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Postbox 3.0.10 is Now Available

May 27, 2014

Postbox 3.0.10 is now available! Here what’s new in this release:

  • Improved support for Retina displays on Mac OS X - After months of pixel pushing, our Retina release is finally ready! This was a very large effort, which required hundreds of icons to be redrawn for both the Mac color and monochrome themes, in addition to the many layout changes required to support Retina. Thanks to everyone who helped out with this release!
  • Postbox Retina Icons
  • Image Resizing - In previous versions of Postbox, images would display at the size they were sent. In Postbox 3.0.10 images will now auto-resize to fit the message pane window.
  • Remote Image Whitelisting for Domains - You can now whitelist an entire domain for loading remote images. When the “Load Images” button appears, click the pulldown and then select the sender domain. From this point forward, all images from that domain will load automatically.
  • Improved Localizations - Professional localizers have combed through elements of the Postbox interface to improve the French, Italian, and German locales. If a translation doesn’t look right to you, please let us know.
  • Fixed a slowdown issue with Yahoo IMAP Servers
  • Fixed an issue that could keep some preferences from saving
  • Fixed an issue that caused Address Book notes to overflow
  • Tuned migration assistant wording for clarity
  • Updated the existing version of the Lightning Add-on to work with Mac Retina

To update, select About Postbox from the Postbox menu on Mac OS X, or select About Postbox from the Help menu on Windows, then click the Apply Update button once the update has finished downloading.

Important Note: If you were using the Postbox Retina BETA, you must manually update to Postbox 3.0.10. Simply quit or exit from Postbox so that it is no longer running, visit our website and click on the red DOWNLOAD or TRY buttons, then install Postbox 3.0.10 over your existing version. Don’t worry, you are only replacing the application file, your settings, mail data, etc. are stored in a different location.

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