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September 25th, 2023

Mastering the Art of Follow-ups in Postbox

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Postbox Reminders

At Postbox, we understand the importance of timely communication and the challenges of keeping track of follow-ups amidst a bustling inbox. That's why we've developed powerful tools to help you become a follow-up virtuoso. Let's explore how Postbox can supercharge your email follow-ups and reminders, ensuring you never miss a beat.


Have an important email that requires a follow-up action? Postbox's Reminder feature is your perfect wingman! Select a message and type the "s" key to mark it as a Reminder. You can pin Reminders to the top of your message list so they always stay in view by selecting View menu > Pin Reminders. Finally, you can even create a new Reminder without sending yourself an email by selecting the File menu > New > Reminder.

You can view the Reminders in the current folder by clicking the Reminder button in the Toolbar or by selecting View menu > Reminders. You can search in the Reminder view using the search box.

Tip: Try opening your inbox in a new tab, then put that tab in Reminder view for a dedicated Reminder tab!

For more information, see our detailed guide on using Reminders.

Pending Flag

The Pending flag within the read/unread column can be used to mark messages that are pending a response, or in other words, a message that requires a response from someone else before you can act upon it. Pending messages can remain within your inbox to serve as a reminder, and they are colored light gray so that you can more easily ignore them in favor of other messages that require immediate attention. The Pending flag is helpful for reminders you have delegated to others.

The Pending flag is a state that resides within the Status field. Thus, a message can have three possible status states: unread, read, and pending.

To mark a message Pending, click within the message list Status column until the watch face appears. When a new reply arrives, the pending flag is automatically removed, and the message status is switched to "Unread," thus signifying that new information has arrived and that the message is worthy of attention.

Focus Pane

With the Focus Pane, you can view all conversations, attachments, and contacts associated with selected emails in one place. This centralized context makes it a breeze to pick up the thread of a conversation, track related emails, and promptly address any outstanding tasks.

You can select the Reminder or Pending attribute in the Focus Pane and other criteria to drill down to specific messages, such as those related to a particular Topic. Once an attribute has been selected in the Focus Pane, you can perform additional searches using the View buttons in the Toolbar or the Search Bar. To learn more, visit our Focus Pane guide.

Mastering the art of email follow-ups and reminders is no longer a challenge with Postbox's arsenal of productivity features. From the Quick Bar to the Focus Pane, Postbox empowers you to streamline your email management and stay on top of your commitments like never before. Boost your productivity, enhance communication, and enjoy a more organized email experience with Postbox by your side. Try out these powerful tools today and unleash your full email potential.