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I Never Thought It Would Turn Out Like This

February 8, 2011

If you look closely, you’ll notice the telltale signs: bits of grey around the sides of your inbox, folders getting a little fuller around the middle and a slight groaning noise when launching the application. Your e-mail’s hit middle age.

E-mail as we know it turns 40 this year. While we may have not recognized it in its youth, e-mail started out with a single, not-very-inspiring message between hosts on ARPAnet. Until that e-mail, written and sent by a programmer named Ray Tomlinson, it had been possible to send messages to terminals on the same computer but never between computers on different network hosts.

The message, the contents of which Tomlinson has forgotten, made it ten feet across a room from one computer to another and the communication medium was born. Offers for discount Viagra quickly followed.

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