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Postbox 3 Reviewers Guide

What's our story?


Postbox is a desktop email application for Mac and Windows, but we like to think of it as something much more — a system for managing your life. The Inbox is where all the action is: it's where we communicate, store files and information, keep track of things to do, and everything in-between. With so much going on, it's hard to stay on top of things. 

We built Postbox to make you better at what you do, by providing for the various (and sometimes crazy) ways you use email, and by making those behaviors work really, really well.

Our newest release is even more intuitive, useful, and integrated with the apps and workflows you rely on most. But don't take our word for it... download Postbox for Mac or Windows and refer to this handy guide to learn more about its unique features.

Reviewer Resources

If you have questions about Postbox, require an evaluation key, or would like to speak with a Postbox representative, please email us at .

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What's New in Postbox 3

    Gmail works great with Postbox!

    Tighter Gmail Integration

  • Support for Gmail Labels lets you tag your messages simply by typing the "L" key.
  • Messages marked by Gmail as "Important" are now recognized within the Postbox thread pane and dedicated folder view.
  • Set Postbox to use Gmail's keyboard shortcuts (Advanced/General preferences panel).
  • Create events within Google Calendar for detected dates (Advanced/Web Services preferences panel).

    More Social

    More Social Connections

  • Postbox now pulls in profile photos from LinkedIn and Gravatar (in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and the Address Book.)
  • Company and job title are now imported from LinkedIn (if not present in the Address Book).
  • Inspector Pane provides quick and easy access to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile pages.

    Better Integration

    Better Integration with Apps and Services

  • Dropbox - Send links to your Dropbox files instead of the files.
  • Evernote - Send message content to Evernote on the Mac.
  • Growl - Postbox 3 works with the latest version of Growl 1.3.
  • Date Detection lets you quickly create events in iCal, Google Calendar, or the Lightning Calendar Add-on.

    Use Dropbox links within Postbox

    Productivity Boosters

  • The Favorites Bar provides fast access to your Accounts and Favorite Folders.
  • Quick Reply can now include the quoted message to provide more context.
  • Gmail-style Send and Archive is supported in both Quick Reply and Compose windows.
  • Canned Responses lets you create customized templates for message replies.
  • Package Tracking numbers are now summarized in the Inspector for easy access.

    Fast 64-bit Support on Mac OS X

    New OS Integration Features

  • On the Mac, Postbox 3 supports Full Screen Mode and Trackpad / Mighty Mouse Gestures.
  • On Windows, Postbox provides support for the Windows 7 Taskbar, and improved interoperability with the popular Minimize to Tray Add-on.

Getting Started

    Quick and Easy Setup

    When Postbox first starts, you'll be presented with a Setup Wizard. Enter your name (as shown to others), email address and password, and Postbox will attempt to determine your connection settings for you. Alternatively, account settings can now be entered directly into the Setup Wizard by clicking the Manual Setup button.

    Note: if you are setting up an iCloud account, please review these additional steps.

    The Postbox Search Index

    Postbox contains a powerful search engine to help you find almost anything, anywhere within the Postbox interface. Before content can be discovered and used, messages and feeds must first be downloaded to your computer and then indexed by the Postbox search engine.

    Postbox will automatically download and index your messages when your computer is idle. In Postbox 3, indexing is faster and consumes less memory. On modern computers, Postbox will index approximately 3,000 messages per minute, so if there is a delay in the indexing process, it is most likely due to message bodies being downloaded during the indexing process.

    If you would like your message content to be searchable right away, you can manually start the indexing process by selecting Indexing | Index All Messages... from the Tools menu. Or, you can index the currently selected folder by selecting Indexing | Index Messages in Folder... from the Tools menu.

Easy Ways to Get Organized

Organize your accounts, folders, and messages into the most efficient workspace imaginable.

    Favorites Bar

    The Favorites Bar provides fast and easy access to your favorite accounts and folders, which is particularly useful when hiding the Accounts and Folders pane. To add a folder to the Favorites Bar, simply drag and drop the folder into the bar. To remove a folder, right click the folder name and select "Remove from Favorites" from the contextual menu that appears. The Favorites Bar can be displayed or hidden by toggling View Menu / Show / Favorites Bar.

    Unified Folders and Account Groups

    Postbox now supports Unified Inboxes, which lets you combine messages from multiple accounts into one Inbox. Postbox also lets you organize accounts into Groups, so you can keep your personal and work messages separate, and then work with unified views for each group.

    Tabbed Interface

    Like a Web browser, Postbox lets you use manage content views within tabs. Open almost anything in a tab, including messages, folders, searches, or content such as attachments and images. You can quickly switch between tabs, or even reorder tabs to customize your view.

