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November 13th, 2013

Customizing the Postbox Interface

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You've entered your account information, you're sending and receiving email in Postbox: now what? Time to set up and customize the more advanced aspects of Postbox! Unlike some email programs, we've designed Postbox so you can configure virtually every aspect of your email experience.

Customizing the Toolbar

Like many OS X applications, Postbox gives you the ability to customize the toolbar, adding the buttons you most frequently use and getting rid of the ones you don't. By default, Postbox's toolbar has buttons for the most common features, including Reply, Reply All, Forward, Archive, Delete, Compose and Evernote.

The latter is a quick and convenient way to save and archive an email to Evernote. When you select this option, the email you're currently viewing will be sent to your default Evernote notebook, complete with any formatting. Even better, the note in Evernote will contain a link to the original email in Postbox, letting you quickly view it in its original context.

To add even more functions to the toolbar, right-click it or select Customize Toolbar from the View menu. From the available options, you can choose buttons to quickly Mark an Email, Assign Topic, Print, Run Filters and more. Simply drag and drop the buttons to the desired location on the toolbar.

You can also customize the Composition toolbar using the same View Menu > Customize Toolbar command when you have a Composition window open.

Mac OS X Options - Monochrome vs. Color Icons

On the Mac, Postbox supports by default a monochrome icon theme that closely mirrors the look and feel of Mac OS X:

Postbox 2.5 Monochrome Toolbar Icons

Alternatively, you can select an iWork-style color icon theme:

Postbox 2.5 Color Toolbar Icons

To change your preferences, select Customize Toolbar from the View menu and select one of the following configurations:

  • Monochrome Icons and Text
  • Monochrome Icons
  • Color Icons and Text - Small
  • Color Icons - Small
  • Color Icons and Text - Large
  • Color Icons - Small


Vertical Thread Pane

By default, Postbox uses a vertical layout, similar to Apple Mail. If you prefer the more traditional horizontal layout, go to the View menu and select Layout > Classic View.

In Classic View you can select which columns display by right-clicking any header and selecting the different data types. Rearrange the columns by dragging and dropping them to the desired location, then click any of the columns to sort them by ascending or descending order.

In Vertical View, right-click the header to choose the criteria to use when sorting your mailbox, then click to sort in ascending or descending order.

Favorites Bar

Postbox Favorites Bar

The Favorites Bar is directly below the Toolbar. You can use this to quickly access accounts, mailboxes and folders. This is a great way to have access to nested folders without having to navigate through your mailbox hierarchy.

To add a folder to the Favorites Bar, right-click it in the Folders pane, then select Favorite Folder from the pop-up menu. To remove an item from the Favorites Bar, right-click the item and select Remove From Favorites.

Whatever your preference, Postbox can be customized to your liking. So what do you like? Are you a Vertical or Classic user, default toolbar or customized?