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Postbox Express Quickstart Guide

Postbox works with your favorite Mac OS X applications!

Postbox now integrates with the most popular Mac OS X technologies and applications. In order for Postbox to integrate with Mac OS X, you will need to set Postbox as your default email application. Select Preferences from the Postbox menu, then click on the General icon, and under System Defaults click the Check Now button.

Note: if you ever need to revert your default email client back to Apple Mail, select Preferences from Apple Mail's Mail menu, click on the General tab, and select Mail as your default email reader.

Bi-Directional Interoperability with iCal

Apple's iCal can now use Postbox for sending calendar notifications.

Meeting notifications will be sent in the background, with a copy of the notification placed in the Sent folder. Or, if you right-click on a meeting and select Mail Event within the contextual menu, the event will be attached to a new message window in Postbox.

Note: If iCal still opens Mail.app for mailing an event after you have set Postbox as your default mail client:

  • Within the Finder, right-click on the iCal icon and then select Show Package Contents.
  • Navigate to the "Contents" folder, then the "Resources" folder. Right-click on the folder called "Scripts" and select Get Info.
  • Expand the Sharing & Permissions box and click the Lock Icon in the lower right hand corner to unlock this setting. Change any permissions that are listed as "Read Only" to "Read & Write."
  • Restart Postbox.

Use Spotlight to Search for Mail

Postbox provides full support for Apple's Spotlight to search through message bodies, message header information such as To: or From:, and attachment names.

Spotlight indexing is turned off by default. To enable this feature, select Preferences from the Postbox menu, then click on the General icon. Select the checkbox next to "Allow Spotlight to search messages." To try it out (without waiting for Postbox to automatically index your messages for Spotlight), select Indexing from the Tools menu, and then Index This Folder (or Index All Folders). Messages in Postbox will now be included in Spotlight searches.

To initiate a search from within Postbox, select a word or a phrase within a message, right-click to bring up a contextual menu, and then select Search in Spotlight. Selecting the search result will open up the message in a new window in Postbox.