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Have been using Postbox for about 18 months now, and I am very pleased with it. Having come from Thunderbird, I felt right at home, and with the added bonus of the satisfaction of knowing that I have contributed to a small software company's ability to compete in a market that has its share of 800 pound gorillas.
As an aside, the recent version 3.0.9 had introduced on my Windows 7 x64 system a small, quirky bug that didn't affect the proper functioning of the program, but did generate an odd user interface issue. The folks at Postbox tracked that down from the back-and-forth e-mail communications we had, and a couple of weeks later the new 3.0.10 version has it all sorted out. Excellent service and communication!

Recommended without hesitation...

Lee Weissert - USA

I joined PostBox a couple of weeks ago now.

I started with the trial, and thought I'd give it some time before making a testimonial, although I was impressed from the start. Not only has this been great and simple to use, but when I touched base with the customer support, they were fast and remarkably helpful (I loaded my information wrong - nothing to do with them!).

I've now been using this for all my mail and it's fantastic. The app has been able to do everything I need, and when I can't find something, I know the support crew are there at the ready to help out.

Thanks PostBox!

Skot - New Zealand

I just have joined the Postbox community two days ago!

After cumbersome headache with Outlook 2011 for Mac and the unfortunate end of Thunderbird support last year, it is great to know that there is a true and even better alternative to the proprietary Microsoft world.

There are still some options one would like to see implemented, but I am sure that the development pace you have been showing will include these in the future.

Keep up the good work guys and be sure that I have become a true evangelist for your solution.

Hisham L. - Germany

I've been using Postbox for about three years now, since the 2.0 days. It's improved a lot since then, and I can't say enough good about it. The abilities to keep my Inbox and Action folders open in adjacent tabs, to mark messages as to-dos, to send messages directly to Evernote, to file messages and switch folders via incredibly fast keyboard shortcuts, and to add other features via third-party add-ons make Postbox a great e-mail app. I've looked into a number of different e-mail clients over the years, but nothing has the combination of speed, search, and power that Postbox does. Oh, and the ability to search through previously attached files in the compose window is pure genius and saves me a ton of time, as does the Inspector Pane. (See, I really can't say enough good about this app!) My biggest wish for Postbox is that they had an iOS app.

Keep up the good work, folks, and thanks for making it easy for us to manage our e-mail!

G. Godwin - USA

You really did great job ! Last week I downloaded trial version of the program. After that I have really impressed by it. And than I purchased. Now, it is my best e-mail program in my life. Please keep up your great job ! Have a nice day...

Burhan TANIS - Turkey

One of the best MAC IMAP client ever seen in my life!

Krzysztof Czuszek - Poland

Congratulations to all on FINALLY coming up with a stable and useful version of Thunderbird that those of us that rely on this type of email program can sink our teeth into.

I have tried all the other pretenders as far as IMAP email and really, the other attempts out there by other companies are quite sad. You have taken a solid product that has sadly languished lately and polished it up in a thoughtful and useful way for those of us that are used to certain needs out of an email client for our work.

Congratulations, I am glad I purchased this for such a reasonable cost and count me as a user for quite a long time.

I am excited to see what is next for your company and this product!

Paul P. - USA

Complete, stable and best on the market email system. Thanks guys!

Milan K. - Serbia

Gmail for mac done right. I love the complete customisability of Postbox. If you are a power user you can take it to full advantage and set up gmail to work like you've always wanted it to.

Pascal - Australia

We use Postbox on our workstations at http://www.onlinecapital.co.uk and it's transformed our productivity hugely... for the better (naturally!).

Our mail servers are MailEnable based and we were working with a standard Thunderbird client, but Postbox is streets ahead both in looks and features. It allows our staff to handle multiple email accounts with absolute ease and organises them in a clear way which was lacking in Thunderbird (even with add-ons which were supposed to do the job). In our opinion it is also ahead of Outlook - it's lighter, looks better and handles things the way they should be done. No negatives here.

