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One More Thing To Do Today

December 29, 2010

The last thing you need at the end of a work day is one more to-do. But skipping this one last task may be making time at home as stressful as time in the office. Time management trainers at Franklin Covey recommend a to-do-list trick that helps you leave your work at the office: spend a few minutes at the end of today writing your tasks for tomorrow.

It’s a little counter-intuitive. Most of us just want to put out the last brush fire of the day and head home. The danger with that plan is what another time management guru, David Allen, refers to as walking around with too much stuff in your head. You leave the office with a head full of nagging worries about what needs to get done tomorrow. You spend the night worrying about them, distracting yourself from friends, family and fun without actually getting anything done.

The end-of-day to-do list frees your mind to focus on nothing but fun till you open your office door the next morning. It’s a way to bring closure to a work day and create a hard line between work and home life. On some days, it may even remind you that you’re actually getting things done.

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