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September 5th, 2019

Postbox 7 is Now Available!

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of Postbox 7. The world's most powerful, fully-featured, and beautiful email app.


What's New


Postbox now ships with 20 beautiful themes spread across light and dark modes.


The "Default" option will automatically switch between the original "Light" and "Dark" themes based upon the OS preference or dark mode state.


Clips let you quickly insert pre-formatted blocks of HTML into your messages. It works similarly to Responses and Signatures, but for formatting components that will add more style to your messages.

Like Signatures and Responses, we've included a comprehensive Library of Clips that you can use in your messages, including:

  • checked bullets
  • numbered bullets
  • buttons
  • callouts
  • description list
  • horizontal rules
  • image blocks
  • quotes
  • social follow blocks
  • text blocks
  • tables

Here's a sampling of the clips that are included in Postbox 7:


Clips have two important capabilities:

  1. Clips can insert CSS into the <head> region of a message
  2. A default Clip can be used per identity when new messages are composed

This means that you can now create sophisticated newsletters, brand templates, or stationary and use them as needed or by default per identity. Theoretically, any email template that you can create or find on the web can now be used in Postbox.


Similar to add-ons, our Labs feature will allow for experimental 3rd-party code to be used within Postbox.

The first Labs project will be OpenPGP support provided by a specially designed version of Enigmail for Postbox and can be enabled under the Tools menu (remember to add the appropriate buttons to the Compose window toolbar).

Unlike add-ons which can be arbitrarily installed, only a select number of Labs projects will be available for Postbox. Given that Labs projects contain 3rd-party experimental code, they are not officially supported by Postbox, Inc.

If there's a 3rd-party solution you would like to see in Postbox, contact the 3rd-party developer directly.

New Swipe Gestures on macOS

We've created a new swipe mechanism on macOS that will provide better feedback for four commonly used actions:

  • 1/2 swipe left = Archive
  • full swipe left = Reminder
  • 1/2 swipe right = Junk
  • full swipe right = Delete


The swipe actions work on a "swipe-n-hold" basis. Swipe until the desired action is displayed, hold, then let go once the swipe action "activates." This usage pattern was designed to prevent accidental swipes from performing an action.

Most importantly, swipe actions can be performed on multiple messages at once!

Currently, this feature is available on macOS only.

There's more!

For a full list of all improvements, changes, and bug fixes, please see our Release Notes.

How to Purchase

Postbox is available for annual subscription at the Postbox Store, and volume discounts start at just two or more copies.

If you purchased Postbox between March 1st, 2016 and September 3rd, 2019, or if you purchased the Lifetime Upgrade option before July 31st, 2010, then you already have a Postbox Lifetime License and no additional purchase is necessary. Download and install the current version of Postbox, and you're good to go.

If you do not have a Lifetime License, then a new purchase is required to use the newest version of Postbox.

How to Tell if You Already Have a Lifetime License

There are two ways to check if you have a Lifetime License:

1) Within Postbox 5 or Postbox 6, go to the Help menu and select "License..." If you see the following panel with the string "This copy of Postbox is licensed to...", then you have a Lifetime License:


2) Visit our License Retrieval page and we'll send you the details from your purchase. If the email received states "Lifetime," then you have a Lifetime License.


Please contact us at the Store and we'll be happy to help!

Thank you!

Thanks to all of our terrific BETA testers for assisting us with this release, we couldn't have done it without you!