Great work from the Postbox team, keep up the great work!

Peter Leigh - UK

Before Postbox, my idea of E-mail was the same as Michael R. Elkins, creator of Mutt, when he wrote, "All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less." Thank you, Postbox, Inc! You have taken the "suck" out of E-mail.

Christopher Cover - USA

Hey world,

Our little company works with many (12) IMAP-Accounts and we was suffering under the unbelivable slow Microsoft Outlook 2010... But then a friend recommend us alternative Software, like this Postbox.

It was like the invention of fire which leeds us from the dark-age of MS Office to the new way of (much) faster and comfortable work with Postbox. After a short test-time from one week we are all happy with it and the company choose to make Postbox to our new Mail-Software.

The price for the program is absolute fair and more than adequate, we even safe a lot of money when we compare it with the MS-Outlook.

So go on Postbox-Team, we love it!

T. Sabel - Germany

Postbox is the best all-around email application for making it easy for you to connect to and organize all of your email accounts. I appreciate that it continues to handle POP when applications like Windows 8 mail no longer does. For that matter I am not even sure if Outlook 2013 will.

I love the Focus Pane, it can be a life saver at times because (for work) I receive a TON of email on a daily basis. Often I simply want to focus on one or two people in a project and the focus pane makes it easy and instantaneous to switch from view to view.

Keep up the good work!

M. Jessop - USA

By far the best and most effective email application and all of this at a crazy low price! Nicely done Postbox…Niely done!

Patrick LeClair - Canada

PostBox is lean and super-stable. Puts the things where I always wanted they would be.

In portuguese: PostBox é enxuto e super-estável. Põe as coisas onde eu sempre quis que elas estivessem.

Geraldo Costa Junior - Brasil

I'm a new user but I love Postbox Mac already, and am excited to explore it's features more. I love the layout of the window and the GUI very much. Really a breath of fresh air in Mac email apps, I can't say exactly why, but it's totally how I feel about Postbox.

Other apps I have used in the past:

  • Apple Mail (ugh),
  • Mailplane (nice until recently when GUI was 'transformed' now it's more confusing not for me any more).
  • Sparrow - really liked a lot, looked forward to further development, new features. Would have stayed with but now it's nullware, the developers having left Sparrow behind and joined the gorging Google...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Tom G - United States

    Postbox is amazing.

    I've searched for years for a desktop client that handles multiple accounts, both Gmail and non-Gmail. None of them had everything I needed.

    Postbox does.

    And it's elegant. It's efficient and streamlined. It's powerful, but doesn't overwhelm me with too many features. Yet power-user features abound, and they're not hard to find when you do need or want them.

    I'm finally as productive with my email as I always knew I could be with the right email client.

    Postbox is amazing.

    Gregg S. - US

    Postbox's search alone is enough to pay for. It's far superior to the MacMail app. Being able to do complicated searches within my various mailboxes is super-awesome, and it's fast, which I really appreciate.

    I also love to ability to create favorite topics including to-do, pending tasks and for my various projects and clients. Suddenly I have control of my email!

    Jfouts - US

    Currently, Postbox seems to be the best email client for Windows. I had to change a few settings to improve the toolbar appearance and unbold read messages. Still testing, but so far, so good. Fast, good-looking, customizable, proven TB platform, fast IMAP, and two-line message list pane.

    Drew Wesley - United States

    If you're tired of Thunderbird's endless sluggishness and outdated user interface, you definitely need to make a move to Postbox. Much cleaner UI, so much easier to use, makes integration with other services a breeze, and has made email enjoyable again.

    Hassan Khan - United Kingdom

    New PostBox owner here, upgraded from Thunderbird. After a day or so, feeling way more productive and like I'm getting ahead of the mail curve. Conversations are handled very intelligently.... this is huge and solves my biggest TB annoyance. Interface overall is truly helpful. Responses, signatures, quick reply, compose sidebar all well thought out. Focus and Inspector panes are very nice innovations.

