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New in Version 3:

  • better Gmail integration
  • more Social connections
  • Dropbox support
  • new productivity boosters
  • ...and a lot more!

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Postbox is the best way to manage your email.

be focused
be organized
be awesome

Powerful, intuitive, and faster than a scalded monkey, the Postbox email client will help you stay on task, find information quickly and act, not react.

Conversation views give you the "big picture"

Postbox's conversation views give you the big picture

Postbox's Conversation Views are powerful, actionable, and easy to use.

It works by gathering conversation fragments from multiple folders and presenting them in a unified view.

So the rumors are true, Postbox will actually make you smarter.

Powerful Tagging

Postbox Topic Tagging

Postbox Topics lets you organize your messages by keyword.

When you assign a topic to a message, it is also applied to other messages within the conversation, in addition to all future replies — a huge time saver.

Combine the use of Topics with the Focus Pane to attain a state of organizational bliss.

Awesome Gmail Support*

The world's best desktop Gmail client for Mac and Windows
  • Gmail Label support makes organizing easy
  • Dedicated Important view for high-priority messages
  • Send and Archive your messages in just one step
  • Add detected dates to your Google Calendar
  • Support for Gmail keyboard shortcuts for the power user

* If you don't have Gmail, no worries... because Postbox works great with any POP or IMAP email account,
including Yahoo!, Hotmail, MobileMe/iCloud, AOL, Comcast, Dreamhost, Rackspace, Zimbra and many more.

Quick Reply

Postbox Quick Reply

Quick Reply lets you reply to a message without the need to open a separate compose window, which is perfect for short, snappy responses.

It all happens within a message or conversation, so that you can get right back to what you were doing.

Use Quick Reply with Send and Archive to keep your Inbox tidy.

Send Dropbox links instead of large files

Postbox lets you use Dropbox links instead of files
  • Drag files from your Dropbox folder to send them as links
  • Messages send faster and you'll save hard drive space
  • Files can be updated outside of the email message
  • You can also attach Dropbox files, but why would you?
  • Sign up for a free 2GB Dropbox account today

Send emails with brains and beauty

Postbox Summarized Replies

Summarize in Compose creates a beautifully formatted who-said-what-when digest that cleans up messy email threads.

Format your replies with profile photos, or just text for business use.

Either way, you'll look like a hero on each and every message send.

Track To-Dos within your Inbox

Postbox To-Dos

Our To-Do View lets you work on important tasks without distraction – within your Inbox!

Create new to-dos, annotate existing to-dos, and pin to-dos to the top of your message list so that they don't fall out of sight/out of mind.

Combine the To-Do View with Unified Inboxes/Folders and the Focus Pane to crunch through your workload in record time.

Quickly find Documents and Images

Postbox Image Search

Postbox gives you fast access to documents and images hiding within your email messages.

No more digging through email messages to find what you need!

It's easy to save or send what you've found. Simply select a file or image, and click an action button.

Social connections add a personal touch

Postbox is the most socially connected email client around
  • 1Auto-import profile photos from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gravatar
  • 2Update your status on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • 3Quick and easy links to sender's profile pages

Easy file searching within the Compose Window

Postbox Compose Search

The Compose Sidebar lets you search for documents and images while composing a message.

Open the Sidebar and start typing to begin your search. Then, drop what you've found into your message.

Reusing documents and images has never been easier!

User Buzz

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  • It's hard to get excited about an email client, but @Postbox 3 for Mac is pretty slick.

  • @postbox is killing it. It's like they kept everything right about in Lion and got rid of all the mistakes. And made it handsome!

  • I started to evaluate @Postbox 3.0 the other day and can say pretty confidently that its pretty darn cool. Love the Evernote intgtn.

  • @Postbox Version 3 really is a great improvement. Love the Dropbox integration and it opens fast. Great job and thanks.

  • Ok, upon reviewing all the added features, let me upgrade that moderate endorsement to "a must download" if you use @Postbox already.

  • @Postbox v3 takes all the suck out of the new @Gmail.

  • The @Postbox icon is still one of my favorite app icons ever. Good to see it back in my taskbar! #Postbox3

  • I understand why so many people are choosing Postbox 3 as their default E-mail client. Love it on my Macs!

  • @Postbox Postbox 3 is exactly what I want Sparrow and Mail 5 to have been. Way to go, I'm a convert! #postbox

  • The new Postbox 3 is out, and it is awesome. New design & features, and better gmail integration than Mail

  • I might just be in love with #Postbox. #Gmail never looked so good. #GPG support too!

  • @Postbox You are beautiful! Love the upgrades I see in v.3.

  • Great feature in @postbox 3 beta: press "G" and start typing any gmail label filter your view with relevant messages.

  • I really like the "quick reply" feature. Very cool.

  • I tells you what I love about @postbox. They keep on doing great work. Loving the new canned responses.

  • I have officially made the switch to @Postbox as my default mail client. Nice to make a change from every now and then!

  • @postbox is awesome. I have quite literally watched the time spent answering gobs of emails reduce since I updated.

  • Back on @Postbox from a brief stint on Sparrow. Now my email app is über powerful *and* beautiful.

  • If you're into email, definitely check out Postbox I've switched from Mail to it.

  • Wow. @postbox is the future of email. Clean, clear and fast. Way better tuned into Google Apps than Apple Mail.

  • So far I'm loving #Postbox. It's a like an email client with pro-features, but in a nice way.

  • It's official, after 10 mins of using @Postbox, my life has changed. Thanks @josephjaramillo WAY better than both Sparrow. And Lion. QReply.

  • Really *really* liking Postbox. It just feels right, snappy and loaded with features that won't get in the way. A+. @Postbox

  • I finally made the switch to @Postbox from thunderbird as my email client. Love <3

  • Have I mentioned that @Postbox is a beautiful email client? If you're using a Mac, you need to be using it.

  • Mail was just mail... that is, until I found @postbox.

  • just learned that PostBox had a QuickMove feature! Damn I love this app! @Postbox #top5macapps

  • I'm using @postbox on 3 different computers (2 PC and 1 Mac) - LOVE it!

  • Just started using @Postbox for e-mail, one word AMAZING! Powerful, intuitive and the super sleek design.

  • Alright, @postbox, you win. 2.0 is spectacular. Sold.

  • @Postbox is's older, better looking brother who takes his meds. Beautiful, stable mail on OSX, go try it.

  • I was skeptical (I hate screwing around with my email accounts) but have been v. impressed so far by @postbox features!

  • We use @Postbox everyday at @Posterous. Best email client for handling really large IMAP accounts.

  • @postbox email app is full of win, best alternative email app since gyazmail, moved over to it 24/7.

  • The more I use the e-mail client @Postbox, the more I love it. There's such a craft into every single piece of its design.

  • Finally digging into @postbox and I'm very impressed with the productivity features, and search depth. Worth checking out.

  • Inbox finally clean. Moved on from Apple Mail to Postbox. Better conversation view, better keyboard shortcuts.

  • #postbox 2 is helping me organize my emails. i feel like somebody's taking a hi-power leafblower to the cobwebs in my head. i feel powerful.

  • Postbox 2.0 Quick Reply and Quick Move are already saving me time. Thank you, great update!

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