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Postbox Express Quickstart Guide

Conversation Views make sense of it all.

Postbox displays messages in the Thread Pane by conversation. Each conversation is comprised of a Summary Row, with individual message threads displayed below.

Postbox Conversation

When the Summary Row is selected, Postbox displays messages as a single, chronological conversation.

Postbox Conversation

Conversation views enable you to keep your summary rows collapsed, thus allowing more unique messages to be visible at one time!

Configuring Conversation Display

By default Postbox will display newest messages first. To change the chronological order from newest to oldest first, select Options... from the Tools menu, click the Display icon and then the Conversations tab, and then select the Oldest messages first radio button.

Working with Conversations

Each message has a blue header. Clicking on some empty space within this header will expand or collapse its contents. Clicking on "show details" will expand the header to reveal additional information and message actions, such as Reply or Forward.

Within a message body, clicking on "- show quoted text -" will expand the message to include all quoted text, but in many cases, the text will already be summarized under its corresponding conversation header.