About Postbox

Postbox is unlike any other email application available. Learn more about what makes Postbox unique.

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Have You Installed Postbox?

To learn how Postbox makes e-mail better, you'll need to install it first. Need instructions? You’ll find them here.


1. Your First Account

Setting up your first e-mail account in Postbox.

2. The Main Window

Getting to know the Postbox workspace.

3. Dealing with Emails

Processing incoming e-mails in Postbox.

4. Writing & Sending

Composing new e-mails in Postbox.

5. Indexing

Unleashing Postbox’s database super-powers.

6. Multiple Accounts

Managing multiple accounts in Postbox.

7. The Focus Pane

Staying focused on what’s important.

8. Searching

Finding e-mails lightning fast, wherever they are.

Moving Forward

In order to keep this Getting Started guide easy to get through, we've just touched on some of the ways in which Postbox can help you e-mail like a boss. If we showed off everything, it'd take days.

Click below to see some of the things we're sure you'll want to look into as you continue using Postbox.