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Postbox 2 Beta

Postbox 2 Beta

Welcome to the fourth BETA release of Postbox 2

We would very much appreciate your thoughts on this release, and have set up a special Postbox 2 Beta Forum on our support site to gather feedback.

Please note that Postbox 2 is not yet complete! We have a number of features, bug fixes, etc. that we're targetting for this release and the next. If you have ideas that you would like to see incorporated into Postbox, please visit our Ideas and Feature Requests Forum and be sure to vote on or recommend features that you're interested in.

If you are currently using the Postbox 2 Beta...

Within Postbox, please go to Help | Check For Updates to update to the newest version.

If you are a new Postbox 2 Beta User...

Please remember that this Postbox 2 Beta 4 release should be used for testing and evaluation purposes only.

We've made several changes to the Postbox search index to improve performance. As such, you will need to re-index your messages to get the most out of Postbox. Simply select Indexing from the Tools menu, then select Index All Folders.... If you have a particularly large amount of email data, we suggest indexing overnight.


New Features and Improvements in Beta 4

Here's a high-level overview of what's new:

  • To-Dos - View all of the To-Dos in a tab for a folder or search by clicking the new To-Do view button in the toolbar.
  • Windows Theme - New theme and interface improvements for Windows 7 and Vista.
  • Focus Pane - the ability to focus by unread.

New Features and Improvements in Beta 3

Here's a high-level overview of what's new, along with links to support articles where available:

  • Improved Signatures Support - signatures are now accessible from the Compose Toolbar
  • Account Settings - are now located within Postbox Preferences
  • Quick Reply Improvements - the quick reply textbox will now grow as you type, honor HTML font preferences, and support for a preference to default to "Reply All"
  • Conversation View Updates - a string of more than five messages will be rolled up into a "Show More Messages..." link, added disabled artwork for collapsed conversations, styling improvements to make each row more distinct
  • Focus Pane - the slider button will now highlight when there's a selection within the Focus Pane, open or closed
  • Mac Panel Styling - improved the styling on the Mac for HUD panels
  • Manual Account Setup - power users can now bypass the auto configuration wizard and manually set up a POP3 or IMAP account

New Features and Improvements in Beta 2

  • Quick Reply - Quickly reply to messages without the overhead of opening a new message compose window.
  • Quick Switch - The Quick Switch feature enables you to jump to another folder by using your keyboard.
  • Improved Keyboard Shortcuts - We've added a number of keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to navigate the interface and triage messages quickly.
  • Compact or Minimal Header Display Mode - For users with netbooks or small laptops, this slimmed down header will make the most of your available screen space.
  • Conversation Redesign - We've redesigned the conversation view to make message summaries easier to view.
  • Marking a message in the Junk folder as NOT Junk will now move it back to the inbox.

New Features and Improvements in Beta 1

  • Unified Folders and Account Groups - Postbox 2 now supports Unified Folders, also known as Universal Inboxes or Global Inboxes. You can also organize your accounts into groups such as "Personal" or "Work", and then work with unified views for each!
  • Focus Pane - Your Favorite Topics have been moved into a dedicated Focus Pane. This pane can be opened by clicking the slider control in the status bar, or by selecting Layout from the View menu, then selecting Focus Pane. The Focus Pane also supports Favorite Contacts, Dates, and other attributes.
  • Quick Move - The 'v' key will bring up a Quick Move panel which you can use to autocomplete against your list of folders for easy filing.
  • Attachment Reminder - When composing a message, if you use words like "attached" or "enclosed" Postbox will remind you to include an attachment.
  • Send in Background - Messages will now send in the background, and send status will display within the status bar.
  • Conversations in Saved Searches - Saved Search Folders and global searches now support conversation / threaded mode instead of showing a flat list of search results.
  • Interface Reorganization - The interface in Postbox 2 is cleaner and simpler. Content Tab controls have been moved to the toolbar, and panels can now be opened using slider controls in the status bar. More work on the interface will be coming in future beta releases.
  • Performance Improvements - Several improvements have been made to the Postbox Indexer to make it faster and use less memory.

Thanks again for helping us test Postbox 2, and please be sure to log your feedback within the Postbox 2 Beta Forum.

- The Postbox Team