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Working with the Postbox Interface - Part 2

December 12, 2013

In Part 1 we covered the various Postbox interface elements related to viewing your emails. In Part Two, we’re going to look at the elements related to composing email: Quick Reply and the Composition Window.

Quick Reply

Postbox Quick Reply

One thing you may have noticed when viewing your email is the small text field at the bottom of received emails labeled Quick Reply. Just as its name implies, this is a quick and easy way to reply to emails without opening a composition window. Simply click within the text field and it will immediately expand, giving you room to compose your response. If the email contained multiple recipients, you’ll see Reply to All in light letters at the upper right corner of the expanded text field. Click it if you want your reply sent to all the original recipients.

Additionally, you can opt to convert a Quick Reply to a normal reply within a Composition Window by clicking the New Window icon in the upper right corner.

Composition Window

Postbox Compose Window

Postbox includes a standard composition window containing addressing options such as From, To, CC, etc. If you want to use BCC, select BCC from the View menu.

The Formatting Toolbar lies between the Subject and Body fields. These options give you the ability to compose emails containing formatted text, add links, or view the HTML source.

If you’re an email purist who believes plain text is the only acceptable format, don’t worry, we have you covered. Simply click the View > Formatting Toolbar menu to hide all formatting options. You’ll also want to go to Preferences > Accounts > [your account] > Composition and uncheck the box labeled Compose Messages in HTML Format.

Another unique feature is the Compose Sidebar, accessible via the button labeled Sidebar in the upper right corner of the composition window. The Compose Sidebar gives you quick access to addresses, attachments and pictures hiding within your mail store. Recent files are immediately listed, while other files can be quickly found with the built-in search field.

Postbox Compose works exceptionally well with Topics. If you have a Topic selected in the Focus Pane when you open Compose, the outbound message will automatically inherit the Topic. From there, all replies to this message will also inherit the Topic, which keeps you from having to re-tag replies as they come in.

As with other aspects of Postbox, there are a wealth of features, both basic and advanced, at your disposal. Which ones do you rely on?

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