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Don’t Bother Me. I’m Working.

January 7, 2011

Yesterday, we covered ways to stay focused by using Account Groups to separate work messages from personal messages. The trouble is, it’s often work-related e-mail that gets in the way of work. Most of us juggle multiple projects on any given day. And it’s often the distractions of one project that prevent you from making progress on another.

Postbox’s Focus Pane is designed to let you focus on one project or topic at a time. The Focus Pane let’s you view just those messages in your inbox that you’ve assigned to a particular topic. The topic tagging is easier than it sounds: Postbox lets you tag messages with topics of your choice and then automatically labels any later messages in that thread with the same topic.

Let’s say you’re working on Project A. With the Focus Pane tuned to Project A, you’ll see only Project A-related messages in your inbox. If a colleague you’re working with on Project B sends you an e-mail, it won’t appear in your inbox until you switch off the Focus Pane.

Used together, Account Groups and the Focus Pane really let you concentrate on one thing at a time. Learn more about the Focus Pane here.

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