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May 12th, 2015

Postbox 4 is Here!

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Meet Postbox 4!

At last. We're so excited to finally get Postbox 4 into your hands. It's the same Postbox you know and love, but even more so. We know that having this much power at your fingertips is going to feel good.

Looks Aren't Everything, But Who Doesn't Want to Work In a Nice Place?

The first thing you'll notice after you launch Postbox 4 is its spruced-up, modern look. We've redone all of our icons, rethought our fonts, and so on. If you're a Mac user, Postbox 4 is Yosemite-slick, and if you're on Windows, it looks great in 8. And 7. And elsewhere.

The Focus Pane Is So Much More Powerful, It's Like a New Thing

Probably the biggest innovation in Postbox 4 is the new, very-pumped-up Focus Pane. The Focus Pane lets you zero in on select messages, temporarily hiding everything else to keep distractions at bay.

In Postbox 4, we've added lots of new everyday-practical attributes to the Focus Pane, and you can now select multiple attributes, topics, contacts and/or dates at once. It makes the Focus pane even more central to power emailing.

Playing Nice with Recipients' Inboxes

When we send people an attachment, we want its arrival to be a positive event. Who likes getting emails that require a download of some file we don't even know we want? Postbox 4 lets you send links to large files stored in the cloud instead of the files themselves. We've supported Dropbox for a while, but now we've added Box and OneDrive. And we've moved the whole thing to a free add-on so we can play quick catchup as these services tweak things on their end.

Composition Goals Keep You From Getting Stuck

Here's another great innovation: Composition Goals. This feature adds a pair of indicators that help keep you from getting lost in the weeds as you write a message. One tells you when you've hit the number or characters or words you want to use, and the other one tells you if you've been at it too long. They're both user-configurable, of course.

Raw, Raw for Code View!

Ever wish you could just get down and edit the raw HTML when you're composing an email? In Postbox 4, just click the HTML button in the Compose window's tool, bar, and you'll have access to a full HTML code editor powered by We even have Code View themes so you can be in a comfortable environment while you're slinging tags.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

The new Quick Bar is fast way to drop things into, or onto, a message. Type command-L (OS X)/alt-L (Windows), and a dialog comes up where you can just start typing the name of one of your canned responses, a signature, or a topic to bang into/onto the message.

Don't Fence Me In. Oh, Okay, Do.

We've developed something awesome we're calling "Domain Fencing." Here's what it's about.

Ever mistakenly sent an inside email to someone outside your company or organization? Whoops. Or, worse, how about sending a business email from your personal account by mistake?

For the first situation, Domain Fencing lets you set up an warning if you're about to send a message by mistake to the outside world. For the second, Postbox 4 can alert you when you're using the wrong account for sending a message to someone.

And More…

We know you're eager to start playing with Postbox 4, so here's a quick list of some other new things you'll want to explore.

  • Refined tabbing — You can now capture your current Focus pane setup in a new tab. We've also made tab names easier to understand.
  • Smarter contacts in the Compose window sidebar — The Contacts sidebar pane now shows your most recent correspondents for convenient address.
  • Customizable quote colors — You can color-code replies in a thread using your own personal rainbow.
  • Mailing list Unsubscribe "button" — When you open a message from a mailing list, Postbox grabs the list's unsubscribe address and puts it right next to the message's return address to make unsubscribing from lists quick and easy.

A Few Other Things We Improved

  • Each column in Classic view now has its own sort order for more specific message sorting.
  • To-Dos are now Reminders to better reflect their purpose.
  • We've modernized and simplified the dialogs for topics, Quick Move, and Quick Switch.
  • Icon dropdown menus are now click-and-hold so they don't pop open when you don't expect them to.

For complete details on what's new in this release, please see our Release Notes.

Ready to Get Started?

To get going with Postbox, first download Postbox 4 and follow the installer's instructions. Postbox 4 will work in demo mode for 30 days to let you kick the tires and get excited.

If you’re new to Postbox, be sure to check out our Get Started tour. First it’ll get you comfy. Then it’ll knock your socks off. (Socks purchased separately.)

How Do I Buy Postbox?

Postbox 4 is available through our online store. It's priced at $15 USD (with commensurate pricing in Euros and British Pound for our EU and UK customers). In order to keep Postbox affordable, we're offering a single low price for all customers.

If you purchased Postbox 3 on or after November 20, 2014, you’ve already got a license key that will work with Postbox 4, so you’re good to go for no extra charge. Additionally, if you purchased a Lifetime Upgrades license back in the day, your key will work too.

Purchasing Details

  • Postbox licenses are per user, so you can use Postbox on any machine you personally own and/or control.
  • Your Postbox license will work on Mac, Windows, or both.
  • Use Postbox 4 every day, for as long as you like—all for the price of a single lunch. There are no monthly subscription fees.
  • The purchase price includes the new Cloud File Sharing add-on.

Go, Enjoy! And Welcome to Postbox 4.