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October 25th, 2016

Quick Post and Contacts Sidebar Updates

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Postbox 5.0.5 Updates

Postbox 5.0.5 is now available, and this update contains improvements to Quick Post and the Contacts Sidebar.

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Quick Post

Quick Post is the sleeper hit of Postbox 5. It enables you to easily connect your email content to hundreds of different services on the web, such as Slack, Todoist, Evernote, Zapier, or any web service that can accept an email.

Quick Post Services

In Postbox 5.0.5, you can explicitly set how messages are sent for each Quick Post action.

Postbox Quick Post

  • Send as Attachment – The default setting, and usually the best method since you're forwarding the original email.
  • Send – Should be used when the service doesn't know how to process .eml files as attachments, like Slack.
  • Send via Compose Window – This option will bring up the Compose Window, which you can then edit or annotate before sending. This works best when Send as Attachment isn't supported and/or when the message contains an embedded image.

Play around with each option to determine which send method works best for the services you use.

To learn more about Quick Post and its many benefits, please visit our Help Center.Contacts Sidebar

In Postbox 5.0.5, we've added the ability to display Address Book Contacts in the Compose Sidebar, which provides a powerful way to search for and use large numbers of contacts at once.


To set this preference, navigate to Preferences (mac) or Options (pc) / Composition / Addressing.

Searches operate on the display name and email address. Power users can perform command/control-select or shift-select actions, then bulk add contacts to addressing fields using the contextual menu.

Learn More

To see all the changes in Postbox 5.0.5, please visit our Release Notes page.

To learn more about Postbox and its operation, browse through Postbox's Menus and Preferences Panels, and review the many resources found on our Help Center.

Happy Emailing!