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May 10th, 2019

Postbox 6.1.16 is Now Available!

Postbox 6.1.16 is now available, here's what's new in this release:

  • We've made Tab navigation across interface elements buttery smooth, try it!
  • Folder display in the Quick Bar has been improved by truncating the front of long folder names or deeply nested folder paths
  • Search strings are now highlighted in the Quick Bar and Addressing fields making them easier to see
  • Added the Reminder toolbar button to stand-alone message windows
  • Removed Smart Folders from the Run Now command in the filters panel
  • Added more services to our Anti-Tracking feature to highlight when tracking tools are used in messages
  • Restyled the Account Wizard
  • Fixed an issue that could cause images to disappear during message edit when multiple images were present
  • Fixed an issue that could cause addressing bubbles to duplicate when clicking outside of the bubble before completion
  • Fixed an issue that caused the sort order to be lost when folders are switched during Focus Pane searches
  • Fixed several issues related to the display of fonts, please see this tech note for details
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent filtering on a specific message when an Account Group is selected
  • Fixed an issue that could cause conversation threads to disappear from view when loading remote images
  • Fixed several issues related to how and when the Pending flag is set
  • Fixed an issue that could cause strange characters to appear when replying or editing drafts
  • Fixed an issue where drafts would not save when the Follow-up field is used