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September 20th, 2016

Postbox 5 is Now Available!

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We're thrilled to announce our newest release, Postbox 5, now available for Windows and macOS (including macOS Sierra 10.12). This is our best release yet, filled with powerful features that will help you manage mountains of messages in no time.

Here's what's new in Postbox 5:

A Fresh New Look

We've updated Postbox with new styling and High-DPI support on Windows.


Placeholder Data in Responses and Templates

Now you can add dynamic data to your responses and templates. Placeholders automatically populate with message data, or your own data through the custom fields you create.

Simply TAB to a Placeholder, enter a value, and send -- that's it! Saving time and effort on repetitive emails couldn't be easier!


70 Email Templates to Drive Your Business

Placeholders are so powerful that we're including 70 professionally written email templates that you can customize and use -- and they all have Placeholders built right in.


Anti-Tracking Alerts

To provide you with more privacy, Postbox 5 has a new "Anti-Tracking" feature that will alert you when tracking tools are used within a message. Use Anti-Tracking to prevent pesky salespeople from knowing if, and when, you open a message.


Quick Post

Automate your world! Use Quick Post to more easily forward email content to hundreds of applications and services, like Zapier, IFTTT, Evernote and many more!


25 Email Signatures to Brand Yourself

As an added bonus, Postbox now includes 25 professionally designed email signatures that will present you in the best light possible. We've included designs of all shapes, colors and sizes.

Each signature is fully customizable, and contains all the code examples you need to make a big impression.


There's More...

Global filters, image resizing, Emojis, new international character input mechanism... You'll be blown away by what Postbox 5 can do.

Learn more about what's new on our Features page or download Postbox 5 today!

How to Purchase

Postbox is now on sale at our online Store. If you are a previous Postbox customer, full details on how to upgrade can be found on our Upgrade page.

Happy Emailing!