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Meet Postbox

The email app that's powerful, beautiful, fully-featured, lightning fast, and easy to use.

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Works with Any IMAP or POP Account

Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Office 365, Outlook, Fastmail, ProtonMail, and many more.

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All Your Email, Organized

Take control of overloaded Inboxes.

  1. Group Your Accounts

    Keep your work and personal inboxes separate.

  2. Access Favorite Folders

    Fast access to your go-to folders using the Favorites Bar.

  3. View Email in Tabs

    Like a browser, view your workspace in Tabs.

  4. Stay Focused

    One-click Quick Filters organize your emails like magic.


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Find the Needle AND Haystack

Built from the ground up to find anything and everything, fast.

  1. Spend Less Time Searching

    Find things in a flash with Postbox's super-speedy Search Engine.

  2. Create Advanced Queries

    Customize searches by sender, subject, date range, or other attributes.

  3. Find Files and Images

    Search for files and images hiding in your emails, then easily reuse them.


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Write Like a Pro

Professional-class composition tools help you write with efficiency and style.

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Our Wish is Your Command

Conquer your Inbox with Postbox's power-triaging tools.

Quick actions that feel like email wizardry.

Get to Inbox Zero using Postbox's incredible Quick Bar. It's like Spotlight on the Mac but built for everyday email actions. Move or copy messages, switch folders, tag or label messages, or navigate across folders by typing a few keystrokes.

Move mountains of messages.

Postbox supports a full suite of keyboard shortcuts, an extensive set of filters/rules, and intuitive swipe actions on macOS to dispatch messages with ease.


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Brains, Meet Beauty

Pixel-perfect, intuitive interfaces that act like real Mac and Windows apps, not webpage experiments. Build your own theme using our powerful Theme Editor, or add a professionally-designed Theme Pack that you can customize any way you like.

Works the Way You Do

Personalize Postbox with exceptional customizability and flexibility.

Your Personal Command Center

Customize Postbox's interface to fit your workflow. Show or hide any panel, display messages in vertical and horizontal views, organize folders in the Favorites Bar or Tabs, or pin important emails to the top of your message list.

Postbox Labs

Extend Postbox's functionality through Postbox Labs, a place for 3rd-party code such as OpenPGP encryption and Import & Export Tools.


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Privacy is Paramount

We value privacy as much as you do.

Our Promise

  • We will not transmit your email data to our servers.
  • We will not scan your emails, looking for data to sell.
  • We will not target you with 3rd-party ads.
  • We will not share your personal information with anyone, ever.
  • We will not censor, filter, or log your content in any way.

Privacy & Security Features

  • Google Safe Browing helps keep you safe from phishing.
  • Tracking Prevention throws email trackers off your trail.
  • End-to-end OpenPGP encryption through Enigmail.
  • Proudly made in San Francisco, California since 2008.


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Always Awesome

Year-after-year, you can count on Postbox to maintain the highest standards possible.

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