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Postbox Express Quickstart Guide

Setting Up for Mac OS X - Part 2

In order for Postbox Express to integrate with Mac OS X, you will need to set Postbox Express as your default email application. If you haven't already, select Preferences from the Postbox Express menu, then click on the General icon, and under System Defaults click the Check Now button.

Exchange Images with iPhoto

If Postbox Express is your default mail client, iPhoto will use Postbox Express to send photos! Just select some photos within iPhoto, and click the Postbox Send Icon in the lower right.

Safari Send Page

If you are using Safari, selecting Mail Contents or Link of This Page from the File menu will create a new message with the link title as message subject, and with the URL embedded within the message body.

Dictionary Lookups

To look up a word or phrase in the Apple Dictionary, select the text within a new message, right-click to bring up a contextual menu, and select Look Up in Dictionary.

Drag-to-Dock Support

Dragging a file to the Postbox Express icon within the Mac OS X Dock will open a new message window with the file attached.