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April 15th, 2019

Postbox 6.1.14 is Now Available!

Postbox 6.1.14 is Now Available!

Here's what's new in this release...

  • Added ellipses to the Quick Bar to accommodate long folder names or deeply nested folder paths
  • Improved the way Postbox automatically indexes messages for search
  • Added preference for the number of idle seconds to wait before indexing in Preferences | Options > Advanced > General
  • Added preference that will automatically download message bodies for folders marked for offline in Preferences | Options > Advanced > General
  • Implemented change that will always force a selection in the Focus Pane when it is opened
  • Improved the accuracy of S/MIME icons in the message header
  • Better and more complete fix for "efail" security issue
  • Fixed a bug caused signature defaults to not display properly in the Identity preference panel
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent subsequent Topic selections from working in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar
  • Fixed a bug that could cause content to be duplicated when jumping from Quick Reply to a full composition window
  • Fixed a regression that prevented Topics from being properly removed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented search results from displaying when an Account Group is selected
  • Fixed a bug that could cause new messages to not appear when Focus Pane attributes are selected
  • Fixed several theme/UI issues