    Michael W. - USA

    I'm a user-interface designer and love this app for my windows environment. I was always annoyed by the bunch of unnecessary features of the other mail clients out there. Its simple to use but can do everything I need from a mail clinet.

    I'm not buying a lot of software but postbox is definately worh it. Thanks

    Dennis - Germany

    I moved from gmail for apps to Postbox on a mac to save having multiple tabs open for each email account. Postbox is much better than mail both visually and functionally. Some nice add-on like a 'send email to Evernote' shows its keeping up with other great software. Have stopped researching other email solutions for the mac now. Happily paid for Postbox.

    Jim - Australia

    After leaving Outlook for real Gmail integration, I tried Thunderbird first. I then tried EmailTray, eM Client and Zimbra before trying Postbox.

    I'm buying two licenses of Postbox.

    Overall, Postbox is a very clean, very usuable interface. Feature list is the best including Gmail and Social Network integration! And seriously, the price is practically free, but I'd pay more as this is the best email app out there!

    Rick Boyer - USA

    I was a long time user of Thunderbird and loved it but with recent releases it became prohibitively slow. There were considerable delays in the refresh speed when going from one message to another, especially with messages having graphics. But with PostBox there is little to no delay to view the very same messages... it displays messages and also boots up much faster, at least twice as fast in my experience.

    Postbox's search functionality is quite a bit better too as it is both easier to use and also faster. Getting it set up was so fast and easy as well.

    The main thing I would like to see is more Thunderbird extensions ported over so they work in PostBox too. The current library of extensions is rather limited, though they do have the indespensible Lightning calendar extension, and that's a good thing. It works terrific too!

    Good work PostBox. I'm planning on making a complete switch to PostBox soon.

    Dave M. - USA

    I hate Windows Live Mail so migrated to Thunderbird. Not a great improvement, expecially after the last update which broke more than it fixed. I started searching for some simple and better. I found Postbox and after testing it for several hours I was sold. It is more than worth the $9.95 I paid for it. Thank you for a fantastic product.

    Don Mattingly - USA

    As an avid Gmail user, no other mail client comes close to leveraging the power of Gmail use with the system integration I've come to love in the Mac OS. Everything is quick, fluid, and simple. Well done.

    Sky Winston - USA

    Search and Organization of Messages.

    Postbox is very good at these and I use them a lot.

    I like the flexibility in how the display of information can be easily reconfigured

    With multiple accounts, message filters, and calendar integration, Posbox is on my Windows PC and my MAC Laptop.

    Gordon Leonard - USA

    I've been using Postbox since the early betas, I love Postbox it's the first application I install on a new system and wouldn't be without it. The development team is on top of this project, every few months theres an update loaded with fixes and new goodies! Checkout the website (www.postbox.com) for a full list of all the great features. Postbox team, keep up the great work and keep innovating to keep us light years ahead of other email clients.

    Wayne02 - Portland, Maine

    Best alternative to Mail, even better than Mail I think. Looks great, works great and restores great. What more can you ask for.

    Harrij Mensinga - Netherlands

    Postbox seems the email client I looked for since several years to substitute Eudora 7.1. Postbox is easy to handle. It supports English spell checking at an active German GUI. It also handles Cyrillic letters correctly what is not possible with Eudora.

    Wilfried_Ennovych - Germany

    If you are a mac user then postbox is awesome. For windows users, the look is not as promised. It could have been better if the mac interface (especially the buttons) could have been replicated in windows. If you are windows user, don't upgrade thunderbird as it will not support the addons. Stay in version 13 and use the theme TT DeepDark. And if you were attracted by the looks promsed in the website, please give them some time to bring it to the windows app. Thank you.

    Tapas - India

    Postbox is a great email client. I've stopped using Thunderbird and Sparrow on Windows and MAC and now use Postbox. There's a lot of fun to work with this program. Highly recommended.

