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May 19th, 2020

New Feature – Periodic Filters

Posted in: News, Tips, Product

We've just added a new feature to Postbox 7.0.16 called Periodic Filters. Whereas standard filters will run automatically on new messages as they arrive, Periodic Filters will run filters on ALL messages in the Inbox, every 10 minutes.

This option allows you to create "clean-up filters" that can run automatically on the Inbox to process older messages. For example:

  1. check for messages that are older than 7 days, then archive them
  2. check for messages that contain a Topic, then move them to a folder
  3. check for messages where status is replied, then set the status to Pending

Postbox 7.0.16 is now available on our Downloads page, and via auto-update for Postbox 7 users.

Have a killer use-case for Periodic Filters? Tweet us at @Postbox and let us know about it! We'll collect the best ones and will share them with other Postbox users.