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Background Check

January 20, 2011

Before you click the next not-safe-for-work e-mail attachment, look over your shoulder. In the NSFW e-mail story of 2010, an Australian banker temporarily lost his job for opening nude photos e-mailed to him at work. How did he get busted? Uh, he opened the e-mails on TV.

During an evening news live segment from an investment firm, one unfortunate Dave Kiely can be seen in the background clicking through a number of fleshy e-mail attachments. While the video went viral, his employers sent him home and decided what to do with him.

In Dave’s favor:

  • The photos were less-than-nude shots from an issue of GQ.
  • The model, Miranda Kerr, made a public statement that he should keep his job.
  • Working against him:

  • Opening nude photos on the evening news.
  • Dave kept his job. This is a good place to mention that Postbox makes it easy to archive, find and view e-mail attachments. If, however, you’d rather view Dave in the act, we’ve got that too.

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