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Changes to Postbox Purchase Options

December 10, 2009

Businesses and individuals can now order multiple copies of Postbox and benefit from volume discounts:

Postbox 1.1

2-10 copies$29.95 (25% discount)
11-20 copies$27.95 (30% discount)
21+ copies$25.95 (35% discount)

Postbox 1.1 with Lifetime Upgrades

2-10 copies$48.68 (25% discount)
11-20 copies$45.43 (30% discount)
21+ copies$42.19 (35% discount)

Additionally, Postbox will be discontinuing the Family Pack purchase option effective 12/23/09. Families can still take advantage of volume discounts (starting at just 2 copies) and student discounts of up to 50% off Postbox.

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