    Matt - US

    I'm a heavy e-mail user keeping all the mail since the day one. I keep almost 10GB of e-mail across thousands of labels/folders. Recently I've been looking for a high performance e-mail client to replace slow Thunderbird and clogged Outlook. I've moved to Postbox to discover that Postbox on Windows just flies. Amazingly this tool handles gigabytes of e-mail efficiently regardless of the platform. Happily using on low spec Windows XP machines as well as newer Windows 7 machines.

    Maciej Zagozda - Poland

    Thunderbird was always lacking in user experience. Postbox guys have made great improvements to the interface, from small things like redesigning the folder list view or improving icons, to great new features like Evernote and Dropbox integration, functional conversation view, and the ever so much used inline reply form.

    Now they only have to introduce a low price for migrants, and Thunderbird users are all theirs.

    Leonid Shevtsov - Ukraine

    Piece of cake to switch to Postbox. All my account are gmail/google apps. Being IMAP accounts I only needed to transfer account settings and passwords. (not copy messages). I have over 20 email accounts for different domains.

    All I did was use MozBackup to backup settings from Thunderbird then use it to restore those settings to Postbox. Everything was right there in MozBackup - it even knew I had already installed Postbox. It couldn't have been easier.

    And the pricedrop from $30 to $10 was icing on the cake.

    ExpressItBest - USA

    Email is essential for my daily work and I consider myself to be a experienced and advanced user of email clients. I moved from Thunderbird (TB) to Postbox (PB) a couple for years ago. Also I used the recent portable versions of TB intermittently over the last few years when working on computers where I don't have a PB license for.

    In short, I found that, for me, there is nothing missing from PB that is available in TB, that is essential for efficient email management, but PBs implementations are much more streamlined and especially its search features are second to none. In particular the 3.x versions of PB became very good in regards to streamlining repetitive email tasks and PB is now very stable as well.

    (Using PB on Windows 7 (64 and 32 bit) with Gmail IMAP accounts - I have no association with PBs developers except as a PB user).

    Andre C - Australia

    I was having trouble with Thunderbird being slow and unresponsive, particularly when minimized. It would take up to 30 seconds or more for Thunderbird to maximize and be able to use. I found Postbox to be a lot more responsive and also a more appealing layout and design made it my go-to mail program on the Mac.

    Chris B. - USA

    switched from XP to W7... The only option for email was Windows Live Mail.... what a disaster... Tried Thunderbird, because I was already using Firefox to my great pleasure... I never got past the stage of importing my large email "collection"... So I started to look for something else... I tried a lot... but in the end Postbox appeared to be the final solution. Imported emails using the very useful instructions... I am using it now for a couple of weeks and it is excellent!!!

    Lody J. Claessen - Netherlands

    It's 100% transparent. I was even able to share my mail folders with Thunderbird and Postbox. There was no conversion of any kind needed. And Postbox does things Thunderbird will never do - like let me organize my mail folders into categories - you have to see it to believe it. It's a whole new way of thinking about mail management.

    David K - United States

    I used to use Thunderbird but there were some features that it did not have #1 I prefer to view the email to the side instead of the bottom! Also it pops open immediately upon clicking the icon. I love Postbox and will not go with anything else!!

    happy camper - USA

    I used to be a big fan of Thunderbird, but as days passed, I figured out there are many bugs in it, like old mails show on see in new mails, late refresh and all. But Postbox is just fab. I'm loving in it. It has removed all those bugs in Thunderbird. I also recommend it to everyone, just want it to be working in the background.

    Praveen - India

    After losing my emails for the third time I knew it was time to switch. I found Postbox and immediately fell in love...

    Tomagig - USA

    I found Postbox to easy to set up and use. I read that Mozilla was going to end their support for for Thunderbird, service but it would continue. In Postbox I receive email from three different addresses, which is something that is not always the case with other email services. Postbox is a simple to open and use service.

