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Postbox Express Quickstart Guide

Use Archive to keep your Inbox clean.


The Archive feature enables you to quickly move messages from the Inbox to a dedicated Archive Folder. This action is much faster than filing messages into individual folders, and you can use the power of Postbox search to easily recall messages when you need them.

Using Archive

To archive your currently selected message(s), click the Archive button in the toolbar, or type the keyboard shortcut "a". That's it!

Changing your Archive Folders

Postbox enables you to specify one archive folder per account. This folder can be within the same account, within a different account, or a even a local folder. By default, Postbox will create an Archive folder for you, but if you would like to change the default archive folder:

  • Select Account Settings... from the Tools menu.
  • Within your desired account, select Copies & Folders, and then within the Keep message archives in selector, choose a folder to set as your archive folder.
  • Click the OK button.

Archive Tip!


Archiving messages to another account or local folders will help you stay within mail quota limits.