    Quick Move

    With Quick Move, you can file messages without using your mouse. Just type the letter "v", enter the first few letters from the target folder, and the message will file to your auto-completed selection. The Quick Move panel defaults to the last used folder for even faster filing.

    Categorize by Topic

    Postbox Topics lets you organize messages by keyword. A topic can be anything — a project, important client, an event, or even priority. When you assign a topic, all related messages will inherit the topic, in addition to all future replies — a huge time saver. Combine the use of Topics with the Focus Pane to attain a state of organizational bliss.

    Support for Gmail Labels

    Within Gmail accounts, Postbox supports the Gmail Label paradigm, and works similarly to Gmail's web app. To tag a message with a Gmail Label, simply type the "L" key and select from your choices. To create a new label, go to the File menu and select New / Folder... (we may change this to "Label" before release).

Smarter Views that Help You Focus

Smarter Message and Content Views will improve your concentration and focus, minimize distractions, and bring peace of mind.

    Full Screen Mode in "Lion"

    For users of Mac OS X "Lion," Postbox supports Full-Screen Mode, so you can maximize your Postbox screen space and stay focused on your emails.

    Gmail Important View

    If you are using a Gmail account, Postbox now provides a dedicated Important view.

    Vertical Thread Pane View

    Postbox now supports a double-row Vertical Thread Pane View, which makes more efficient use of widescreen displays. To see it in action, select "Layout" then "Vertical View" from the View menu.

    Focus Pane

    The Focus Pane lets you break your Inbox (and workload) into smaller, more manageable chunks. Focus your view by your highest priority attributes, Topics, Contacts or dates, without losing track of what's happening elsewhere.

    Conversation Views

    Postbox Conversation Views are now even more powerful, actionable, and easy to read. Postbox gathers conversation fragments from multiple folders and presents them within a unified view. Quickly bring yourself up to speed and jump into discussions with more information, context, and insight.

    Summarize Mode

    Summarize Mode extends the benefits of Conversation Views to message Replies and Forwards. Summarize provides a clean and beautifully formatted who-said-what-when email that helps message recipients keep track of long email threads.

    In Postbox 3, we've simplified Summarized styling to make it easier to read.

    To-Do View

    A new To-Do View lets you work on important tasks without distraction. Combine the To-Do View with Unified Inboxes/Folders and the Focus Pane to crunch through To-Dos in record time.

    Document and Image Views

    Postbox provides fast and direct access to documents and images hiding within your email messages. Simply click on the View button within the Toolbar to change your view to that content type. No more digging through email messages to find what you need!

Tools to Get Stuff Done

Have a ton of email to work through? Postbox will help you process large message loads, so you can get back to work on more important things.

    Send Dropbox Links

    You can now drag files from your Dropbox folder into the message body to attach links to those files instead of the files themselves. To enable this feature, go to Options/Preferences / Composition / Advanced and enable the Dropbox feature. The first time you attempt to drop files into the message, you'll be prompted to log into your Dropbox account.

    Date Detection

    Postbox now detects dates within message bodies. Click on a date to add it to iCal or the Lightning add-on, or you can have the date added to your Google Calendar by setting the preferences in Options/Preferences / Advanced / Web Services

    Quick Reply

    Quick Reply lets you reply to a message without the need to open a separate compose window, which is perfect for short, snappy responses such as "I'll see you at eight," or simply "thanks!" And it all happens inline within a message or conversation.

    In Postbox 3, you now have the option of including the original quoted message by setting the preference located in Composition / Advanced.

    Quick Folder Switch

    The Quick Switch feature enables you to jump to another folder using your keyboard. While viewing messages, click the "g" key to bring up the Quick Switch window, then start typing the name of the folder you would like to switch to, such as "Sent." Postbox will begin to auto-complete against that entry, and will also display its corresponding account.

    Canned Responses

    Create a set of pre-built templates specifically tailored for message replies. These are super useful for replying to common inquiries, for example, if you're selling something online and wish to provide the same information to all buyers.

    To create a new Response, go Options or Preferences / Composition / Responses and click the + button.

    One-Click Archive

    You can move messages from the Inbox to a dedicated Archive Folder by clicking the Archive button in the toolbar, or by typing the letter "a" when viewing a message. Combine the use of the Archive Folder with advanced search to keep your Inbox clean.

    To-Do Tagging

    We often leave messages in our inbox because they represent things we need to do. Postbox provides a set of to-do features that lets you use email messages to get things done. You can even create new To-Dos directly within your inbox. And now, To-Dos are automatically background colored to be easier to find.

    Message Editing

    You can edit a message by pressing the Edit button within the message header. This is especially useful for updating the status of a to-do without having to send a message to yourself. Change the message subject or any part of the message body, and when you're finished, you can either save your changes or create a copy to preserve the original.

    Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

    Our users asked for more Keyboard Shortcuts, and we've delivered them in Postbox (and then some). Navigate to any corner of the app, or initiate most any function with a simple keystroke. Please refer to our Keyboard Shortcuts page for a complete list of shortcuts.

    In Postbox 3, you can also use Gmail shortcuts by setting this preference in Advanced / General.

    Better Signatures Support

    Postbox Signatures are now faster and easier to use. A new Signatures toolbar button lets you insert a signature without having to open the Compose Sidebar. Additionally, it is now easier to configure Signatures within a newly designed Preferences panel.

Powerful Search

Postbox helps you find what you need, when you need it, from almost anywhere within the Postbox interface. And it's lightning fast too!

    Ultra-Fast Search

    Postbox enables you to quickly search for messages and other types of content, and in Postbox 3, searches execute even faster. Use the search drop-down menu to select your search scope or jump to a suggestion from your search history. And for the power user, there are a number of Search Operators that can be used directly within the Search Bar.

    Complex Searches Made Easy

    The Advanced Search Panel enables you to enter more targeted search criteria such as sender, subject and date. For dates, you can use natural language criteria such as after: "last Monday" or before: "this month."

    Search by Contact

    Search for recent messages, attachments, or images from your email contacts. Within the Contacts Panel or Inspector Pane, chose which recent content type you would like to view from this person to open up a new tab with your results.

    Search within the Compose Window

    The Compose Sidebar lets you search for attachments, images, and contacts within the Compose window. Just click the Sidebar toolbar button to open the Compose Sidebar, then simply initiate a search. Double-click or drag-and-drop search results into your new message.

    Search within the Addressing Widget

    The Addressing Widget will enable you to search for contacts by either first name, last name, or domain. Additionally, the Addressing Widget will pull in any profile pictures it finds within the address book, matches against your Facebook friends, or the people you follow on Twitter (if you are currently logged into those services within Postbox).

    To pull in profile photos from LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, select Web Services... from the Tools menu, and then enter your login credentials.

Core Features

    Support for Add-ons

    We've been working with several third-party developers to port some of the most popular add-ons to Postbox, including the popular Lightning Calendaring add-on. See the list of add-ons that are currently compatible with Postbox, and expect more to come in the near future.

    Language Packs

    Postbox supports English and includes several community-translated localizations, including: German, French, Spanish (Spain), English (British), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish.

    Localized Dictionaries

    Postbox is now compatible with Mozilla localized dictionaries. Please refer to our Extensions page for instructions on how to install dictionaries within Postbox.

    Anti-Phishing and Malware Services

    Postbox helps protect users from viruses, spyware, and trojan horses by checking URLs received in messages against a local database of suspected phishing or malware sites. The database is automatically updated every 30 minutes, and if a potentially malicious URL is identified, a warning message will be prominently displayed.

    Automatic Updates

    End-user security is important to us, so the Postbox application will keep itself up-to-date with the latest security and performance enhancements. The update process is automated, so users do not have to worry about keeping up to date.

Purchasing and Licensing Details


Postbox 3.0 can be purchased from the Postbox Store.

Licensing Details

For each single-user license, customers can either:

  • install Postbox on any computer they personally use (e.g. their work computer, laptop, and home computer), OR
  • let multiple users share one copy of Postbox on a single computer (like a family computer)

... but not both. If another person within a household would like to use Postbox on a different computer, then we recommend a second license or the Family Pack.

Free 30-Day Trial + 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a free 30-day trial plus a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, providing customers with a full 90 days to evaluate Postbox without risk.

About Postbox

    About Postbox, Inc.

    Postbox, Inc.

    Postbox, Inc. was founded by Scott MacGregor and Sherman Dickman in December of 2007, and is based in San Francisco, California. Postbox was first announced at the TechCrunch50 conference in September, 2008.

    Founding Team

    Scott MacGregor, Founder — Scott MacGregor is Founder and lead engineer at Postbox. Leveraging his prior decade of experience in developing email applications for Netscape and Mozilla Corporation, Scott created Postbox to make email more powerful and efficient. Prior to founding Postbox, Scott was a lead engineer at Mozilla Corporation, where his after-hours efforts led to the invention of Thunderbird. Scott started out his career developing e-mail and messenger products at Netscape. Scott holds a Masters in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Sherman Dickman, Founder — Sherman Dickman is one of the Founders of Postbox. Sherman teamed up with his co-founder, Scott MacGregor, after serving as Director of Product Management at Mozilla Corporation. Sherman joined the Mozilla team from Sun Microsystems, Inc. where he spent seven years in product management and strategic marketing roles within the Java Software Divisions. Prior to Sun, Sherman held product and program management roles at Broderbund, Inc. and Apple. Sherman holds a degree in English from the University of California, Los Angeles.