Quickly Separate Solicitations from Legitimate Emails

Pb6 Tracking@2X

We're witnessing a dramatic rise in email tracking services, which can inform the sender that you've opened their email. So we've implemented and "Anti-Tracking" feature that will notify you when tracking tools are used within a message. This will prevent pesky salespeople from knowing if, and when, you open a message.

Once you start using Anti-Tracking, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be able to separate solicitations from legitimate emails.

How Anti-Tracking Works

Postbox will display a purple notification bar when it detects that a tracking image is being used within a message. By default, Postbox blocks the loading of the tracking image, but you can override this by clicking on the Load Images button to whitelist the sender or sender's domain.

Add a Domain to Postbox Anti-Tracking

If a tracking image domain isn't being flagged, you can submit a request for it to be added to Postbox.

1) Select the individual message, and then select "Edit" from the Message menu, then click on the code button in the message header: </>

2) In the source, search for:


Look for URLs to images from sources such as:

  • Sidekick
  • Yesware
  • ToutApp
  • MailTrack
  • RocketBolt
  • ...or any other service that you believe is using tracking technology.

To notify Postbox, Inc. of a domain that should be included in the Postbox product, please post the image source URL below, e.g. ""