox for the Omnifocus integration on the Mac. But Postbox integrates better than TB with the the Mac in other ways too. If you don't like but would still like a stand alone mail client, this is well worth the cost. It also integrates very well with gmail and its labels.

I do wish that more TB plug-ins were supported in Postbox. But many of the important ones, like quicktext pro, are supported. Kingsinger - USA

I even paid money to use this software!

Hai - Germany

I needed a replacement e-mail program for Apple Mail, as it is so limited in it's abilities. Over a period of time I tried 3 different versions of Thunderbird, each one a new version, the latest being v13. As with the prior versions, this v13 was worse than ever. It would take a ridiculous amount of time getting my e-mail, and would even lock up multiple times a day.... After my failed experiments with Thunderbird, I happened across Postbox, and have been very happy with it from the start. It is fast, never locks up, and is pretty much a hassle-free replacement for Mail. There is also a Windows version which makes it an all-around winner in my book!

Tim J. - United States

One of the things that kept me from migrating to Windows 7 for so long was the fact that Outlook Express would no longer be available. Old habits die hard and after almost 20 years using OE with no problems I wasn't willing to give it up for Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird, neither of which I liked after trying and I never liked Outlook. I like a simple, clean interface. The old XP machine finally need to be retired in favor of a Win 7 machine (I'll give Win 8 a year to settle down before going there) and I needed to either run OE in a virtual machine, which is not an elegant solution, or find an OE substitute that I could live with. After researching the options I decided to try Postbox.

After arranging things to my liking I've found Postbox to be as close to an OE clone as I could hope for with the added benefit of additional useful features. What I especially like is that it is highly customizable to give me the look and feel that best works for me.

I should note that I first tried the Postbox Express version and was a bit turned off by it's limitations. I then tried 3.0.7 under the 30 day trial and it's terrific. In less than a week I bought the license and it's the best ten bucks I've ever spent! Late one night I had a question about a setting that I couldn't find an answer for. I sent an email to Postbox support before going to bed and the answer I was looking for was waiting for me in the morning. Excellent support! Bruce R - USA

What I liked about Postbox vs Thunderbird:

  • simplicity
  • faster loading
  • faster search
  • toggled communication
Gjergji Kokushta - Albania

Best ever mail client! Much easy and fast! User friendly.

EvgeniX - USA

I was a thunderbird user for over 5 years. Over the time got access to two gmail accounts giving me a total of three gmail accounts and thunderbird wasn't able to differentiate them as I needed. Other e-mail clients didn't provide access to google calendars, which I use a lot, therefore the addition of lightning to postbox was a real selling point.

Matthew - USA

My company has just moved off of Exchange to Gmail. Plus, Google just announced that they are deprecating support for ActiveSync and Google Calendar Sync. Finally, with no CardDAV/CalDAV support and a hapless IMAP implementation, Outlook wasn't going to cut it for me any more. Tried Thunderbird, but honestly, Postbox gives you the primary features of Thunderbird -- without TB's clutter, but with many more organizational tools, 2-line message views, social hooks, and first-class support for Gmail. Couple that with Lightning, and you've got a first-class email client! (Now we just need to get the dev for Google Contacts to make his add-on available to Postbox, and you've got a complete Outlook-replacement for Google!)

Andy - USA

Never got Thunderbird to import my addresses and messages properly. Have used Live Email for a while... but that is a badly designed program. I am using Postbox now for some time and it really is a treat...!! Very smooth.... never a problem.... and very, very fast...

LJC - Netherlands