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Postbox Express Quickstart Guide

Topics — the super glue that will make you super-productive!

One of the most powerful features in Postbox Express are Topics, which help you organize, view, and work with messages by keyword.

A Topic can be anything — a project, important client, event, or even priority. Using Topics to organize messages is more efficient than using folders because:

  • you no longer need to make decisions on where to file your messages — simply assign as many topics as you like, and
  • you don't have to continuously file new message replies to keep related messages together — Topics handles this automatically for you.

Key Point

Key Point

When you assign a Topic in Postbox Express, all related messages within that conversation will inherit the Topic, in addition to all future replies! Thus, you only need to apply a Topic one time, which is much more efficient than filing new message replies into folders over and over again.

Assigning Topics

Topics Panel

To assign a Topic to a selected message or group of messages:

  • click the Assign Topic button in the toolbar, or
  • click the Topics button in the message header, or
  • press the letter "t" when viewing a message, or

Within the Topics Panel you can type in a new Topic, auto-complete from a set of previously used Topics, or select a Topic from a list of favorites. When assigning a new Topic, check Make the Topic a favorite to add the Topic to your list of favorites.

Power Tip!

You can automatically assign a Topic using Message Filters. For example, you can auto-assign the Topic: "Adobe" to any message from a contact at "@adobe.com".

Editing Topics

To edit your Topics, select Options... from the Tools menu, click the Display icon, and then the Topics tab. Within this panel you can:

  • Add, delete, rename a Topic
  • Change its display color, and to set an option to apply Topic colors to your message list
  • Select which Topics you wish to be your Favorites, and reorder them by priority