    Northville Mike - USA

    With TB development apparently slowing down, Postbox is a good alternative. It uses much of the same code base, and has a very similar user experience in many ways. One hopes that they will continue to innovate more actively, even if Mozilla stops innovating on TB. But if we don't support Postbox, that won't happen.

    I switched to Postbox for the Omnifocus integration on the Mac. But Postbox integrates better than TB with the the Mac in other ways too. If you don't like mail.app but would still like a stand alone mail client, this is well worth the cost. It also integrates very well with gmail and its labels.

    I do wish that more TB plug-ins were supported in Postbox. But many of the important ones, like quicktext pro, are supported.

    Kingsinger - USA

    I even paid money to use this software!

    Hai - Germany

    I needed a replacement e-mail program for Apple Mail, as it is so limited in it's abilities. Over a period of time I tried 3 different versions of Thunderbird, each one a new version, the latest being v13. As with the prior versions, this v13 was worse than ever. It would take a ridiculous amount of time getting my e-mail, and would even lock up multiple times a day.... After my failed experiments with Thunderbird, I happened across Postbox, and have been very happy with it from the start. It is fast, never locks up, and is pretty much a hassle-free replacement for Mail. There is also a Windows version which makes it an all-around winner in my book!

    Tim J. - United States

    One of the things that kept me from migrating to Windows 7 for so long was the fact that Outlook Express would no longer be available. Old habits die hard and after almost 20 years using OE with no problems I wasn't willing to give it up for Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird, neither of which I liked after trying and I never liked Outlook. I like a simple, clean interface. The old XP machine finally need to be retired in favor of a Win 7 machine (I'll give Win 8 a year to settle down before going there) and I needed to either run OE in a virtual machine, which is not an elegant solution, or find an OE substitute that I could live with. After researching the options I decided to try Postbox.

    After arranging things to my liking I've found Postbox to be as close to an OE clone as I could hope for with the added benefit of additional useful features. What I especially like is that it is highly customizable to give me the look and feel that best works for me.

    I should note that I first tried the Postbox Express version and was a bit turned off by it's limitations. I then tried 3.0.7 under the 30 day trial and it's terrific. In less than a week I bought the license and it's the best ten bucks I've ever spent! Late one night I had a question about a setting that I couldn't find an answer for. I sent an email to Postbox support before going to bed and the answer I was looking for was waiting for me in the morning. Excellent support!

    Bruce R - USA

    What I liked about Postbox vs Thunderbird:

    • simplicity
    • faster loading
    • faster search
    • toggled communication
    Gjergji Kokushta - Albania

    Best ever mail client! Much easy and fast! User friendly.

    EvgeniX - USA

    I was a thunderbird user for over 5 years. Over the time got access to two gmail accounts giving me a total of three gmail accounts and thunderbird wasn't able to differentiate them as I needed. Other e-mail clients didn't provide access to google calendars, which I use a lot, therefore the addition of lightning to postbox was a real selling point.

    Matthew - USA

    My company has just moved off of Exchange to Gmail. Plus, Google just announced that they are deprecating support for ActiveSync and Google Calendar Sync. Finally, with no CardDAV/CalDAV support and a hapless IMAP implementation, Outlook wasn't going to cut it for me any more. Tried Thunderbird, but honestly, Postbox gives you the primary features of Thunderbird -- without TB's clutter, but with many more organizational tools, 2-line message views, social hooks, and first-class support for Gmail. Couple that with Lightning, and you've got a first-class email client! (Now we just need to get the dev for Google Contacts to make his add-on available to Postbox, and you've got a complete Outlook-replacement for Google!)

    Andy - USA

    Never got Thunderbird to import my addresses and messages properly. Have used Live Email for a while... but that is a badly designed program. I am using Postbox now for some time and it really is a treat...!! Very smooth.... never a problem.... and very, very fast...

    LJC - Netherlands


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